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Exploring phenotypic diversity of pigmented traits and iris features in Pakistani population

Saliha Bashir, Muhammad Shafique, Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Sohail Anjum & Ahmad Ali Shahid
Phenotypic variations of eye color, skin color, and iris surface features have been well-explored in certain populations. However, there has been comparatively little research on variations in these features in Pakistani population. The aim of this study is to discover phenotypic diversity and correlations of pigmented traits and iris surface features in Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province of Pakistan. Digital images of eyes and skin were examined by investigators to determine color using Fitzpatrick Phototype...

Veloporphyrellus latisporus, a new and noteworthy species from moist temperate forests of Pakistan

Junaid Khan, Sadiq Ullah, Hassan Sher, Muhammad Fiaz & Abdul Khalid
Veloporphyrellus latisporus is proposed as a new species based on morphological characters and supporting molecular data from ITS and LSU regions of the nuclear DNA. The new species is characterized by its red to reddish brown granulose pileus and comparatively broader basidiospores. A key to the species of Veloporphyrellus is provided. This is the first report of any Veloporphyrellus species from Pakistan.

The genetic drivers for the successful invasive potential of a generalist bird, the House crow

Farheena Iqbal
What kind of genetic structure helps the rapid range expansion of the invasive species is fundamental to understand spread of invasion. The House crow (Corvus splendens), an ecological generalist, having a large native and introduced distribution range, is a good study model to investigate the genetic structure and adaptations underpinning the evolutionary potential for successful biological invasion. Thirteen mainland and one island native population from the Indian subcontinent were studied using four nuclear introns and...

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