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How wearable sensors can be used to monitor patient recovery following ACL reconstruction; The Impact of Machine Learning on Medical Diagnoses

Jonathan Saksvig
The technical capstone and STS research paper included in this portfolio are interrelated in their themes. The technical capstone project focuses on leveraging patient EMG data to improve recovery following ACL surgery, and the STS research paper centers on the impact that machine learning solutions for patient diagnosis will have on patient outcomes. Both projects are healthcare related and involve using data driven solutions in the medical field. In addition, both projects involve machine learning....

Many Lifetimes of Knowledge: The History of the Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne’s Newspaper Collection and Its Digital Future

Claire Antone Payton, Anne Eller & Lewis Ampidu

Design of A Sustainable Manufacturing Process to Produce Penicillin V Using Waste Paper as a Glucose Feedstock; The Publics of Pharmaceutical Activism

Justin Harrington
Almost every single individual in the world will interact with medicine at some point in their lifetime, it is a truly cross-cultural experience. Having lived overseas, and observed various levels of access and cultures surrounding healthcare, the characteristics of one can severely affect the other. High levels of access to healthcare can surprisingly backfire, arising from a lack of experience with the negative effects of a lack of access; while lower levels of access can...

Robotany: An Environmentally-Aware, Autonomous Plant-Hybrid Robot; The Billionaire Space Race as an Example of Idealistic Technology, Viewed from a Technology Historian’s Perspective

Eleanor Ozer
In July, 2021, several of the world’s billionaires launched themselves into space, temporarily leaving behind a world largely suffering through climate change, food insecurity, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Though some lauded their achievements, many viewed the spectacle as an audacious display of wealth and ego — wholly inconsiderate to the decaying planet they launched from. The spectacle ignited profound anger and debate across social media and the news, which I tended to agree with. On...

Impacts Associated with Fully Autonomous Systems that will Affect the Future of Transportation and Technology

Jaylon Williams
In this paper, I aim to describe the effects that autonomous vehicles might have on future generations. The main conclusions of the paper are that driverless vehicles will likely bring forth both positive and negative effects on society. Additionally, society will need to be flexible in accepting and implementing this technology. To support this claim, various technical aspects of driverless vehicles and pieces of evidence that discuss the future effects of autonomous vehicles are given....

Morphological Classification of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in GOALS

William Meynardie
Luminous Infrared Galaxies (LIRGs) are massive starbursts, typically composed of two or more galaxies at some stage of a galaxy merger. LIRGs dominate the infrared luminosity density at high redshift, so studying nearby LIRGs can give us insight into galaxies at high redshift. We analyze HST ACS/WFC images of a sample of 56 LIRGs by computing their Gini coefficient and M_20 value at F435W (B-band) and F814W (I-band), and we use these results to classify...

Evaluating the Potential of Introducing Design Thinking in Cybersecurity Education / Design Thinking in the Context of Developing User Authentication Mechanisms

Samreen Azam
The main focus of both my STS research paper and technical report is to investigate the impact of applying the design thinking paradigm in the development of cybersecurity products, especially that of authentication systems to verify the identity of users. Although the topics of these papers are very similar, there are a couple of important distinctions. Firstly, the technical report primarily details the practical benefits of this paradigm, whereas the STS paper explores how design...

Enter your title Evaluating How Social Groups Protect Modern Waterways; Pantastic Home Fire Prevention: A Device for Kitchen Appliance Monitoring and Alarming

Noal Zyglowicz
My Technical Report covers my team’s capstone project, Pantastic, a microcontroller-powered home safety system that assists users in preventing residential fires caused by natural inattentive behavior. Residential fires are largely caused by accidents related to cooking. These accidents are mostly caused by careless multitasking or forgetfulness. Pantastic uses a microcontroller, infrared thermometer, careful circuit design, and software engineering to create a system that can track the temperature of stovetops and alert users through sounds and...

From Bailout to Booming Industry: How US Health Insurance Companies Insured their Market

Sarah Saas
Accessibility to healthcare is important for patient outcomes and general health of the American population. COVID-19 and insurance have both contributed to how clinics in the United States function as well as patient and provider satisfaction. Primary care clinics struggled with poor communication, long-term complications from COVID-19, and inadequacies for optimization of healthcare. These led to greater inefficiency in patient throughput. Inadequate healthcare is not limited to poor clinic management, insurance also plays a role,...

