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Floral spectral reflectance data for: Floral color properties of serpentine seep assemblages depend on community size and species richness

Kathryn LeCroy, Gerardo Arceo-Gómez, Matthew Koski, Nathan Morehouse & Tia-Lynn Ashman
Functional traits, particularly those that impact fitness, can shape the ecological and evolutionary relationships among coexisting species of the same trophic level. Thus, examining these traits and properties of their distributions (underdispersion, overdispersion) within communities can provide insights into key ecological interactions (e.g., competition, facilitation) involved in community assembly. For instance, the distribution of floral colors in a community may reflect pollinator-mediated interactions between sympatric plant species, and the phylogenetic distribution of color can inform...

Data for: Variation in reproductive isolation across a species range

Karen Barnard-Kubow & Laura Galloway
Reproductive isolation is often variable within species, a phenomenon that while largely ignored by speciation studies, can be leveraged to gain insight into the potential mechanisms driving the evolution of genetic incompatibilities. We used experimental greenhouse crosses to characterize patterns of reproductive isolation among three divergent genetic lineages of Campanulastrum americanum that occur in close geographic proximity in the Appalachian Mountains. Substantial, asymmetrical reproductive isolation for survival due to cytonuclear incompatibility was found among the...

Stellar Binaries and Higher-Order Multiples In and Beyond the Milky Way

Hannah Lewis
Multiple star systems are a pervasive outcome of star formation. Within the Milky Way, it is well-established that multiplicity is a steep, increasing function with stellar mass; for solar-type stars, it is generally accepted that ~50% stars exist in binary or higher-order systems, with that fraction increasing to ~80% for stars with masses > 16 MSun. From simulations of star formation, it is also shown that star forming clouds with low metallicity have higher fragmentation...

A Complex Systems Approach to a Survey of Engineering Graduate Students' Academic Role Identities

Anne McAlister
Engineering graduate students take on many roles, including engineer, researcher, educator, and student, through which multiple role identities may be formed. An individual’s role identities, especially their identity as an engineer, are related to persistence and belonging in engineering (Choe et al., 2017; Perkins et al., 2017). Institutionalized roles that graduate students take on can represent the culture of the institution and of academia at large; thus, understanding academic role identity is especially important in...

Specters of the Past: Redefining the Gothic Genre through Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

Kaylee Lamb
This thesis examines how African American writers reuse common gothic tropes and conventions to illustrate their everyday lived reality and the haunting, psychological turmoil of slavery. I will be using Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man to highlight how the gothic saturates much of African American literature, but also how such authors appropriate and subvert gothic tropes and conventions to reclaim Black identity and agency. By examining the gothic elements of Invisible Man, we can see how...

The Hydraulics Project: Empowering Communities to Build a Digital Library Utilizing Fedora and an Event-Driven Service-Oriented Messaging Framework

Andrew Curley
Recent collaborative efforts including the Hydra Project and development of Blacklight have made significant strides towards creating revolutionary tools for indexing and accessing digital content managed by a Fedora repository. Comparatively, less attention has been paid to creating applications and standardized workflows designed to easily ingest content into repositories. This issue demands attention because a key measure of a repositoryʼs usefulness is the quality and quantity of digital content made available to the public. A...

National Network of Libraries of Medicine Hurricane Summit Report

Susan Yowell & Daniel Wilson
On Wednesday, February 8, 2012, the Louis Calder Memorial Library of the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine hosted a summit meeting to share best practices, discuss roles for libraries following a disaster, and facilitate communication and cooperation among librarians and emergency planners in the Miami/Dade County area. The meeting was sponsored through an award by the Southeastern/Atlantic Region of National Network of Libraries of Medicine’s (NN/LM) Emergency Preparedness & Response Initiative.

An Algorithm for State Constrained Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Control

Zhou Zhou & Randy Cogill
Here we consider a state-constrained stochastic linear quadratic control problem. This problem has linear dynamics and a quadratic cost, and states are required to satisfy a probabilistic constraint. In this paper, the joint probabilistic constraint in the model is converted to a conservative deterministic one using multi-dimensional Chebyshev bound. A maximum volume inscribed ellipsoid problem is solved to obtain this probability bound. We then design an optimal affine controller for the resulting problem. The convexity...

