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Talking In: Maori English as Index for Maori identity in Film

Allura Warden
New Zealand cinema often represented Maori people as an exotic background to a paradisaical country while Pakeha were represented as heroic protagonists helping bring progress to a backwards nation. Until recently the national film industry was almost entirely Pakeha run. Consequently, there was a dearth of Maori presence in all industry positions. However, since the Maori cultural revolution there has been progress in Maori cinematic presence which has spurred the creation of Maori-produced media. Their...

Academic Preservation Trust Collection Development Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
The Academic Preservation Trust Collection Development Policy applies to all digital content and associated metadata deposited in the APTrust for long-term preservation. This policy does not address decisions on subject matter and content format chosen for deposit, which are solely determined by depositing members. This Policy establishes guidelines about the nature of digital content that may be placed in the APTrust repository.

Thermal Analysis of High Altitude Ballooning Payloads

Paul Hughes
Balloon-borne telescopes have the potential to produce almost space telescope quality data, because stratospheric balloons float above 99% of the atmosphere. The stratospheric environment poses unique and unsolved issues especially in the thermal stability of the optics. To inform the design of the future ”Testbed for High-Acuity Imaging - Stable Photometry and Image-Motion Compensation Experiment” balloon borne telescope, a team formed to improve thermal models for the stratosphere, especially by including convection. To accomplish such...

Examination of Planetary Systems with Kepler Data

Claire Teclaw
In this period of study we attempted to use data from the Kepler archive to deduce information about planetary systems observed by that mission. The ultimate goal was to potentially identify features of the planets in these systems by examining ellipsoidal variations in their light curves. For this purpose we attempted to, separately, apply PyKE utilities and create new code to search the mission’s fits files. We discovered potential issues with the PyKE code regarding...

Liberation through Cooperation: How Library Publishing Can Save Scholarly Journals from Neoliberalism

Dave Ghamandi
This commentary examines political and economic aspects of open access (OA) and scholarly journal publishing. Through a discourse of critique, neoliberalism is analyzed as an ideology causing many problems in the scholarly journal publishing industry, including the serials crisis. Two major efforts in the open access movement that promote an increase in OA funded by article-processing charges (APC) —the Open Access 2020 (OA2020) and Pay It Forward (PIF) initiatives—are critiqued as neoliberal frameworks that would...

Design rules for interfacial thermal conductance: Building better bridges

Carlos A. Polanco, Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei, Jingjie Zhang, Nam Q. Le, Pamela Norris & Avik Ghosh
We study the thermal conductance across solid-solid interfaces as the composition of an intermediate matching layer is varied. In the absence of phonon-phonon interactions, an added layer can make the interfacial conductance increase or decrease depending on the interplay between (1) an increase in phonon transmission due to better bridging between the contacts and (2) a decrease in the number of available conduction channels that must conserve their momenta transverse to the interface. When phonon-phonon...

Phonon-mediated thermal transport at exponentially mass-graded interfaces: A computational study

Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei, Jinjie Zhang, Carlos A. Polanco, Nam Q. Le, Avik Ghosh & Pamela Norris
We numerically investigate thermal transport at solid-solid interfaces with graded intermediate layers whose masses vary exponentially from one side to the other. Using Non-Equilibrium Green's Function and Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics simulations, we show that an exponentially mass-graded junction with a finite thickness can result in 68% of enhancement in thermal conductance larger compared to a single bridging layer (29%) and a linear mass-graded junction (64%) of similar thickness. We examine how the thermal conductance at...

Zeev Porath Chronicled Nazi Rapists And Other Atrocities - In His Drawings

Waitman Beorn
Describes how one concentration camp survivor witnessed sexual violence and documented it in his drawings during the Holocaust.