Pancake Printer; How Commercial 3-D Printing Has Opened the Manufacturing Process, Specifically of Prosthetic Devices, to the Masses.

Yudel Martinez Salgado
In what follows, I will discuss the technical and sociotechnical problems that I addressed as part of my STS and Undergraduate Major Design Experience Capstone. Both sections address 3-D printing technologies. The technical part addresses how the technology functions and one of its various applications. The sociotechnical portion addresses the social implications of 3-D printing technologies on society. For my technical project, my team and I developed a pancake printer. The device allows a user...

Designing a Cost-Effective and Accurate Laser Cutter That Serves a Market Niche; An Analysis of Laser Technologies and How They Can Be Used to Promote Sustainability and Address Cost-Intensive Engineering Malpractices

Dong Wook Kim
For every mechanical part that exists, there is a manufacturing process which is involved in the creation of the part. Taking care to be mindful of the waste and inefficient use of resources that could be involved in the product lifecycle is the duty of responsible mechanical engineers. When analyzed as a whole, the accumulation of even minor disregard for more sustainable methods in manufacturing results in a propagation of issues ranging from environmental harm...

Context-Aware Recommendation Via Interactive Conversational Agents: A Case in Business Analytics; Understanding Cryptocurrency: A Story of People, Power, Privacy, and Technology

Harish Karumuri
Consumer electronics have rapidly increased their technical capabilities and have become more much accessible to a wide population. Further advances in networking capabilities and computer architecture have led to massive advances in commination and sharing of information. Organizations have completely changed their operations to use these new technologies by setting up computing infrastructure and building software products based on this infrastructure. This allows organizations to capture a wide variety of data, and utilize a variety...

Multiagent Persuasion and Online Misinformation

Gustavo Moreira
In the study of complex multi-agent environments, understanding what incentive structures result in cooperation is crucial to effectively encouraging cooperation and preventing undue competition. Said understanding would be particularly useful in contexts in which large groups of agents act largely independently from each other and in such a way where their actions cannot be controlled, but rather indirectly influenced. One such real-world scenario is social media communication online, as users act largely outside of the...

Carbon-Neutral Production Of Methanol Via Direct Air Carbon Capture; Renewable Energy’s Land Demands and Native Peoples in the U.S.: An Analysis of Renewable Energy Infrastructure Development on Native Lands

Ciara Noelle Smith
Industrial society’s dependence on fossil fuels has resulted in concerning concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As a result, rapid climate change places sensitive ecosystems in danger as they are unable to adapt quickly enough. As climate change and rising global tempertaures put human development in danger, climate scientists now emphasize the necessity for societies to reach net-zero emissions, or even net-negative emissions, within decades. To this end, this collection of both technical and...

Production of Biodiesel from Algae; The Impacts of Crop-based Biofuels on Food Insecurity in the United States

Hunter OQuinn
The problem that the technical report and STS research paper attempt to address is the use of biofuels. The two papers go hand-in-hand, as the STS research paper discusses the effect of crop-based biofuels on food insecurity and the technical paper attempts to design algae farm and biodiesel refinery. The motivation of the STS research paper was to explore how food insecurity and crop-based biofuels are related, and it seeks to highlight the impact that...

Diversity Representation On Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Websites

Hannah Jacobs-El
Background: Recruitment and retention of a diverse healthcare workforce is a common residency program requirement as outlined by the American Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Surgical subspecialties (plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, etc.) still face longstanding low racial and ethnic representation among healthcare providers. Diversifying the healthcare workforce is paramount to addressing healthcare disparities. Methods: The websites of all integrated plastic surgery programs acknowledged by the ACGME in December 2020 were analyzed. All websites attributed...

PoetryWordle; Optimizing the Usage of Video Games in Youth Education

Noah Holloway
Our classrooms are changing. This was made harshly apparent by the jarring, but near universal, switch to online classes during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speaking as a student who was suddenly told in the summer of 2020 that my second year at U.Va. would take place from the comfort of my own home, I don’t believe we have collectively quite realized just how modular our education system has become; in fact, it has...

