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Polis, s. 2, n. 4 (julho-dezembro 2021)

Ricardo Leite Pinto

Polis, s. 2, n. 5 (julho-dezembro 2022)

Ricardo Leite Pinto

Portuguese Tourist Guides and the Digital Age

Ilidia Carvalho

Edge effects and vertical stratification of aerial insectivorous bats across the interface of primary-secondary Amazonian rainforest

Natalie Yoh, James Clarke, Adrià López-Baucells, Maria Mas, Paulo E.D. Bobrowiec, Ricardo Rocha & Christoph F.J. Meyer
Edge effects - abiotic and biotic changes associated with habitat boundaries - are key drivers of community change in fragmented landscapes. Their influence is heavily modulated by matrix composition. With over half of the world’s tropical forests predicted to become forest edge by the end of the century, it is paramount that conservationists gain a better understanding of how tropical biota is impacted by edge gradients. Bats comprise a large fraction of tropical mammalian fauna...

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