Data from: Is there a disease-free halo at species range limits? The co-distribution of anther-smut disease and its host species

Emily L. Bruns, Janis Antonovics & Michael Hood
1. While disease is widely recognized as affecting host population size, it has rarely been considered to play a role in determining host range limits. Many diseases may not be able to persist near the range limit if host population density falls below the critical threshold level for pathogen invasion. However, in vector- and sexually-transmitted diseases, pathogen transmission may be largely independent of host density and theory demonstrates that diseases with frequency-dependent transmission may persist...

Data from: Early changes in transient adenosine during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion injury

Mallikarjunarao Ganesana & B. Jill Venton
Adenosine is an important neuromodulator in the central nervous system, and tissue adenosine levels increase during ischemic events, attenuating excitotoxic neuronal injury. Recently, our lab developed an electrochemical fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) method that identified rapid, spontaneous changes in adenosine concentrations that last only about 3 seconds. Here, we investigated the effects of cerebral ischemia and reperfusion on the concentration and frequency of transient adenosine release in the caudate-putamen. In anesthetized rats, data were collected...

Data from: The role of infectious disease in the evolution of females: evidence from anther-smut disease on a gynodioecious alpine carnation

Emily L. Bruns, Ian Miller, Michael E. Hood, Valentina Carasso & Janis Antonovics
In flowering plants, the evolution of females is widely hypothesized to be the first step in the evolutionary pathway to separate male and female sexes, or dioecy. Natural enemies have the potential to drive this evolution if they preferentially attack hermaphrodites over females. We studied sex-based differences in exposure to anther-smut (Microbotryum), a sterilizing pollinator-transmitted disease, in Dianthus pavonius, a gynodioecious perennial herb. We found that within a heavily diseased population, females consistently had lower...

Two eyewitnesses are more persuasive than one except when they remember a suspect’s feature

Crystal Slane & Chad Dodson

Zn Chemical Stability Modeling - Electrochimica Acta

Matthew McMahon

The Attitudes, Identities, and Individual Differences (AIID) Study and Dataset

Ian Hussey, Sean Hughes, Calvin Lai, Charles Ebersole, Jordan Axt & Brian Nosek
A large dataset for investigating relations among implicit and explicit attitudes and identities, motivations, beliefs, knowledge, and popular individual difference measures. Shiny app using a 15% data subset available here: https://mmmdata.shinyapps.io/AIIDexplorer/.

Conspicuous production : agricultural and domestic material culture in Virginia, 1700-1900

Alison Kay Bell
This dissertation investigates questions of ambition, priority, hierarchy, and social relations in historic Virginia by studying agricultural and domestic material culture. The project concentrates on 405 probate inventories recorded between 1700 and 1900 in Louisa and Essex Counties, and on four archaeological sites in Louisa County: the Dabney, Moore, Martin, and Dickenson Sites. The primary contention of the study is that a dynamic of conspicuous production was more central to the creation, maintenance, and alteration...

Common ground, contesting visions: the emergence of burial mound ritual in late prehistoric central Virginia

Gary Herbert Dunham
The late prehistoric period (ca. A.D. 900-1600) in central Virginia witnessed the gradual construction of a group of earth-stone and earthen accretional burial mounds, many of which contained the remains of over one thousand individuals. Their appearance coincides with a number of fundamental and relatively rapid cultural transformations, including decreasing mobility, increasing reliance on agriculture, and growing social inequality and heterogeneity. Despite the steady attention of archaeologists since the eighteenth-century excavation of Thomas Jefferson, the...

The first-person narratives of Crèvecoeur, Franklin and Brown: Versions of the Nature and Fate of the Self in America

Raymond William Hedin
My contention is that the principal first-person narratives of Crèvecoeur , Franklin, and Charles Brockden Brown, when considered together, form a revealing dialectic concerning the nature and fate of the self in America. Crèvecoeur Letters from an American Farmer asserts at least initially that there is indeed a model American, the man of sensibility turned agrarian; Franklin's Autobiography asserts similarly that there is a model American but offers a seemingly antithetical version, the urban, socialized...

