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Examining Black Women's Intersectional Identity and Mental Health: A Moderated Mediation Model

Alexis Stanton
This study uses an intersectional framework to examine the relationships among Black women’s gendered racial identity centrality (how important an intersectional, gendered racial identity is to one’s self-concept; Lewis et al., 2017), engagement in identity-related coping behaviors (i.e., shifting), endorsement of stereotypes about Black womanhood, and mental health. We hypothesized a moderated mediation model in which gendered racial identity centrality is associated with two dimensions of mental health (depressive symptoms and positive mental health) via...


Mary Clare Agnew
Abandon is a manuscript of lyric poems obsessed with & ceaseless orbiting the intersections between absence & presence, loss & intimacy, self-harm & self-preservation, the ecstatic & the mundane, the living & the dead. At turns vengeful, erotic, & masochistic, Abandon ultimately seeks to reckon with the speaker’s relationship with her father as she leans into the black hole of his absence. Prayerful & incantatory, these poems draw upon the mysticism of Julian of Norwich...

\"History and Memory\"

Fina Mbabazi
History and Memory is a collection of six works of short fiction. These works comprise tales of Ugandan women and the daily weather of their lives. Sometimes this weather consists of the smaller forces of the day-to-day – the distinct intimacies between people for instance – and sometimes it consists of larger forces of history – patriarchy, colonialism etc. In these stories, a woman travels from Kampala to England, seeking her former Sixth Form tutor,...

Pragmatic Ethics: Rethinking Environmental Practice and Social Change

Jeremy Sorgen
How can academic ethics support public processes of social change? My dissertation examines the evolving field of environmental ethics as a site for critical developments in public ethics. I use the methods of philosophical analysis, historical survey, and community-based research to identify barriers to public participation in ethics and to model a “pragmatic ethics” attuned to place-based contexts and grassroots strategies for making social change. I use John Dewey’s logic of inquiry, especially his framework...

\"The Stillness\"

Miriam Grossman
Part I is a linked series of short stories that follows the lives of a Jewish American family over the course of several generations. It deals with issues of memory, historical trauma, physical frailty, and the way tradition is (or is not) passed on. Part II is comprised of two unrelated short pieces that deal with the body, the necessary sadness of relationships, and food/eating.

Epistemic Uncertainties: Contemporary Narratives of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Samantha Wallace
“Epistemic Uncertainties” argues for the value of uncertainty to feminist theory as a way of acknowledging the complexities of sexual and gender-based violence. Uncertainty is a potentially dangerous mode for survivors. In response, US anti-rape activism has advocated for the reception of survivor testimony as credible and authoritative, in part laboring to develop what I call a rhetoric of certainty. While fiction, by virtue of being fiction, has different material stakes in comparison to a...

Plurilingualism and Textual and Intertextual Translation in Francophone Tunisian Poetry (1978-2014)

Sana Abdi
Abstract My dissertation titled, “Textual and Intertextual Translation in Francophone Tunisian Poetry (1978-2014),” explores the works of three contemporary Francophone North African poets: Abdelwahab Meddeb, Chems Nadir, and Jalel El Gharbi. I specifically look at the role of translation in their plurilingual poetry at the textual and intertextual levels. The first level touches on the modalities and expressions of plurilingual writing and its hermeneutical power. I specifically identify and parse the use and reception of...

A Systems Theory of Transfer Learning with Application

Tyler Cody
Machine learning is an emerging technology with few principled engineering frameworks to guide its application. In particular, theoretical frameworks for understanding the interrelationships between systems and their learning processes are underdeveloped. The presented research addresses this gap by using Mesarovician abstract systems theory as a mathematical superstructure for learning theory, using the synthesized theory to characterize transfer learning systems, and operationalizing the resulting findings towards an empirical methodology for system design and operation. In particular,...

Using an Innovative Approach to Examining Cardiovascular Health

Xiaoyue Liu
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a serious problem affecting a wide range of populations in the U.S. This dissertation focused on cardiovascular risks in two vulnerable yet understudied populations: women with a history of intimate partner violence (IPV) and Chinese Americans. First, an integrative review of 19 articles was conducted to examine the relationship between IPV and CVD. The overall findings suggested that IPV as a stressor could put women at high risk for CVD development....

