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Processed airborne radio-echo sounding data from the WISE-ISODYN survey across the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, East Antarctica (2005/2006)

Fausto Ferraccioli, Hugh Corr, Tom Jordan, Carl Robinson, Egidio Armadillo, E. Bozzo & G. Caneva
During the austral summer of 2005/06 a collaborative UK/Italian field campaign collected ~61,000 line km of aerogeophysical data over the previously poorly surveyed Wilkes subglacial basin, Dome C, Transantarctic Mountains, George V Land and Northern Victoria Land using airborne survey systems mounted in a Twin Otter aircraft. Our aircraft was equipped with dual-frequency carrier-phase GPS for navigation, radar altimeter for surface mapping, wing-tip magnetometers, a LaCoste and Romberg air-sea gravimeter, and an ice-sounding radar system...

L’analisi dell’offerta turistica: lo Structural Equation Model PLS

Reyes González-Relaño & stefania mangano

La lunga sfida del turismo per lo sviluppo dell’Africa Sub-Sahariana

stefania mangano & Gian Marco Ugolini
Annali del turismo, anno IV (2015), p. 219-243

Comparative phylogeography reveals consistently shallow genetic diversity in a mitochondrial marker in Antarctic bdelloid rotifers

Diego Fontaneto, Zeyneb Vildan Cakil, Giuseppe Garlasché, Nataliia Iakovenko, Andrea Di Cesare, Ester M. Eckert, Roberto Guidetti, Lina Hamdan, Karel Janko, Dzmitry Lukashanets, Lorena Rebecchi, Stefano Schiaparelli, Tommaso Sforzi, Eva Štefková Kašparová, Alejandro Velasco-Castrillón & Elizabeth Walsh
Aim: The long history of isolation of the Antarctic continent, coupled with the harsh ecological conditions of freezing temperatures could affect the patterns of genetic diversity in the organisms living there. We aim (1) to test whether such pattern can be seen in a mitochondrial marker of bdelloid rotifers, a group of microscopic aquatic and limno-terrestrial animals, and (2) to speculate on the potential mechanisms driving the pattern. Location: focus on Antarctica. Taxon: Rotifera Bdelloidea....

Il turismo halal: una nicchia di mercato che può crescere anche in Italia

stefania mangano, Mauro Spotorno & Gian Marco Ugolini
in Annali del turismo, n. 1 (2016), p. 57-76

Turismo in Liguria: prospettive e governance per possibili scenari post COVID-19

Enrico Bernardini

La chiamarono amplesso rubato (Euripide, Elena 22)

Walter Lapini
The hypothesis is advanced that in Hel. 19–20 Λήδαν κύκνου μορφώματ’ ὄρνιθος λαβών, / ὃς δόλιον εὐνὴν ἐξέπραξ’ ὑπ’ αἰετοῦ Euripides suggests the etymology Ἑλένη from ἑλεῖν εὐνήν, “she who was born from a stolen intercourse” (Zeus’ one with Leda).

Combining conservation status and species distribution models for planning assisted colonisation under climate change

Gabriele Casazza, Thomas Abeli, Gianluigi Bacchetta, Davide Dagnino, Giuseppe Fenu, Domenico Gargano, Luigi Minuto, Chiara Montagnani, Simone Orsenigo, Lorenzo Peruzzi, Lucia Varaldo & Graziano Rossi
Effects of climate change are particularly important in the Mediterranean Biodiversity hotspot where rising temperatures and drought are negatively affecting several plant taxa, including endemic species. Assisted Colonisation (AC) represents a useful tool for reducing the effect of climate change on endemic plant species threatened by climate change. We combined SDMs for 188 taxa endemic to Italy with the IUCN red listing range loss threshold under criterion A (30%) to define: a) the number of...

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