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Data from: A low-threshold potassium current enhances sparseness and reliability in a model of avian auditory cortex

Margot C. Bjoring & C. Daniel Meliza
Birdsong is a complex vocal communication signal, and like humans, birds need to discriminate between similar sequences of sound with different meanings. The caudal mesopallium (CM) is a cortical-level auditory area implicated in song discrimination. CM neurons respond sparsely to conspecific song and are tolerant of production variability. Intracellular recordings in CM have identified a diversity of intrinsic membrane dynamics, which could contribute to the emergence of these higher-order functional properties. We investigated this hypothesis...

Data from: Seasonal ecosystem metabolism across shallow benthic habitats measured by aquatic eddy covariance

Karl M. Attard, Ivan F. Rodil, Ronnie N. Glud, Peter Berg, Joanna Norkko & Alf Norkko
This submission consists of 40 eddy covariance datasets collected from six shallow sites in the Baltic Sea over an 18 month period. Hourly fluxes were extracted from the high-density data streams and were used to compute daily rates of benthic metabolism (gross primary production (GPP), respiration (R), and net ecosystem metabolism (NEM); in mmol O2 m-2 d-1). These were converted to C assuming an O2 : C of 1.0 for GPP and R. A description...

Sperm morphology and count vary with fine-scale changes in local density in a wild lizard population

Matthew C Kustra, Ariel F Kahrl, Aaron M Reedy, Daniel A Warner & Robert M Cox
Given that sperm production can be costly, theory predicts that males should optimally adjust the quantity and/or quality of their sperm in response to their social environment to maximize their paternity success. Although experiments demonstrate that males can alter their ejaculates in response to manipulations of the social environment and studies show that ejaculate traits covary with social environment across populations, it is unknown whether individual variation in sperm traits corresponds to natural variation found...

Parameter Estimation of Tidally-Deformed White Dwarf Binaries with LISA

Nick Anderson
The LISA mission, currently planned to launch in 2034, will introduce exceptional observation capabilities in the millihertz regime of the gravitational wave spectrum. Galactic compact binaries, including white dwarf binaries, are a primary science target of the mission. At least one well-established verification binary has been categorized as tidally deformed by electromagnetic observations. We investigate the capability of GW observations to measure the tidal effects, as well as other relevant parameters, in tidally deformed systems....

Measurement and Analysis of Obscured Luminous Active Galaxies

Sarah Hesler
Throughout the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters, I improved my skills in DS9 and IRAF programs by completing a number of tasks in the pursuit of further characterizing a series of high-redshift galaxies believed to be hosts to active galactic nuclei (AGN) as a part of my Tutorial course. These tasks include identifying a radio source in optical images by overlaying contours from the radio onto the optical, investigating several physical characteristics of the...

Spatial Audit of Charlottesville Parks

Mikala Reiman, Chenjie Xiong, Taylor Kitchens, Sophia Woods, Mennen Middlebrooks, Rachel Moon & Xiaoxue Jiang
Charlottesville city parks provide its community members with areas of public space, outdoor recreation, and interactive play. However, the community served is primarily those of able-bodied individuals. This audit aims to identify the environmental and designed barriers of the community with limited mobility, navigating through exclusive playspaces of Charlottesville and the greater Albemarle area. A scorecard was designed to evaluate Charlottesville parks to analyze aspects of playspaces in parks that contribute to, or detract from,...

In Medias Res: An Examination of Work in Progress at the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) Consortium

Chip German & Kara McClurken
This is Chapter 15 of the ALA Editions book "Digital Preservation in Libraries: Preparing for a Sustainable Future" (2019). The chapter was written by the UVA Library's Senior Director for Scholarly Communication R. F. (Chip) German Jr. and Director of Preservation Services Kara McClurken. German is also program director (the chief operating officer role) of the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) consortium, based at the UVA Library. The chapter, written in 2017, is an often-first-hand account...

Belief Elicitation with a Synchronized Lottery Choice Menu that is Invariant to Risk Attitudes

Charles Holt
Belief Elicitation with a Synchronized Lottery Choice Menu that is Invariant to Risk Attitudes By Charles A. Holt and Angela M. Smith This paper uses a Bayesian information processing task to compare belief elicitation mechanisms including a quadratic scoring rule, a Becker-DeGroot-Marschak pricing procedure, and a two-stage menu of lottery choices that is structured to identify a precise point of probability indifference. The choice menu yields a higher incidence of correct Bayesian responses and lower...

