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Balladry in Motion

Herbert Tucker
The mythic fancy that minstrels wandered, and the bibliographic fact that versions of their oral ballads migrated to print in strikingly different variants, run proxy for each other as analogous expressions of a modern ambivalence over the ballad form. This analogy is also played out prosodically, in the great freedom with which ballads permute, even as they observe, metrical conventions that identify them. Analysis of examples from Percy’s Reliques and Chatterton’s Rowley forgeries sets the...

Multimedia Bootcamp: a health sciences library provides basic training to promote faculty technology integration

Ellen Ramsey
Recent research has shown a backlash against the enthusiastic promotion of technological solutions as replacements for traditional educational content delivery. Many institutions, including the University of Virginia, have committed staff and resources to supporting state-of-the-art, showpiece educational technology projects. However, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library has taken the approach of helping Health Sciences faculty be more comfortable using technology in incremental ways for instruction and research presentations. In July 2004, to raise awareness of...

How the WSLS-TV News Digitization Project Helped to Launch a Project Management Office

Melinda Baumann & Ivey Glendon
This article discusses how the WSLS-TV News Digitization Project at the University of Virginia Libraries was the catalyst for creating a more formalized project workflow and the eventual creation of a Project Management Office. The project revealed the need for better coordination between various groups in the library and more transparent processes. By creating well documented policies and processes, the new project workflow clarified roles, improved communication, and created greater transparency. The new processes enabled...

TMR: A Solution for Hardware Security Designs

Yubo Li & Kevin Skadron
Cyber-security has become an increasingly important issue in today's integrated circuit designs. The use of commercial off-the-shelf products and design outsourcing have introduced uncertainty in the supply chain and posed security threats such as an inside attacks. This paper describes the implementation of an FPGA design based on soft-core processor, and how triple modular redundancy (TMR) is applied to mitigate against the attacks in the supply chain. Four different applications are implemented and used as...

Toujours migrants, mais désormais écrivains : stratégies identitaires et littérature africaine

Eric Essono Tsimi
La plupart des auteurs partis d’Afrique se sont posés comme migrants avant de s’insérer comme écrivains dans leur société d’accueil. Ils sont toujours reçus comme : migrants professionnels (Tahar ben Jelloun s’est installé en France pour enseigner et faire une thèse de doctorat en psychologie) ; comme étudiants (Max Lobé, Patrice Nganang, etc.) ; comme réfugiés (asile politique ou humanitaire) ; au titre de regroupement familial (Fatou Diome, sénégalaise, est allée en France en raison...

Interpretation and Insider Threat: Re-reading the Anthrax Mailings of 2001 Through a “Big Data” Lens

Bethany Nowviskie & Gregory Saathoff
This pre-print chapter for a textbook on the use of so-called "big data" in anti-terrorism and law enforcement addresses the notion of insider threat, using the "Amerithrax" anthrax mailings of 2001 as a practical case study. The chapter explores how data analysis could aid investigators on major insider threat cases in visualizing and identifying patterns emerging from dense, rich, and very large sets of behavioral and transactional data that play out across metadata-bearing axes such...

Poetry: The Unappreciated Eliot

Herbert Tucker

An Investigation of a Tax on Second Homes and Its Ability to Foster Affordable Housing

Nick Gomer
This project was created during a capstone seminar for the Global Environments and Sustainability undergraduate major. This project explores the role of second homes in communities; how they both contribute to local economies and inflate local housing prices. It then explores vacancy taxes and how such a tax could be placed upon second homes to promote affordable housing for full-time citizens.

Review of Burning Glass Job-ad Data

Vicki Lancaster, Devika Mahoney-Nair & Nathaniel Ratcliff
Posting and searching online job-ads is ubiquitous in the U.S. labor market for both employers and job seekers. Job seekers who search online job-ads are much more likely to find work and find work faster than those who do not (Faberman & Kudlyak, 2016). In addition, the job-ads posted by employers on corporate websites and online job boards provide a source of opportunity data that has opened up new avenues for research. This technical document...

Sensory response following knee joint damage in rabbits

Joseph Hart
Background: Altered sensory information arising from damaged knee joint structures has been hypothesized as a contributing factor to persistent muscle dysfunction following injury. Methods: Composite femoral nerve sensory signal was measured in 24 rabbits randomly allocated (8 per group) to receive surgical anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) transection with or without autograft reconstruction or nothing (control). Two-weeks after the intervention composite afferent signals were recorded from the femoral nerve. Side-to-side ratios (surgical side vs contralateral heal...

Unsettled Scores: Meter and Play in Two Music Poems by Browning.

Herbert Tucker
You are about to read – and to hear as well, if you like, on a visit to the Critical Inquiry website – a pretty shamelessly self-interested talk. I prepared it for two reasons. I wanted to get a more inwards understanding of a couple of Browning poems that have been favorites of mine for forty years. I also wanted to give a sort of extreme road-test to a mode of critical understanding, prosodic analysis,...

Fretted Lines: Di-versification in Augusta Webster’s Dramatic Monologues

Herbert Tucker

Survey of Indigenous Materials in The Archives

Hanni Nabahe
Following the 2018 federal recognition of six Virginia tribes, this Survey of Indigenous Materials sought to identify holdings within the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library relevant to local indigenous groups; our goal was to ensure the ethical stewardship of these objects while supporting outreach efforts as well as emerging research and teaching needs. The project team assessed a total of 185 manuscript collections and 52 theses and dissertations (TDs). Of the archival collections...

