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β-Elemene derivatives produced from SeO2-mediated oxidation reaction

Xingrui He, Xiao-Tao Zhuo, Yuan Gao, Renren Bai, Xiang-Yang Ye & Tian Xie
We report herein the first access of ß-elemene derivatives through the SeO2-mediated oxidation reaction. Several new compounds were isolated through such one-step reaction, and their structures were elucidated using various 2D-NMR techniques. This method provides easy access to multiple oxidative ß-elemene derivatives in one single step, and represents the first cyclohexyl ring modifications of ß-elemene. It’s expected to open up the opportunity for future derivatization on cyclohexyl ring of ß-elemene. The new compounds obtained above...

Facile preparation of high conductive silver electrodes by dip-coating followed by quick sintering

Xingzhong Guo, Tianrui Chen, Hui Yang, Shengchi Bai & Yan Zhang
With polyol-synthesized silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) as raw materials, the silver electrodes with high conductivity were fabricated via dip-coating method followed by sintering process, and the effects of dip-coating and sintering process on the conductivity and surface roughness of silver electrodes were investigated in detail. The silver film with a thickness of 1.97 μm and a roughness of about 2 nm can be prepared after dip-coated at a pulling rate of 500 μm·s-1 for 40 coating...

Association of leaf silicon content with chronic wind exposure across and within herbaceous plant species

Yao-Bin Song, Yu-Kun Hu, Xu Pan, Guo-Fang Liu, Ming Dong & Johannes H. C. Cornelissen
Aim: High foliar silicon (henceforth Si) concentration protects plant tissues against herbivory but protection against several abiotic stressors has been proposed too, though the adaptive significance of these functions is still being debated. We aimed to explore the potential relationships between foliar Si content and chronic wind exposure across a large scale and multiple species, and analyze an overlooked alternative or complementary function of silicon in leaves: mechanical protection against wind. Location: Mainland China. Time...

Island biogeography of soil bacteria and fungi: similar patterns, but different mechanisms

Shaopeng Li, Pandeng Wang, Yongjian Chen, Maxwell Wilson, Xian Yang, Chao Ma, Jianbo Lu, Xiao-Yong Chen, Jianguo Wu, Wen-Sheng Shu & Lin Jiang
Microbes, similar to plants and animals, exhibit biogeographic patterns. However, in contrast with the considerable knowledge on the island biogeography of higher organisms, we know little about the distribution of microorganisms within and among islands. Here, we explored insular soil bacterial and fungal biogeography and underlying mechanisms, using soil microbiota from a group of land-bridge islands as a model system. Similar to island species-area relationships observed for many macroorganisms, both island-scale bacterial and fungal diversity...

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  • 2020

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  • Hangzhou Normal University
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