JLSC Board Editorial 2019

Dave Ghamandi, Anne Gilliland, Rebekah Kati, Jennifer Solomon, Luqman Hayes, Emma Molls, Camille Thomas, Maria Bonn, Will Cross, David Lewis, Demmy Verbeke, Christine Fruin, DeDe Dawson & Danny Kingsley
Many of us were hired to work toward systems where knowledge is open, equitable, transparent, and diverse. At the same time, our hiring institutions can be ambivalent about change, and we ourselves sometimes fall short of the ideals we espouse. One antidote for burnout and disillusionment is to build a durable, continuing community that can survive and do good work despite setbacks and failures. As JLSC editors, the three of us—Anne, Jennifer, and Rebekah—plan to...

The Truth Criteria of Autobiography: Doris Lessing and Telling the Truth

Lorna Martens
This paper examines the notion of the “true” narrative, using the example of Doris Lessing in order to explore some of the truth criteria of contemporary autobiography. My assumption is that autobiography subscribes to a variety of historically changing truth criteria and that authors seek to conform to certain of them by engaging appropriate codes. Firmly committed to “telling the truth” in her writing, Lessing has consistently problematized the actual telling of the truth. After...

Axial misfit stress relaxation in core-shell nanowires with hexagonal core via nucleation of rectangular prismatic dislocation loops

S.A. Krasnitckii, A.M. Smirnov, K.D. Mynbaev, L.V. Zhigilei & M.Yu. Gutkin
A theoretical model of axial misfit stress relaxation in core-shell nanowires with hexagonal cross section of the core through the nucleation of prismatic dislocation loops is suggested. Different nucleation sites of the loops in core-shell nanowires are considered. The energy change caused by the loop nucleation is calculated. The critical condition for the onset of the loops is given and analyzed in detail. The most favorable sites in nanowires and the optimal loop shape are...

Some Conversation Starters Concerning the Problem of Online-Only Music for Libraries

Brandon Butler
In this white paper, I discuss some of the copyright-related problems libraries face as they attempt to collect digital music, as well as possible solutions. The paper was prepared as part of an IMLS-funded project led by John Vallier and Judy Tsou at the University of Washington. Their final report for the grant is: Tsou, Judy and John Vallier. "Ether Today, Gone Tomorrow: 21st Century Sound Recording Collection in Crisis." Notes, vol. 72 no. 3,...

Chinese Funerary Biographies: Chinese Texts

Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Ping Yao & Cong Ellen Zhang
This text is an online supplement to Chinese Funerary Biographies: An Anthology of Remembered Lives, edited by Patricia Buckley Ebrey, Ping Yao, and Cong Ellen Zhang (University of Washington Press, 2019), containing the original biographies in Chinese.

Implementing covariant Monte Carlo radiation transfer in Athena++

Robin Leichtnam
With the development of computational astrophysics, theoretical study and modeling of astronomical objects has become a leading field in astronomy. An important advancement came with the ability to study black holes and other compact objects by creating mock images and spectra that can be compared to observations, facilitating the study of these bodies, most of which cannot be directly imaged with the current technology. Athena++ is an astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) code written in C++, which...

Improving Outcomes for Adjudicated Youth through Special Education Behind the Fence

Alexandra Miller
This dissertation is composed of three manuscripts, each of which addresses issues facing youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system. The manuscripts are ordered from the broadest topic to the most specific with each preceding study informing the next. The first manuscript was a qualitative examination of a special educator’s process for overcoming systemic issues that often plague the juvenile justice system and prevent adjudicated students with disabilities from receiving services. Among the issues...

Sex‐differences in disease avoidance behavior vary across modes of pathogen exposure

Carl N. Keiser, Volker H.W. Rudolf, Matthew C. Luksik & Julia B. Saltz
Sex‐differences in disease susceptibility are widespread, and these disparities are often compounded in cases where sexual dimorphism increases exposure risk to parasites for one sex more than the other. Studies rarely link sex‐differences in disease susceptibility to sex‐differences in infection avoidance behavior. Yet, understanding the intersection of hosts’ susceptibility to infection and infection avoidance behavior is essential to predicting infection risk variation. Here, we use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster and a generalist entomopathogenic fungus,...

Planetary Geological Formation

Tim Perry
These past semesters have been focused on researching newer models of planetary system evolution using the solar system as an analog. Observed planetary systems are skewed by what can be observed using current technology and methodology – as a result, they are largely ignored when modeling the solar system’s formation. Instead, current understanding stems from simulations (which are also technologically limited) made to better understand the evolution of the solar system and the bodies within....