The Doctrine of Mahdiism in Twelver Shīʻism as Presented by Two Contemporary Muslim Scholars

Liyakatali Nathani Takim
This study will examine the doctrine of the Mahdiism in Twelver Shīcism as it has been presented in the two works. It will not, except in a very few cases, directly quote from the primary sources on the issue. Its scope is thus limited to the comparison of the Mahdi idea in the two presentations.

The Distance to the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and its Relation to M54 using Infrared Photometry of RR Lyrae Variable Stars

Arvind Gupta
The Sagittarius dwarf galaxy (Sgr) is among the most massive satellites of the Milky Way and is unique due to its extensive tails of tidally stripped stars. Models of these tails provide strong constraints on the orbital history of Sgr, which in turn lend insight into the structure of the Milky Way’s dark matter halo. Fully understanding the dynamics of Sgr, however, relies on a precise distance to the core. Yet past measurements yield a...

University of Virginia Library Discovery Layer Recommendation

Ellen Ramsey, Carla Lee, Raymond Lubinsky, Jeremy Bartczak, Todd Burks, Dave Griles, Robert Haschart, Nestor Walker, Mark Witteman & Christopher Welte
In August of 2018, the University of Virginia Library's Virgo 4 Project Team recommended Blacklight 7 for comprehensive discovery of UVA Library holdings via a sustainable technology stack. Virgo 3, built on Blacklight/Rails 3, is outdated and unable to progress further. For the Library's discovery layer, a modern architecture is needed to better interface with our users. UVA stakeholder requirements emphasize an interface to the Library's collections that meets the needs of both novice and...

Libra Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) Deposits: 2018 Statistics

Ellen Ramsey & Sherry Lake
This document shows statistics tracking immediate worldwide availability and embargo choices of doctoral and masters' students depositing theses and dissertations into Libra, the University of Virginia's institutional repository, in 2018.

Academic Preservation Trust Succession Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
This policy applies to all tangible assets owned or managed by the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), should any exist. It also applies to digital content owned and/or collected by Depositors but technically managed by AP Trust in its preservation storage environments. Succession protocols differ for these two types of assets. This Policy establishes a plan for orderly dissolution of the organization and for disposition of assets and of deposited digital content, should those steps ever...

Academic Preservation Trust Core Preservation Service Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
Academic Preservation Trust Core Preservation Service Policy policy sets out the current preservation-service components offered by the Academic Preservation Trust [APTrust] in its core, high-assurance preservation service. The policy applies to all content that members deposit into the APTrust environment via the tools and ingest policies set down in our basic operating principles. This policy is guided by the APTrust ​Mission Statement​. This policy outlines the core preservation activities that each depositor can expect to...

Data from: Morphology of the core fibrous layer of the cetacean tail fluke

William T. Gough, Frank E. Fish, Dylan K. Wainwright & Hilary Bart-Smith
The cetacean tail fluke blades are not supported by any vertebral elements. Instead, the majority of the blades are composed of a densely packed collagenous fiber matrix known as the core layer. Fluke blades from six species of odontocete cetaceans were examined to compare the morphology and orientation of fibers at different locations along the spanwise and chordwise fluke blade axes. The general fiber morphology was consistent with a three‐dimensional structure comprised of two‐dimensional sheets...

Data from: Populations with greater flexibility in floral traits modify mating system in response to the pollinator environment

Lia Leibman, Anne Rowe, Matthew H. Koski & Laura F. Galloway
1. Mixed mating and variation in outcrossing rate among populations of the same species are common. Outcrossing can be affected by pollinator activity and floral traits that facilitate or impede autonomous self-fertilization. However, the relative contribution of pollen limitation and evolved differences in the ability to self fertilize to variation in the mating system is poorly understood and can only be disentangled using an experimental approach. 2. We placed arrays of plants from eight Campanula...

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