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Data from: Educational disparities in the intention to quit smoking among male smokers in China: a cross-sectional survey on the explanations provided by the theory of planned behaviour

Mariel Droomers, Xinyuan Huang, Wenjie Fu, Yong Yang, Hong Li & P Zheng
Objectives: We aim to describe the intention to quit smoking among Chinese male smokers from different educational backgrounds and to explain this intention from their attitude, perceived social norms and self-efficacy regarding smoking cessation. Setting: Participants were recruited from workplaces and communities to reflect the occupational distribution in three cities (Shanghai, Nanning and Mudanjiang) in China. Design: and participants In 2013 interviews were conducted with 3676 male smokers aged 18 years and older. Outcome: measures...

Data from: Evolution of the leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein kinase gene family: Ancestral copy number and functional divergence of BAM1 and BAM2 in Brassicaceae

Hao Li, Qian Shi, Zaibao Zhang, Liping Zeng, Ji Qi, Hong Ma, Zai-Bao Zhang & Li-Ping Zeng
Gene duplication allows for functional divergence and innovation that provide selective advantages. However, in flowering plants genetic studies have revealed that single-gene mutations affecting one of two or more closely related paralogs often fail to cause detectable morphological defects, suggesting functional redundancy. Flowering plants have hundreds of genes encoding leucine-rich repeat receptor-like protein kinases (LRR-RLKs), several of which play important roles in anther development but little is known about their evolutionary history and possible functional...

Data from: Changes in corneal biomechanical properties after long-term topical prostaglandin therapy

Na Wu, Yuhong Chen, Xiaobo Yu, Mengwei Li, Wen Wen & Xinghuai Sun
Objective: To compare corneal biomechanical properties, measured by a newly developed tonometer (Corneal Visualization Scheimpflug Technology?Corvis ST), in untreated primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) patients?POAG patients with long-term topical prostaglandin analog (PGA) therapy and in normal controls. Further is to investigate the potential effects of PGA on corneal biomechanics. Methods: In this case-control study, 35 consecutive medication naïve eyes with POAG, 34 POAG eyes with at least 2 years treatment by PGA and 19 normal...

Data from: Species decline under nitrogen fertilization increases community-level competence of fungal diseases

Xiang Liu, Shengman Lyu, Dexin Sun, Corey J. A. Bradshaw & Shurong Zhou
The artificial fertilization of soils can alter the structure of natural plant communities and exacerbate pathogen emergence and transmission. Although the direct effects of fertilization on disease resistance in plants have received some research attention, its indirect effects of altered community structure on the severity of fungal disease infection remain largely uninvestigated. We designed manipulation experiments in natural assemblages of Tibetan alpine meadow vegetation along a nitrogen-fertilization gradient over 5 years to compare the relative...

Data from: Functional dissimilarity, not phylogenetic relatedness, determines interspecific interactions among plants in the Tibetan alpine meadows

Shengman Lyu, Xiang Liu, Patrick Venail & Shurong Zhou
The hypotheses suggesting that the nature and strength of species interactions should be determined by phylogenetic relatedness have important implications for the understanding of community structure. However, to date, there is limited empirical evidence to support them. At least two basic conditions need to be met in order to expect species interactions to be determined by evolutionary relatedness: a phylogenetic signal in the traits involved in the interactions and changes in the interactions as species...

Data from: Increased novel single nucleotide polymorphisms in weedy rice populations associated with the change of farming styles: Implications in adaptive mutation and evolution

Dong-Yuan Song, Zhe Wang, Zhuo-Jun Song, Cheng-Chuan Zhou, Peng-Hao Xu, Jie Yang, Ji Yang & Bao-Rong Lu
Substantial genetic variation is found in weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea Roshev.) populations from different rice-planting regions with the change of farming styles. To determine the association of such genetic variation with rice farming changes is critical for understanding the adaptive evolution of weedy rice. We studied weedy-rice specific novel SNPs by genome-wide comparison between DNA sequences of weedy and cultivated rice, in addition to PCR fingerprinting at 22 selected novel SNP loci in...

Data from: Parental and hybrid Daphnia from the D. longispina complex: long-term dynamics in genetic structure and significance of overwintering modes

Johanna Griebel, Sabine Gießler, Mingbo Yin & Justyna Wolinska
In recent decades, hybridization has become a focus of attention because of its role in evolutionary processes. However, little is known about changes in genetic structure within and between parental species and hybrids over time. Here, we studied processes of genetic change in parental species and hybrids from the Daphnia longispina complex (Crustacea, Cladocera) over a period of six years across ten habitats. These cyclical parthenogens respond to fluctuating environments by switching from asexual to...

Data from: Local habitat condition rather than geographic distance determines the genetic structure of Tamarix chinensis populations in Yellow River Delta, China

Zhu Zhu, Luoyan Zhang, Lexuan Gao, Shaoqing Tang, Yao Zhao & Ji Yang
Understanding the extent of genetic diversity in natural populations and the correlations between population structure and environmental heterogeneity is of great importance to estimation of the potential for species to undergo rapid adaptive changes in response to environmental variation. In this study, we systematically sampled 800 individuals from 26 Tamarix chinensis populations distributed throughout the Yellow River Delta (YRD) region in China, where a mosaic of habitat patches varying in soil salinity was detected. By...

Data from: The association between exposure to environmental bisphenol A and gonadotropic hormone levels among men

Hong Liang, Wenping Xu, Jianping Chen, Huijuan Shi, Jiang Zhu, Xiaoqin Liu, Jian Wang, Maohua Miao & Wei Yuan
Bisphenol A (BPA) is an extensively used chemical with endocrine disrupting properties. Although animal and in vivo studies have suggested possible effects of BPA on levels of gonadotropic hormones, human studies are limited and inconclusive. The study examined whether environmental BPA exposure was associated with gonadotropic hormones levels in men. A total of 560 men aged 18–55 years were recruited from Sandu County, Guizhou Province, China. We collected urine samples for measurement of BPA, and...

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