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Личность и поэзия А. С. Пушкина в контексте литературно-критических работ Вл. С. Соловьева о русской поэзии

Ангелина Балабаева
В статье рассматривается концептуальное значение фигуры А. С. Пушкина для представлений Вл. С. Соловьева об истории русской поэзии. Пушкинская поэзия в построениях Соловьева становится основой для формирования литературной родословной поэтов и поиска новых путей развития поэзии. Ключевые слова: Вл. С. Соловьев, А. С. Пушкин, литературная критика, русская поэзия XIX века, философия.

Basic income as a tool to support aggregate demand

Askar Akaev, Alexander Petryakov, Nauryz Baizakov & Zoltán Zéman
The developed economies of the world are now facing new challenges, the main of which are: the degree of human participation in the production process, in which it will not be an “appendage” of new intelligent systems; prevention of further social and economic polarization of society; development of new economic tools to mitigate the negative effects of extensive digitalization of production and services. This paper shows that conditional basic income as a macroeconomic policy tool...

Phylogeny and biogeography of the northern temperate genus Dracocephalum s.l. (Lamiaceae)

Ya-Ping Chen, Turginov Turdimatovich, Maxim Nuraliev, Predrag Lazarević, Bryan Drew & Chun-Lei Xiang
The northern temperate genus Dracocephalum consists of approximately 70 species mainly distributed in the steppe-desert biomes of Central and West Asia and the alpine region of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP). Previous work has shown that Dracocephalum is not monophyletic and might include Hyssopus and Lallemantia. This study attempts to clarify the phylogenetic relationships, diversification patterns, and the biogeographical history of the three genera (defined as Dracocephalum s.l.). Based on a sampling of 66 taxa comprising...

COVID-19 first lockdown as a window into language acquisition: associations between caregiver-child activities and vocabulary gains

Natalia Kartushina, Nivedita Mani, Aslı Aktan-Erciyes, Khadeejah Alaslani, Naomi Aldrich, Alaa Almohammadi, Haifa Alroqi, Lucy Anderson, Elena Andonova, Suzanne Aussems, Mireille Babineau, Mihaela Barokova, Christina Bergmann, Cara Cashon, Stephanie Custode, Alex de Carvalho, Nevena Dimitrova, Agnieszka Dynak, Rola Farah, Christopher Fennell, Anne-Caroline Fiévet, Michael Frank, Margarita Gavrilova, Hila Gendler-Shalev & Shannon Gibson
The COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting closure of daycare centers worldwide, led to unprecedented changes in children’s learning environments. This period of increased time at home with caregivers, with limited access to external sources (e.g., daycares) provides a unique opportunity to examine the associations between the caregiver-child activities and children’s language development. The vocabularies of 1742 children aged 8-36 months across 13 countries and 12 languages were evaluated at the beginning and end of the...

Digital research materials of spectral data for the article: [3+2]-Cycloaddition of azomethine ylides to 5-methylidene-3-aryl-2-сhalcogen-imidazolones: Access to dispiro indolinone-pyrrolidine-imidazolones

Elena Beloglazkina
Digital research materials of NMR spectral data for the article "[3+2]-Cycloaddition of azomethine ylides to 5-methylidene-3-aryl-2-сhalcogen-imidazolones: access to dispiro indolinone-pyrrolidine-imidazolones" submitted to the Royal Society Open Science. NMR spectra were recorded on Bruker Avance 400 and Agilent MR-400 spectrometers in DMSO-d6 and C6D6. Chemical shifts were measured relative to residual solvent signals and referenced in parts per million to TMS. Original fid files are presented, which can be opened, for example, using the ASD Labs...

Relict permafrost features identification in landscape and deposits of Borisoglebsk Upland, Central European Russia

Ekaterina V. Garankina , Vasily A. Lobkov , Ilya G. Shorkunov & Vladimir R. Belyaev
Relict permafrost features (RPF) indicated by specific patterns of soil, sedimentary and landform structure are characteristic of Central Russian Plain watersheds. Paleocryogenic polygonal networks appear in a pattern of semi-regular spots, blocks and polygons on the surface usually associated with pseudomorphs of ice wedges or sand casts in correlated deposits. This research aimed at distinguishing RPF in sedimentary structure and its correlation with the modern and paleolandscape structure of 3 ha watershed area exposed in...

Сталинская премия в системе литературного производства 1940-х — начала 1950-х годов: Институциональный контекст формирования соцреалистического канона

Дмитрий Цыганов
Сталинская премия по литературе рассматривается в статье как институция, работа которой оказывала прямое влияние на складывание соцреалистического канона. Сформулированный в теме аспект изучения Сталинской премии подразумевает не только погружение в контекст институциональной истории культуры позднего сталинизма, но и попытку обнаружить присущий этой институции стабилизирующий потенциал, которым могла обеспечиваться целостность культурного континуума позднесталинской эпохи и посредством которого осуществлялась глубинная трансформация массового сознания, деформированного и травмированного военным опытом. Ключевые слова: Сталинская премия, литературный канон, соцреалистический канон, послевоенная...

Global flyway evolution in red knots Calidris canutus and genetic evidence for a Nearctic refugium

Jesse Conklin, Yvonne Verkuil, Phil Battley, Chris Hassell, Job Ten Horn, James Johnson, Pavel Tomkovich, Allan Baker, Theunis Piersma & Michaël Fontaine
Present-day ecology and population structure are the legacies of past climate and habitat perturbations, and this is particularly true for species that are widely distributed at high latitudes. The red knot, Calidris canutus, is an arctic-breeding, long-distance migratory shorebird with six recognized subspecies defined by differences in morphology, migration behavior, and annual-cycle phenology, in a global distribution thought to have arisen just since the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). We used nextRAD sequencing of 10,881 single-nucleotide...

Quantitative assessment of the terrain transformation in proglacial areas (the Djankuat River catchment case study, Caucuses)

Andrei Kedich
Proglacial areas are extremely unstable and characterized by highly intensive geomorphic processes. In this study, we consider a typical proglacial area on the Caucuses – Djankuat river catchment. This research presents the first results for the complex monitoring of exogenic geomorphic process rates within the selected catchment. A repeated UAV survey for selected sites conducted in September 2019 and in August 2020 was the primary method. Also, high-resolution DEMs derived from stereo satellite images and...

Seasonal Ice Removal in the Barents Sea and its Dependence on Heat Advection by Atlantic Waters

A. A. Sumkina, K. K. Kivva, V. V. Ivanov & A. V. Smirnov
The Barents Sea is one of the key areas in the Arctic for monitoring of climate change. Although the Barents Sea is one of the Arctic seas, it is never completely covered with ice. One of the parameters characterizing the change in the ice regime is the date of ice retreat (DOR). The study is based on ice concentration data from the NOAA / NSIDC Climate Data Record (CDR) from 1979 to 2019 and the...

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