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Li Cheng
It is the daily tourist volume of Jiuzhai Valley National park, China

Data from: Taylor's Power Law and its decomposition in urban facilities

Liang Wu, Chi Gong & Xin Yan
As one of the few generalities in ecology, Taylor's power law admits a power function relationship $V=aM^{b}$ between the variance $V$ and mean number $M$ of organisms in a quadrat. We examine the spatial distribution data of seven urban service facilities in 37 major cities in China, and find that Taylor's law is validated among all types of facilities. Moreover, Taylor's law is robust if we shift the observation window or vary the size of...

Data from: A complex pattern of post-divergence expansion, contraction, introgression and asynchronous responses to Pleistocene climate changes in two Dipelta sister species from western China

Bin Tian, Yi Fu, Richard Milne, Kangshan Mao, Yong-Shuai Sun, Xiangguang Ma & Hang Sun
The well-known vicariance and dispersal models dominate in understanding the allopatric pattern for related species and presume the simultaneous occurrence of speciation and biogeographic events. However, the formation of allopatry may postdate the species divergence. We examined this hypothesis using DNA sequence data from 3 chloroplast fragments and 5 nuclear loci of Dipelta floribunda and D. yunnanensis, two shrub species with the circum Sichuan Basin distribution, combining the climatic niche modeling approach. The best-fit model...

Data from: Ferula paeoniifolia sp. nov. (Apiaceae) from Sichuan, China

Xiangguang Ma, Chenyang Liao, Yi Chen & Hanwen Xu
Ferula paeoniifolia X. G. Ma & C. Y. Liao sp. nov., from Sichuan Province, Southwest China, is described and illustrated. The new species is most similar to F. kingdon-wardii Wolff in morphology, but differs significantly in its ternate-2-pinnate compound leaves comprising much broader leaflets. The key morphological characteristics and nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region were also compared between F. paeoniifolia and its relatives, which revealed a new species to Ferula L.

Data from: A consistent species richness-climate relationship for oaks across the Northern Hemisphere

Xiaoting Xu, Dimitar Dimitrov, Nawal Shrestha, Carsten Rahbek & Zhiheng Wang
Aim: Although the effects of climate on species richness are known, regional processes may lead to different species richness-climate relationships across continents resulting in species richness anomalies, especially for tropical groups. Phylogenetic niche conservatism may also influence species richness-climate relationships of different lineages. Here, we tested whether regional effects also exist for temperate lineages using the genus Quercus. Location: Northern Hemisphere Time period: Present day Major taxa studied: Quercus (Fagaceae) Methods: We used a dated...

Preparation and regeneration of iron-modified nanofibres for low-concentration phosphorus-containing wastewater treatment

Ying Luo, Min Liu, Ying Chen, Tingting Wang & Wei Zhang
In this study, nanocellulose (CNFs) was prepared by a mechanical shearing method, a simple and pollution-free process. Iron hydroxide was loaded on nanocellulose, a natural macromolecule derived from bamboo, to produce the second generation iron-loaded nanocellulose for the removal of low-concentration phosphorus from wastewater. We found that the best modified ferric salt was ferric chloride. When the mass ratio of Fe(OH)3 and CNFs was 1.5:1, freeze-drying with liquid nitrogen yielded the best adsorption performance. The...

Data from: Population genetic structure and intraspecific genetic distance of Periplaneta americana (Blattodea: Blattidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA markers

Jinnan Ma, Jinhua Liu, Yongmei Shen, Zhenxin Fan, Bisong Yue & Xiuyue Zhang
The American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is a globally invasive pest that can cause significant economic loss and threaten human health. Although it is abundant and lives in close proximity to humans, few studies have investigated the genetic diversity of P. americana. Our study analyzed 1053 P. americana and other Periplaneta species’ samples from different locations in China and the USA. A traditional tree-based method using 17 unique mitochondrial COI haplotypes of P. americana and 20...

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