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Data from: Shaking the Diptera tree of life: performance analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial sequence data partitions

Jason Caravas & Markus Friedrich
The value of mitochondrial versus nuclear gene sequence data in phylogenetic analysis has received much attention without yielding definitive conclusions. Theoretical arguments and empirical data suggest a lower phylogenetic utility than equivalent nuclear gene sequences, but there are many examples of important progress made using mitochondrial sequences. We undertook a systematic performance analysis of mitochondrial and nuclear sequence partitions taken from a representative sample of dipteran species. When analysed alone, mitochondrial genes generally performed less...

Data from: Leaf size in three generations of a dioecious tropical tree, Ocotea tenera (Lauraceae): sexual dimorphism and changes with age

Nathaniel T. Wheelwright, Jordan Sinclair, Cris Hochwender, Frederic Janzen, Fredric J. Janzen & Jordan P. Sinclair
PREMISE OF THE STUDY: In dioecious species, selection should favor different leaf sizes in males and females whenever the sexes experience distinct environments or constraints, such as different costs of reproduction. We took advantage of a long-term experimental study of Ocotea tenera (Lauraceae), a dioecious understory tree in Monteverde, Costa Rica, to explore leaf size differences between genders and age classes across generations. METHODS: We measured leaf size in adult trees in a natural population,...

Data from: Comparative analysis of encephalization in mammals reveals relaxed constraints on anthropoid primate and cetacean brain scaling

Amy M. Boddy, Michael R. McGowen, Chet C. Sherwood, Lawrence I. Grossman, Morris Goodman & Derek E. Wildman
There is a well-established allometric relationship between brain and body mass in mammals. Deviation of relatively increased brain size from this pattern appears to coincide with enhanced cognitive abilities. To examine whether there is a phylogenetic structure to such episodes of changes in encephalization across mammals, we used phylogenetic techniques to analyse brain mass, body mass and encephalization quotient (EQ) among 630 extant mammalian species. Among all mammals, anthropoid primates and odontocete cetaceans have significantly...

Data from: Post-fire changes in forest carbon storage over a 300-year chronosequence of Pinus contorta-dominated forests

Daniel M. Kashian, William H. Romme, Daniel Tinker, Monica G. Turner, Michael G. Ryan & Daniel B. Tinker
A warming climate may increase the frequency and severity of stand-replacing wildfires, reducing carbon (C) storage in forest ecosystems. Understanding the variability of post-fire C cycling on heterogeneous landscapes is critical for predicting changes in C storage with more frequent disturbance. We measured C pools and fluxes for 77 lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta Dougl. ex Loud var. latifolia Engelm.) stands in and around Yellowstone National Park (YNP) along a 300-year chronosequence to examine how quickly...

Data from: Episodic radiations in the fly tree of life

Brian M. Wiegmann, Michelle D. Trautwein, Isaac S. Winkler, Norman B. Barr, Jung-Wook Kim, Christine Lambkin, Matthew A. Bertone, Brian K. Cassel, Keith M. Bayless, Alysha M. Heimberg, Benjamin M. Wheeler, Kevin J. Peterson, Thomas Pape, Bradley J. Sinclair, Jeffrey H. Skevington, Vladimir Blagoderov, Jason Caravas, Sujatha Narayanan Kutty, Urs Schmidt-Ott, Gail E. Kampmeier, F. Christian Thompson, David A. Grimaldi, Andrew T. Beckenbach, Gregory W. Courtney, Markus Friedrich … & J.-W. Kim
Flies are one of four superradiations of insects (along with beetles, wasps, and moths) that account for the majority of animal life on Earth. Diptera includes species known for their ubiquity (Musca domestica house fly), their role as pests (Anopheles gambiae malaria mosquito), and their value as model organisms across the biological sciences (Drosophila melanogaster). A resolved phylogeny for flies provides a framework for genomic, developmental, and evolutionary studies by facilitating comparisons across model organisms,...

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