Managing Competing Interests with Off-Site Storage

Esther Onega & Kara McClurken
The University of Virginia Library has had a twenty-year history of off-site storage for its growing collections. As our need to store things off-site has grown, so have the growth of a comprehensive preservation program and the preservation goals of off-site storage. Ivy Stacks, the Library’s off-site repository, opened in 1994, with books stored in boxes. A major renovation from 2010-2012 expanded that building’s capacity by installing both high density shelving and sorting the books...

Expanding the Centrifugal Microfluidic Toolbox through Enhanced Functionality and Advanced Unit Operations

Michael Woolf
Detection and analysis of biochemical markers is essential in many disciplines. The projects described in this dissertation were focused on the development of centrifugal microfluidic approaches to address unmet needs and technology gaps in the forensic, biomedical, and National Defense and Security communities. Conventional laboratory instrumentation currently used for these purposes is often expensive, non-portable, and dictates labor-intensive and time-consuming benchtop protocols conducted by highly trained personnel. These limitations can be overcome through advancements in...

Characterization of the Complexin Membrane Interaction

Qian Liang
In neuronal exocytosis, neurotransmitters are released via membrane fusion between synaptic vesicle and presynaptic plasma membrane. Assembly of the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptors (SNAREs) drive this membrane fusion in a millisecond within the Ca2+ trigger. While SNAREs constitutively catalyze relatively slow membrane fusion processes involved in intracellular vesicle trafficking, the ultrafast synaptic vesicle fusion process is accomplished through multiple protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions. Among the most extensively investigated interactions are those involving the...

Probing Strong-Field Gravity with Gravitational Waves

Sharaban Tahura
With the historic detection of gravitational waves (GWs) by the LIGO and Virgo collaborations (LVC) in 2015, an era of GW astronomy began. Almost fifty binary merger events have been detected from the first two and a half observing runs of LVC. Ripples in the curvature of spacetime created by coalescing compact binaries allowed us to perform tests of gravity in strong and dynamical field regimes that were previously unexplored. Testing gravity in such a...

A Review of Living Shorelines: Evaluating Nature-Based Solutions to Preserve Our Shorelines and Combat Sea-Level Rise

Keegan Marsh
Increased human populations along coastlines, increased storm duration and intensity, and sea-level rise exacerbate coastal erosion, effectively pressuring business and homeowners to implement shoreline stabilization and protection measures. Historically, traditional shoreline protection has been achieved through the installation of shoreline armoring structures, such as bulkheads, seawalls, and riprap revetments. However, a growing body of evidence exemplifying the adverse consequences shoreline armoring structures have on shorelines and the ecosystem has led to concern about the use...

\"Computational and Chemical Proteomic Strategies for Deconvoluting Inhibitor and Drug Mode of Action\"

Adam Borne
The analysis of proteomes using mass spectrometry has enabled the direct measure of the abundance for thousands of protein gene products from a single sample. Small molecule covalent probes can survey the activity of these proteins and through competition assays identify their ligands. This activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) provides the means to probe and potentially drug protein targets that may be otherwise inaccessible. Given that the development of new covalent probes enables the study of...

The \"Insurance\" of Motherhood: Implications of Modern Fertility Preservation Technology for the Salience of Motherhood to Gender Identity

Elissa Zeno
This dissertation examines the social meaning and implications of fertility preservation for the salience of motherhood to gender identity in the contemporary age. As American women pursue higher education levels and establish careers, they are incentivized to delay childbearing into their 30s and 40s—the window of time in which having children can become more challenging. Egg freezing is a new fertility preservation technology that appears to give women more control over their lives by altering...

From Segregation Academies to School Choice: The Post-Brown History of School Privatization

Monica Blair
“From Segregation Academies to School Choice: The Post Brown History of School Privatization" analyzes the role of race, region, and politics in modern movement to provide public funding for private education in the US. This dissertation argues that privatization advocates have worked to break down the boundaries between public and private schooling in the sixty-five years since the Brown v. Board of Education decision, and that this blurring has exacerbated racial and socioeconomic inequalities in...

Testing Email Delivery

Sherry Lake
Simply adding an “open access” option to the existing prestige-based journal system at ever increasing costs, however, will only serve to increase the profit margin of traditional publishers without contributing to more fundamental change in the way research is done and evaluated.

