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Student sense of belonging and the middle school model

Robert Joseph Arnold
The purpose of this study was to determine whether significant relationships existed between organizational elements of the Middle School Model and Sense of Belonging levels. The theoretical framework proposed that there was a relationship between Student Sense of Belonging which has an impact on student achievement and the organizational structures of the Middle School Model. These structures include Interdisciplinary Teaming, Student Advisory programs, and Common Teacher Planning. This quantitative, exploratory study used survey methodology from...

Using EEBO-TCP in Research and Teaching

Heather Froehlich, Gayle Schechter, Hillary Richardson & Mackenzie Brooks

Using mobile sensing to examine contextual factors surrounding emotion regulation: An exploratory study in college students

Alexander Daros, Mehdi Boukhechba, Katharine Daniel, Philip Chow, Laura Barnes, Bethany Teachman & Ilana Ladis

Zn Chemical Stability Modeling - RSC Advances

Matthew McMahon

Data from: Sympatry and interference of divergent Microbotryum pathogen species.

Michael E Hood, Janis Antonovics, Monroe Wolf, Zachariah L Stern, Tatiana Giraud & Jessie L Abbate
The impact of infectious diseases in natural ecosystems is strongly influenced by the degree of pathogen specialization and by the local assemblies of potential host species. This study investigated anther-smut disease, caused by fungi in the genus Microbotryum, among natural populations of plants in the Caryophyllaceae. A broad geographic survey focused on sites of the disease on multiple host species in sympatry. Analysis of molecular identities for the pathogens revealed that sympatric disease was most...

Credibility of Preprints Survey

Courtney Soderberg, Timothy Errington & Brian Nosek
This survey was funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation as part of a larger grant to investigate signals of trust in preprints

The Migration of Hot Jupiters and our Outer Planets

Jeremy Lawson
Our understanding of planetary migration has greatly increased since the discovery of exoplanets. A few decades ago, we had little to no knowledge of exoplanets, and our understanding of planetary migration came from the eight planets that are in our solar system. In this paper I will discuss various methods planets migrate and how they settle into stable orbits. I will also discuss some interesting examples of planetary migration such as the migration of the...

An Overview of Formamide Based Nucleosynthesis and Exoplanetary Candidates for Associated RNA Auto-Syntheses

Amrita Singh
This paper comes in two parts; first an analysis and overview of the RNA World theory, formamide-based nucleic acid synthesis, and how formamide fits into and even furthers the theory, and second an exploration of the Kepler Exoplanets Catalogue to determine candidates for prebiotic synthesis. The mere term "RNA World" brings up much of controversy within the realm of the origins of life, but it is the strongest abiogenesis theory, if given a few updates....

Presentations Given by COS

Timothy Errington, Brian Geiger, Brian Nosek, Longze Chen, Fitz Elliott, David Mellor, David Litherland, Zachary Loomas, Yuhuai Liu, Krystal Hahn, Olivia Miske, Briana Wade, Summer Pearce, Huajin Wang, Alexis Rice, Lisa Shaw, Nicole Pfeiffer, Ronald Brooks, Blaine Butler, Doug Corell, Terry Foor, Andrew Tyner, Lesley Markham, Gretchen Gueguen, Whitney Wissinger … & Abram Booth
A collection of slides for virtually all presentations given by Center for Open Science staff since its founding in 2013.

Academic Preservation Trust Governance Manual (2015)

Robert (Chip) German
The Academic Preservation Trust is a consortium of entities dedicated to working collaboratively on the challenges of preserving the digital scholarly and cultural record. This is the Governance Manual for the consortium.

Deflowering History: An Examination of Rape, Slavery, and the University of Virginia

Landon Wilkins
On April 22, 1850, three university students allegedly perpetrated the rape of a 17-year-old enslaved girl. Historic scholarship argues that the three students were promptly expelled. Drawing on extensive study of archives and historical works, this Capstone argues that the sexual assault of an enslaved 17-year-old would have been unremarkable at the time and attempts to prove the students were not expelled for rape. The question is asked: What are the verifiable dynamics of the...

Digital Collecting in Times of Crisis: 2018 LYRASIS Catalyst Fund recipient report

Kara McClurken, Elizabeth Mitchell & Jeremy Boggs
The University of Virginia Library applied for a 2018 Catalyst Fund grant to help cultural institutions and communities of all sizes be better prepared for and able to implement digital collecting strategies during and after rapidly evolving emergencies and/or community crises (such as controversies, natural disasters and public emergencies). Digital photos, videos, and social media content are major components of these community experiences, and collecting them as well as other materials (posters, ephemera, traditional media...

Upside Versus Downside Risk: Gender, Stakes, and Skewness: Single Decision Data

Charles Holt & Irene Comeig
Upside Versus Downside Risk: Gender, Stakes, and Skewness * Irene Comeig, Charles Holt, and Ainhoa Jaramillo-Gutiérrez The simplest perspective on risky choice is in terms of a tradeoff between higher expected payoff and higher payoff variability. Subjects in a simple experiment, however, exhibit more aversion to “downside risk” (with a small probability of a relatively low payoff) and more attraction to an equivalent “upside risk” (with a small probability of a high payoff). Females tend...

Charlottesville Foster Care Study

Michele Claibourn, Charlotte McClintock, Brago Aboagye-Nyame, Hannah Adams, Kathryn Bernard, Conor Boyle, Charlotte deButts, Jacqueline Hammaker, Alex Hendel, Carolynn McElroy, Rishabh Nagpal, Carolyn Ours, Anastasia Polkovnichenko & Savannah Quick
Building on the 2018 Charlottesville Child Welfare report, this study investigates racial disproportionality – over-representation of racial groups in the child welfare system relative to their presence in the population – and racial disparity – less favorable outcomes for some racial groups compared to others – for children interacting with the Charlottesville Department of Social Services over a three year period, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2017. We focus here on the child...

