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Data from: Adhesion force mapping on wood by atomic force microscopy: influence of surface roughness and tip geometry

Xin Jin & Bohumil Kasal
This study attempts to address the interpretation of atomic force microscopy (AFM) adhesion force measurements conducted on the heterogeneous rough surface of wood and natural fibre materials. The influences of wood surface roughness, tip geometry and wear on the adhesion force distribution are examined by cyclic measurements conducted on wood surface under dry inert conditions. It was found that both the variation of tip and surface roughness of wood can widen the distribution of adhesion...

Difference between Algorithmic Processing and the Process of Lifeworld (Lebenswelt)

Domenico Schneider
The following article compares the temporality of the life-world with the digital processing. The temporality of the life-world is determined to be stretched and spontaneous. The temporality of the digital is given by discrete step-by-step points of time. Most ethical issues can be traced back to a mismatch of these two ways of processing. This creates a foundation for the ethics of the digital processing. Methodologically, phenomenological considerations are merged with media-philosophical considerations in the...

Rückkehr zum Mond

Marie-Luise Heuser
Erhebliche finanzielle und intellektuelle Ressourcen wurden investiert, um Menschen zum Mond zu bringen. Kaum war das Ziel erreicht, wurde das Apollo-Programm beendet. Zurückzuführen ist dieses überraschende Motivationstief auch darauf, dass kulturell nicht ausreichend verstanden wurde, was Raum- und Mondfahrt bedeutet. Die Frage ist, ob wir das heute besser verstehen als vor fünfzig Jahren. – Gastbeitrag der Philosophin Marie-Luise Heuser vom Institut für Raumfahrtsysteme der TU Braunschweig.

A mixed methods study of effects and antecedents of solution-focused questions in coaching

Stefanie Jordan & Simone Kauffeld
The coaching interaction regarding questioning is still under-researched. This study investigates clients’ behavioural responses to coaches’ solution-focused questions (SFQ), their effects on coaching outcomes, and coaches’ career-related attributes promoting SFQ. Using a mixed methods design, we applied longitudinal self-report and behavioural data for 23 coach-client dyads. Lag sequential analyses and regressions revealed coaches’ SFQ to elicit clients’ solution and self-efficient statements and the importance of coaches’ career adaptability for SFQ. Our findings contribute to the...

Projected shifts in deadwood bryophytes in Sweden, data used for species distribution modelling and for climate and forest scenario analysis

Swantje Löbel, Boris Schröder-Esselbach & Tord Snäll
Climate change and habitat loss are main threats to forest biodiversity. We fitted ensembles of single species distribution models for 23 deadwood-living bryophyte species in Sweden, based on species records from the Swedish Lifewatch website. This data set comprises the species and environmental data used for species distribution modelling, and coefficients of the fitted single species distribution models (GLM, Poisson point-process, MaxEnt). Based on the fitted species distribution models, we conducted simulations of future species...

Input and output data for Alternative splicing impacts microRNA regulation within coding regions

Lena Maria Hackl, Amit Fenn, Zakaria Louadi, Jan Baumbach, Tim Kacprowski, Markus List & Olga Tsoy
This dataset contains the input data and output data for the publication "Alternative splicing impacts microRNA regulation within coding regions". The input data is necessary for reproducing the pipeline, whereas the output data contains results from our run of the pipeline.

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