Religious Discourse in the Bombay Riots 1992-1993: The Language of Hindutva Politics in Maharashtra

McKenzie Cromer
The riots in Bombay, Maharashtra, were some of the most vicious and traumatic responses to the destruction of the Babri Masjid in 1992. After the nationally televised destruction of the masjid, tensions between Hindu and Muslims came to a boiling point. Over 1,300 people were killed during the clashes throughout the city. While there are innumerable possible causes for a conflict this large, I argue that there is a consistent rhetorical environment in which these...

Fundamental Degradation Mechanisms and Materials Optimization of Environmental Barrier Coatings

Mackenzie Ridley
Environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) are required to mitigate ceramic matrix composite (CMC) degradation in gas engine combustion environments, yet the long-term stability of EBCs in turbine applications is not fully understood. It is known that the primary EBC failure mechanisms include reaction with water vapor, steam oxidation of the silicon bond coat, thermomechanical fatigue, corrosion by ingested debris, erosion, and foreign object damage [1], and that all failure modes are connected through the microstructural evolution...

Elementary Teachers' Planning and Instruction of Informational Reading and Inquiry-Oriented Social Studies

Alexa Quinn
In order to be successful in school and civic life, students must develop deep, conceptual knowledge about the natural and social world. Informational reading and inquiry-oriented social studies instruction are two important sites for this learning in the elementary classroom. The purpose of this three-paper dissertation was to understand how first-year teachers plan for and enact informational reading instruction and how pre-service teachers plan for and take up learning about inquiry-oriented social studies. Data in...

An Indirect Search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles in the Sun Using Upward-going Muons in NOvA

Cristiana Principato
I present the first Dark Matter search results using the full data set collected with the upward-going muon trigger in NOvA. Weakly Interactive Massive Particles (WIMPs) are a theoretical non-baryonic form of Dark Matter. The nature of Dark Matter is one of the most exciting open questions in modern physics. Though its existence can be inferred by astrophysical evidence, its properties are not yet understood. If we assume that Dark Matter particles can produce Standard...

Trust and Security of Embedded Smart Devices in Advanced Logistics Systems, Human Factor on Computer Cyber Innovation

Mai Luu
The technical topic’s main goals are to find potential risks to the research and the development of embedded smart devices in advanced logistic systems. The analysis included various sections of Criteria, Initiatives, C-I Assessment, Emergent Conditions (EC), Criteria-Scenario (C-S) relevance, and EC Grouping. System success criteria, research initiatives, and risks to the system are compiled. The success criteria of the system are the metrics that one uses in evaluating the success of the system. In...

The Development of an Autonomous Campus Vehicle Through Golf Cart Modifications; Newfound Passenger and Pedestrian Safety Implications Regarding Autonomous Vehicles

Jee Soo Shin
Currently, motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injuries worldwide. It is estimated that these accidents cause damages worth nearly a trillion dollars annually in the United States alone. Much fruitful research has been conducted on vehicle safety in an effort to mitigate these damages, but car accidents remain a major public health crisis to this day. Autonomous vehicles aim to mitigate and possibly even eradicate the problem altogether. An...

Scale-up and Design of the Janicki Omniprocessor with Reverse Osmosis Technology; Public Involvement in Technology Integration: Understanding San Diego’s Successes and Failures with Potable Reuse

Adam Mann
Billions of people worldwide struggle with getting access to clean water for consumption and sanitation/hygiene activities. Many of those same people suffer from deadly illnesses due to this lack of safe water. To address this widespread problem, my capstone team and I are developing a single process that combines waste treatment, drinking water production, and electricity generation. This process sends solid waste from pit latrines first into a drier which evaporates off all of the...