Digital Humanities Pedagogy and Opportunities for Hope

Brandon Walsh
Invited talk given at Emory Center for Digital Scholarship and the Fox Center for the Humanities. Three main takeaways grounded in student programs work we do in the Scholars' Lab: DH pedagogy doesn’t just take place in the classroom; DH pedagogy is, at the end of the day, just pedagogy in a different mode; DH pedagogy at every level should consider, intersect with, and reconstruct desire paths through the academy.

Advancing Hyku: Samvera Partner Call Presentation

Ellen Ramsey, Rachael Kotarski & Brian Hole
This work contains slides and a recording of a presentation to the Samvera Partner group on November 8, 2019. This project is a two-year award in the amount of $1,000,000 from Arcadia— a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin—in support of the “Advancing Hyku: Open Source Institutional Repository Platform Development” project. Through this project, the University of Virginia and its partner institutions—Ubiquity Press and the British Library—will support the growth of open...

Sperm morphology and count vary with fine-scale changes in local density in a wild lizard population

Matthew C Kustra, Ariel F Kahrl, Aaron M Reedy, Daniel A Warner & Robert M Cox
Given that sperm production can be costly, theory predicts that males should optimally adjust the quantity and/or quality of their sperm in response to their social environment to maximize their paternity success. Although experiments demonstrate that males can alter their ejaculates in response to manipulations of the social environment and studies show that ejaculate traits covary with social environment across populations, it is unknown whether individual variation in sperm traits corresponds to natural variation found...

Data from: A low-threshold potassium current enhances sparseness and reliability in a model of avian auditory cortex

Margot C. Bjoring & C. Daniel Meliza
Birdsong is a complex vocal communication signal, and like humans, birds need to discriminate between similar sequences of sound with different meanings. The caudal mesopallium (CM) is a cortical-level auditory area implicated in song discrimination. CM neurons respond sparsely to conspecific song and are tolerant of production variability. Intracellular recordings in CM have identified a diversity of intrinsic membrane dynamics, which could contribute to the emergence of these higher-order functional properties. We investigated this hypothesis...

Measurement and Analysis of Obscured Luminous Active Galaxies

Sarah Hesler
Throughout the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters, I improved my skills in DS9 and IRAF programs by completing a number of tasks in the pursuit of further characterizing a series of high-redshift galaxies believed to be hosts to active galactic nuclei (AGN) as a part of my Tutorial course. These tasks include identifying a radio source in optical images by overlaying contours from the radio onto the optical, investigating several physical characteristics of the...

Parameter Estimation of Tidally-Deformed White Dwarf Binaries with LISA

Nick Anderson
The LISA mission, currently planned to launch in 2034, will introduce exceptional observation capabilities in the millihertz regime of the gravitational wave spectrum. Galactic compact binaries, including white dwarf binaries, are a primary science target of the mission. At least one well-established verification binary has been categorized as tidally deformed by electromagnetic observations. We investigate the capability of GW observations to measure the tidal effects, as well as other relevant parameters, in tidally deformed systems....

Data from: Seasonal ecosystem metabolism across shallow benthic habitats measured by aquatic eddy covariance

Karl M. Attard, Ivan F. Rodil, Ronnie N. Glud, Peter Berg, Joanna Norkko & Alf Norkko
This submission consists of 40 eddy covariance datasets collected from six shallow sites in the Baltic Sea over an 18 month period. Hourly fluxes were extracted from the high-density data streams and were used to compute daily rates of benthic metabolism (gross primary production (GPP), respiration (R), and net ecosystem metabolism (NEM); in mmol O2 m-2 d-1). These were converted to C assuming an O2 : C of 1.0 for GPP and R. A description...

Relationships between trait emotion dysregulation and emotional experiences in daily life: An experience sampling study

Alexander Daros, Katharine Daniel, Mehdi Boukhechba, Philip Chow, Laura Barnes & Bethany Teachman

Spatial Audit of Charlottesville Parks

Mikala Reiman, Chenjie Xiong, Taylor Kitchens, Sophia Woods, Mennen Middlebrooks, Rachel Moon & Xiaoxue Jiang
Charlottesville city parks provide its community members with areas of public space, outdoor recreation, and interactive play. However, the community served is primarily those of able-bodied individuals. This audit aims to identify the environmental and designed barriers of the community with limited mobility, navigating through exclusive playspaces of Charlottesville and the greater Albemarle area. A scorecard was designed to evaluate Charlottesville parks to analyze aspects of playspaces in parks that contribute to, or detract from,...

In Medias Res: An Examination of Work in Progress at the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) Consortium

Chip German & Kara McClurken
This is Chapter 15 of the ALA Editions book "Digital Preservation in Libraries: Preparing for a Sustainable Future" (2019). The chapter was written by the UVA Library's Senior Director for Scholarly Communication R. F. (Chip) German Jr. and Director of Preservation Services Kara McClurken. German is also program director (the chief operating officer role) of the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust) consortium, based at the UVA Library. The chapter, written in 2017, is an often-first-hand account...

One-Stop Shopping with Search and Upload

Sherry Lake
The University of Virginia has three separate scholarly repositories (research repositories/non-Library collection). To help depositors, we created a landing page. http://libra.virginia.edu is one-stop link to deposit ETDs,Open Works and Datasets. For ease of discovery, all content from LibraETD, LibraOpen and LibraData is discoverable in our Library catalog (Blacklight). Each night the content from Sufia-Solr (and Dataverse Solr index) is sent to Virgo-Solr and re-indexed with all other Virgo-Solr content. “Access Online” links directly to the...

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