Creando Confianza: How Middle School Leaders Create Cultures of Trust to Foster the Engagement of Latino Families

Rachel Sweeney
Over the past twenty years, the cultural diversity in classrooms across the United States has increased exponentially. More specifically, from 1999 to 2016 the number of Latino students enrolled in American schools, from pre-Kindergarten through college, rose by 80 percent, from 9.9 million to 17.9 million (Gramlich, 2017). Latinos now comprise the largest minority group in the United States, making up 18 percent of the population and 25 percent of all school-age students (Gándara, 2017)....

Data-Driven Battery Attack Detection and Control Behavior Determination for Vehicle Driving Safety

Liuwang Kang
Pure electric vehicles (EVs) have become popular in current transportation systems because of their zero air pollution emissions. The battery management system (BMS) in an EV monitors battery information (current, voltage and temperature) in real time to prevent batteries from overcharging or overheating and also shares these battery information to outside-vehicle environments (e.g., smartphone apps) to enrich vehicle usage experiences. Many researches have studied various aspects regarding vehicle driving safety, few works have comprehensively studied...

PHD Defense, Jupiter and Juno in Ovid's Fasti: Prismatic Personae and Polarity, successfully defended per DGS Andrej Petrovic, July 8,2021.mrm8e

Timothy Brannelly
The goal of this dissertation is two-fold. The first is to engage with the ways in which Ovid presents the figures of Jupiter and Juno throughout his Fasti, in terms of their epithets, their placement within various episodes, their mythological, religious, and political affiliations, and their relationship with one another. Toward this end, I offer a close analysis of the majority of passages in the Fasti that feature either of these two deities. I aim...

Leadership Turnover and International Crisis

Chen Wang
How do foreign adversaries react to leadership turnover in a rival state? In contrast to the conventional wisdom that foreign adversaries are likely to probe the type of their new counterparts or to explore the newcomers' weakness by initiating challenges, this dissertation demonstrates that foreign adversaries' reaction depends largely on the anticipated direction of the new leader’s foreign policy preference shift in relation to the previous administration. I argue that foreign adversaries have incentive to...

Examining Teachers' Talent Recognition Process During a Summer Talent Development Program

Leighann Pennington
This Capstone Project focused on a local problem of practice, the need to increase identification of students from underrepresented populations for the gifted education program at Fairland County School (FCS) district. Two approaches to addressing the macro-problem of underrepresentation include broadening teachers’ conceptions of giftedness and supporting teachers in developing a deeper understanding of how potential, gifts, and talents manifest in primary-grade students. Project Kaleidoscope applied these approaches through implementing a summer talent development program...

The Francophone North Atlantic: Identity, Religiosity, and Trauma in French Canada

Claire-Marie Brisson
“The Francophone North Atlantic: Identity, Religiosity, and Trauma in French Canada” explores the confluences between intranational and transnational identification, collective memory, and religiosity in the early twentieth century. Previous scholarship has investigated the development of Quebecois and French-Canadian identity following the events of The Quiet Revolution at length. The present work views French Canadian history from the time that preceded the establishment of the term Québécois as a dominant cultural identifier, instead exploring the factors...

The Diaspora Synagogue: Jewish Architecture and the Inter-Communal Networks of the 17th and 18th Century Atlantic

Elizabeth Mitchell
The Jewish Atlantic world of the 17th and 18th centuries was fundamentally connected by a shared Jewish culture that developed directly out of the experience of mass conversions and expulsions of the prior centuries, most significantly those of the Iberian Inquisitions. At the start of the 17th century, a Jewish community emerged in Amsterdam that over the course of the century became a center of an extensive inter-communal network that linked newly established Jewish communities...

Improving Socio-Ecological Management of Hydropower Systems Under Climate Change

Sarah Jordan
Dams and storage reservoirs provide a source of water supply, irrigation, renewable energy, and flood protection in river basins around the world. However, human regulation of river systems alters natural hydrologic patterns, which can adversely impact downstream water users and ecological resources. Developing resilient, robust, and adaptive reservoir controls that can balance social, economic, and ecologic outcomes is an essential, yet challenging task. Impact assessments of alternative reservoir operations under a range of possible future...

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