Practical Learning Modeling Techniques with Personalized Actionable Intervention for In-the-field Prediction

Nutta Homdee
Many chronic diseases, if not well-managed, are major healthcare problems globally with two-third of the total US healthcare spending going toward chronic-related conditions in 2015. To avoid solely relying on expensive treatments, sensing systems and learning modeling techniques have been implemented in healthcare fields to focus on the prevention, early detection, and minimally invasive management of diseases in-the-field. As opposed to the old-fashioned method where a patient only sees a single point of data when...

DNA Topoisomerase II, CTCF/cohesin Binding, and Alternative DNA Secondary Structure Alter Genomic Stability and Affect Cancer Susceptibility

Naomi Atkin
DNA double-stranded breaks (DSBs) initiate the formation of oncogenic chromosomal abnormalities such as translocations, amplifications, and deletions. Therefore, identifying the genomic features that contribute to cancer-promoting DNA fragility, as well as sensitively measuring DSBs at these regions is critical to the ability to predict an individual’s propensity to form such abnormalities and thus their subsequent cancer susceptibility. Identifying susceptible individuals prior to cancer formation would allow closer monitoring of patients, thereby facilitating early cancer detection...

Detoxification of Pretrained Language Models through Subspace Transformation

Mohit Sudhakar
Large pre-trained language models have achieved significant performance on a multitude of language understanding and inference tasks. However, because of training on large-scale unfiltered texts on the internet, they often encode some unexpected information, such as toxic or abusive language, which makes the real-world usage of these language models limited. Our work investigates the existence of a low-dimensional bias subspace in the latent space of pre-trained language models. Empirically, we show that there exists a...

Pedestrian Safety: Virtual Reality Simulator Development and Validation for Analysis of Alternative Safety Technologies

Austin Angulo
Rising rates of pedestrian fatalities is an urgent concern in the field of transportation. Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) report gradual decreasing in pedestrian related crashes; however, they both report increasing pedestrian fatality rates. NHTSA reported a 35% increase in pedestrian fatalities nationwide between 2008 and 2017 and VDOT reported a 19% increase in pedestrian fatality rates between 2012 and 2018 in the state of Virginia....

Winds Over Chicago

Sherry Lake
DOIs are being minted, but the email (at least for OC) doesn't report it.

Role of School Context and Individual Background on English Teachers' Multicultural Literature Selection Process

Rosalie Hiuyan Chung
Multicultural literature has many benefits, such as helping students of color practice literacy skills and supporting White students develop empathetic mindsets. However, despite the diversifying student body of the United States, many secondary English teachers continue to mainly use canonical texts written by and featuring Anglo White males. The goal of this dissertation is to examine secondary English teachers’ multicultural literature selection process to identify how to help teachers craft a quality multicultural literary curriculum...

School Leadership for Data Use: Exploring How Principals Shape the Functioning of Data Team Meetings

Jane Patrick
The expectation that teachers will engage in data-driven decision making has become widespread in both research and practice. Alongside this expectation, school administrators such as principals have been cast as responsible for supporting the organizational and political factors that can foster data use at the school level, such as by establishing norms and policies for data use. One such organizational factor is ensuring dedicated time for data use through, for example, structured data team meetings....

Wearable Sensors for In-Field Running Gait Analysis & Intervention

Alexandra DeJong
Running-related injuries are extremely prevalent among recreational and competitive runners alike. Exercise-related lower leg pain (ERLLP) remains among the most prevalent running-related injuries, and while there is information on biomechanical contributors to injury progression in controlled laboratory environments, little is known about injured runners’ biomechanics during outdoor running. Biomechanical features identified in ERLLP runners in natural settings may be used to drive objective gait-training interventions to advance clinical management. Outdoor assessments using wearable sensors and...

Globalization Predicts Reduced Religiosity Across Time and Cultures

Nava Caluori
Recent increases in nonreligion are a puzzling development given the longstanding stability of religion throughout human history. How can we explain this recent shift away from our species’ religious roots? The present research examines the role of globalization in this dynamic. Increasing globalization brings the promise of interaction and integration among a diverse set of people worldwide and may increase acceptance of different religions. This religious acceptance, in turn, may disrupt the social learning processes...

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