An Experimental Examination of the Volunteer’s Dilemma

Charles Holt
An Experimental Examination of the Volunteer’s Dilemma Jacob K. Goeree, Charles A. Holt, Angela M. Smith Abstract In a volunteer’s dilemma, only one “volunteer” is needed to obtain a benefit for all. Volunteering is costly, and the symmetric Nash equilibrium involves randomization. These predictions have the intuitive property that volunteer rates decline with larger groups, but surprisingly, the probability of obtaining no volunteers is increasing with group size, even as the number of players goes...

Charlottesville Child Welfare Study

Michele Claibourn, Charlotte McClintock, Bharat Aluri, Rebecca Elder, James Mekavibul, Naifei Pan, Natalie Provost, Hannah Sullivan, Jia Ying Wang, Michael Woon & Melissa Wu
Studies throughout the United States have repeatedly shown that black children and their families are dis- proportionately represented in the child welfare system and frequently experience disparate, and less favorable, outcomes relative to white children and their families. This study assesses Charlottesville’s child welfare caseload for evidence of racial disproportionality – overrepresentation of racial groups in the child welfare system relative to their presence in the population – and racial disparity – less favorable outcomes...

The Law and Accessible Texts: Reconciling Civil Rights and Copyrights

Brandon Butler
This report is written to inform the participants in a new collaborative project to improve how accessible texts (i.e., texts in formats that meet the needs of users with disabilities)1 are created, managed, and stored. It provides a concise, up-to-date summary of the two key legal pressures that bear on the creation and sharing of accessible texts: the civil rights laws that require creation and distribution of accessible texts by IHEs to ensure equitable access...

Putting Communities at the Center of Connected, Automated Mobility

Andrew Mondschein, Laura Nagle, Michael Salgueiro & Marnissa Claflin
This project explores ways that communities can reclaim control over their streets as Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) and associated technologies become part of the urban fabric. The historic loss of flexible public space associated with the introduction of cars in the early 20th century and emerging concerns about management of CAVs today indicate that local governments and communities must find new ways to assert control over the planning and operation of streets. We define...

Guiding Principles for Designing an Accessible, Inclusive, and Diverse Library Makerspace

Fang Yi & Melinda Baumann
Accessibility, inclusion, and diversity are core library values. In this paper the authors share findings from small focus group interviews of students’ perceptions and preferences towards a new library makerspace, as well as their understandings of and expectations for accessibility, inclusion, and diversity. Building on findings from qualitative research at the University of Virginia (UVA) Library’s Robertson Media Center (RMC) and an interview with staff members from the UVA Student Disability Center, the authors also...

Data from: Phenotypic plasticity, but not adaptive tracking, underlies seasonal variation in post-cold hardening freeze tolerance of Drosophila melanogaster

Helen Stone, Priscilla Erickson & Alan Bergland
In temperate regions, an organism’s ability to rapidly adapt to seasonally varying environments is essential for its survival. In response to seasonal changes in selection pressure caused by variation in temperature, humidity, and food availability, some organisms exhibit plastic changes in phenotype. In other cases, seasonal variation in selection pressure can rapidly increase the frequency of genotypes that offer survival or reproductive advantages under the current conditions. Little is known about the relative influences of...

Charlottesville Foster Care Study

Michele Claibourn, Charlotte McClintock, Brago Aboagye-Nyame, Hannah Adams, Kathryn Bernard, Conor Boyle, Charlotte deButts, Jacqueline Hammaker, Alex Hendel, Carolynn McElroy, Rishabh Nagpal, Carolyn Ours, Anastasia Polkovnichenko & Savannah Quick
Building on the 2018 Charlottesville Child Welfare report, this study investigates racial disproportionality – over-representation of racial groups in the child welfare system relative to their presence in the population – and racial disparity – less favorable outcomes for some racial groups compared to others – for children interacting with the Charlottesville Department of Social Services over a three year period, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017. We focus here on the child...

Deflowering History: An Examination of Rape, Slavery, and the University of Virginia

Landon Wilkins
On April 22, 1850, three university students allegedly perpetrated the rape of a 17-year-old enslaved girl. Historic scholarship argues that the three students were promptly expelled. Drawing on extensive study of archives and historical works, this Capstone argues that the sexual assault of an enslaved 17-year-old would have been unremarkable at the time and attempts to prove the students were not expelled for rape. The question is asked: What are the verifiable dynamics of the...

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