\"Essays in Household Heterogeneity and Monetary Policy\"

Seunghyeon Lee
My dissertation delves into household heterogeneity and monetary policy. The first essay studies optimal monetary policy in a multi-sector model with heterogeneous consumption baskets and different price indices across households. Based on micro-founded welfare, the first-best outcome is not achievable even in the absence of nominal rigidities: Optimal monetary policy targets non-zero output gaps and benefits borrowing-constrained households. Heterogeneity opens up new redistributive channels for monetary policy that operate through sectoral inflation and relative prices,...


Elisabeth Blair
BATTLE-AXE|WORKHORSE is the memoir of a middle-aged woman who walks through the changed landscape of an extended period of loss and grief. She writes her way through the anger stage of grief, through the gradual acknowledgement of each missed opportunity to have loved others better, through self-punishment and the eventual arrival at a place of peace, or simply a place of being worn out. “He in his madness prays for storms, and dreams that storms...

Gravitational Wave Spin Memory Effect and Detectability with LISA

Yara Yousef
The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) is a space-based gravitational wave observatory currently projected to launch in the 2030s. Its frequency range will be lower and broader than LIGO’s, allowing it the capability to observe mergers and events we have still been unable to detect. Its increased sensitivity also allows for the potential to observe other effects of gravitational waves, such as gravitational wave memory. The memory effect we are focused on in this project...

Study Abroad Interest, Intent, and Decision-Making: The Relationship Between Race and Self-Efficacy.

Adam Seid
Though more college students are studying abroad than ever before (Edmunds & Shore, 2020; Engel, 2017; Institute of International Education, 2020), Black or African American undergraduates remain marginalized from the well-documented benefits of study abroad. Kuh (2008) listed study abroad as a high-impact educational opportunity; however, only 6.4% of Black students studied abroad during the 2018/2019 academic year despite comprising 13.3% of the national undergraduate population (Institute of International Education, 2020; National Center for Education...

A High-Throughput Analytic Strategy for Discovery of Molecular Targeting Ligands for Pancreatic Diseases

Jessica Hung
Pancreatic diseases are worldwide public health issues and account for substantial health care utilization and spending. Thus far, effective therapeutic options remain limited. The emergence of proteomic technologies has improved our understanding of differential protein expression in chronic pancreatitis (CP) and pancreatic cancer. Yet, developing target-specific interventions based on proteomic profiles will require significant improvement in the methodologies to generating targeting moieties. In this dissertation, we explore phage display as a method for selecting molecular...

Biomedical Circuits and Signal Analysis Systems for Measurement within Microsystems

Vahid Farmehini
Microsystems are especially well-suited to the study of biological tissues, cells, microbials, and molecules, due to their capability for enabling microfluidic separation towards selective enrichment, high levels of parallelization, and highly sensitive spatially and temporally resolved measurements. However, current innovations to enhance biomedical measurements are chiefly focused in the sphere of materials chemistry and device design. We seek to advance biomedical measurements within microsystems integrating key technologies from electronics and signal analysis fields. Conventional techniques...

\"Femmes d'Algérie\": Visual Propagandist Representations and the War of Independence

Saira Sohail
Propaganda played a key role in the Algerian War of Independence from 1954-1962. The French army and the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) engaged in a dialogue through their respective visual propaganda, each side promoting their own ideologies and expectations about the role that the ideal Muslim woman should play in an evolving Algerian society. In this dissertation, I will examine representations of Algerian women in propaganda produced by both French and FLN armies during...

In Some Way Southern: The Newcomb College Pottery, William Lycett's Studio, and Design in the New South, 1883-1910.

Elyse Gerstenecker
The H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College and Pottery of New Orleans, Louisiana and William Lycett’s china painting studio in Atlanta, Georgia provided white, affluent consumers in the American South at the turn of the twentieth century with several ways of achieving cultural legitimacy. These institutions’ lessons in ceramics decoration offered students a means of attaining knowledge of design movements, as well as a potential source of respectable employment for women. As firms that produced artistic...

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