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Cultural Landscapes in Aotearoa New Zealand - Decolonisation and challenges

Nicola Short & Carolyn Hill
The first place to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a cultural landscape was Tongariro National Park in Aotearoa New Zealand. Despite this early acknowledgement in the international arena there is a weak theoretical understanding of cultural landscapes in Aotearoa, both in the legislative environment and management regimes (Short 2020). The current state of cultural landscapes in Aotearoa can be seen as an expression of the colonial systems and perspectives which dominate...

Phylogenetic study of the New Caledonian endemic genus Adenodaphne (Lauraceae) confirms its synonymy with Litsea

Jérôme Munzinger, Gordon McPherson, Stacey Meyer & Chrissen Gemmill
The genus Adenodaphne is currently considered endemic to New Caledonia, but its distinction from Litsea is questionable based on morphological similarity. An earlier phylogenetic analysis (ITS) including one species of Adenodaphne and two Asian species of Litsea did support their close relationship but did not permit resolution of their generic boundary. We sampled the four species of Adenodaphne currently recognized (11 accessions) and 11 of the 13 endemic species of Litsea currently recognized, plus one...

Improving self-awareness and engagement through group coaching

Anna Sutton & Cecile Crobach

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