The Law and Accessible Texts: Reconciling Civil Rights and Copyrights

Brandon Butler
This report is written to inform the participants in a new collaborative project to improve how accessible texts (i.e., texts in formats that meet the needs of users with disabilities)1 are created, managed, and stored. It provides a concise, up-to-date summary of the two key legal pressures that bear on the creation and sharing of accessible texts: the civil rights laws that require creation and distribution of accessible texts by IHEs to ensure equitable access...

Chaos to Consensus: A Team-Based Approach to Developing Holistic Workflows

Jennifer Roper, Jeremy Bartczak, Jean Cooper, Christina Deane, Michael Durbin, Kara McClurken, Elizabeth Wilkinson & Lauren Work
Using Kotter's Eight-Stage Process of Leading Change as a framework, this chapter describes the motivations for, process of, and outcomes from an effort at the University of Virginia Library to analyze and update the multifaceted digital production workflow.

Context Stinks

Rita Felski
My title is a none-too-subtle provocation, though not, I should point out, a self-authored one. What word could be more ubiquitous in literary and cultural studies: more ear- nestly invoked, more diligently defended, more devoutly kowtowed to? The once commonplace but now risible notion of “the work itself” has been endlessly dissected, dismembered, and dispatched into New Critical oblivion. Context is not optional. There are, to be sure, end- less disputes between various sub elds...

Suspicious Minds

Rita Felski

Visible Light Communications Indoor Sensing and Channel Modeling

Hamid Hosseinianfar
Visible light communications (VLC) is considered a prime candidate for indoor access networks due to its many advantages, such as high physical layer security, massive access support, and high multiuser throughput. However, to achieve all the VLC systems' potential, a reconceptualized design procedure is required at all system levels. This dissertation describes the research and industry motivation for employing VLC as a promising future indoor network access, the fundamental research gaps that need to be...

All the News that's (Un)Fit to Print: A News Media Analysis of U.S. Perspectives on Election Security from 2016 to 2020

Caroline Still
Both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections raised concerns over U.S. election security and integrity. In 2016, the intelligence community confirmed Russian interference in the form of a targeted disinformation campaign and the hacking of the Democratic National Convention. In 2020, concerns shifted to a more domestic nature when top public officials like President Trump promoted widespread, baseless claims of voter and election fraud. This thesis examines the extent to which American perception of election...

Development of an Agent-Based Model to Investigate Long-term Disease Progression in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Katherine Crump
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is a severe muscle wasting disease that affects 1 in every 3,500 boys. Patients with DMD require a wheelchair by age 12, and ultimately die due to respiratory or cardiac failure by the mid 20s. The initiating cause of DMD is known – the absence of dystrophin, a protein that associates with a multimolecular network of integral and subsarcolemmal proteins, known as the dystrophin glycoprotein complex (DGC). Dystrophin and the DGC...

Measuring and Mitigating Biases in Vision and Language Models

Tianlu Wang
We have seen unprecedented success achieved by deep learning models in many areas of research in computer vision and natural language processing. While deep learning techniques are universally successful, they have also been criticized for carrying unwanted biases. For example, a human activity recognition model can overly correlate “man” with “coaching” and “woman” with “shopping”, and a resume filtering system can recommend more male candidates for the position of “programmer” and more female candidates for...

It's Transparent: Open Meetings, Electoral Competition, and Collaboration in the American States

Harrison Weeks
Given the state of partisanship in American politics today, there has been much attention on the factors that can foster a more collaborative work environment between members of opposing parties in government. Several scholars have examined electoral competition and institutional transparency as being potential factors - often finding conflicting results. I argue that institutional transparency and electoral competition can interact to shape bipartisan bill collaborations in the American state legislatures. Leveraging variation in the transparency...

Large-Scale Parametric Evaluation of Child Booster Seats

Matthew Miller
Introduction: Motor vehicle crashes (MVCs) are the second-leading cause of death for US children between the ages of one and 14 years old. Child restraint systems have been shown to reduce injury and mortality risk for children in this age group. Specifically, booster seats reduce the risk of serious injury by 45% for children between the ages of four and eight. However, the link between booster seat characteristics and the booster’s safety performance is not...

Romantic Relationship Predictors of Adolescent and Adult Mental Health

Jessica Kansky
In adulthood, romantic relationship quality is an important predictor of long-term mental health including lower rates of depression, anxiety, and externalizing problems. However, less is known about the function of earlier romantic experiences for long-term mental health despite evidence suggesting concurrent impacts of teen dating on well-being. Utilizing a 20-year multi-method, multi-reporter, community-based longitudinal study, the current study examined the role of specific romantic relationship qualities (hostile conflict, support, attachment, and intimacy) in predicting concurrent...

Interpreting Fazun (1902-1980) in the Context of the Chinese Buddhist Reform during the Early 20th Century

Xianyue Wang
Fazun (法尊 1902-1980) was one of the first Chinese monks dedicated to introducing Tibetan Buddhism into China proper during the early 20th century, a time when Chinese Buddhism itself was undergoing a thorough reform. Past academic works examine Fazun primarily through the lens of the dissemination of Tibetan esotericism in China proper at the time, while leaving his thoughts regarding the on-going Chinese Buddhist Reform led by Taixu largely unexamined. This thesis explores Fazun’s roles...

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