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Dynamic Application Security Testing - Fuzzing: Brute-Force API Vulnerability Scanning; Understanding Phishing as a Social Engineering Problem: Why Societal Educational Efforts Falls Short

Justin Gou
With the world becoming more and more reliant on technology, cybersecurity continues to be a growing issue in the world of technology. Attackers are constantly looking for ways to break into systems for monetary reward or to compromise private data. One goal for cybersecurity researchers is to find the best ways to minimize these vulnerabilities. This portfolio focuses on two specific techniques to decrease cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The technical research topic focuses on adding automated web...

Wearable Technology: Developing a Skin-Like Temperature Sensor; Exploring the Adversarial Relationship between Tourism and Marine Pollution as an Incentive for Improving Waste Management Practices

Georgia White
Current prosthetics have limited tactile sensing abilities which hinders their functionality and creates a disconnect with the user. These limitations are evident by the choice of 21% of upper limb amputees to forego using prosthetics altogether. Creating sensory capabilities for prosthetics offers the opportunity to greatly increase the quality of living of their users. As such, we built a skin-like sensor which measures temperature, one of the many types of sensing capabilities of skin. The...

Active Control of Wind Turbine Blades to Increase Efficiency; Exploring the Ecological Impact of Wind Farm Development

Astrid Henkle
With the speed at which the wind industry is growing, it is important to ensure that wind turbines are as efficient. The consumption of wind energy grew from 14% of renewable energy consumption in 2019, to 26% in 2020. Turbines are constantly growing in size and my technical project sought to find a way to improve on existing turbines and allow smaller turbines to create more energy. To do this we created an active control...

Autonomous Platooning Golf Cart for Short Distance Campus Travel; An Investigation Into The Societal Perception And Accessibility Of Autonomous Vehicles

Janani Chander
The objective of this technical project and STS research paper is to contribute to the research and development of autonomous platooning technology while understanding how the design of these systems can impact user confidence, and vice versa. The aim of the technical project is to implement computer control of the primary motion subsystems - braking, steering, and acceleration - in a vehicle. Furthermore, these vehicles should be able to autonomously detect and follow the vehicle...

Financial Literacy Virtual Voice Assistant; The Power of AI and its Resulting Ethical and Societal Implications

Niels van Beek
Financial literacy is an extremely important skill to have, yet is not being emphasized enough in today’s society or in our classrooms. As it stands today, only 57% of American adults are considered financially literate, with only half of K-12 teachers teaching financial literacy in their classes in some form. This nonchalant disposition toward financial literacy needs to change because financial literacy can be the key difference between financial freedom and living paycheck-to-paycheck. The technical...

Ground Source Heat Pump Design; Sustainable Built Environment Imaginaries as a Mechanism for Symbolic Corporate Environmentalism

Alexander Davis
Both my technical project and STS research project are loosely coupled around a theme of green building systems and their development in the United States. In these projects, I explore the codification and certification green buildings in general while also looking into what makes an individual component successful in its integration into such a building. My STS work concentrates on an imagined future of green buildings and how different actors engage with it. Answering questions...

Maximizing Acetyl-CoA Output by Genetically Engineering E. coli for the Overall Output of the Bioplastic PHB; An Investigation of Sustainable and Biodegradable Plastic Production Within the Biomanufacturing Industry to Reduce Single Use Plastic Pollution

Tammy Tran
Every year, more than 380 million tons of plastic waste is produced globally, and about half of that waste is derived solely from single-use plastics. If not disposed of properly, these plastics can pollute the environment and leach carcinogens into the environment and poison the surrounding ecosystems, causing detrimental and irreversible harm (“Plastic Pollution Issues | The Problems With Plastic,” n.d.). This emphasizes the need to decrease our reliance on these synthetic petroleum plastics and...

Making Justice: A Multimethod Qualitative Study of Activist Identity Formation and Political Imagination(s) Among Black Adolescents

Edward Scott
Black adolescents have been critical to social progress in the United States since the United States’ inception, yet there are few studies that focus on the lived experiences of those youths and those experiences’ contributions to Black youths’ political engagement. The purpose of this study is to deepen our understanding of how the life experiences of Black adolescents in the United States contribute to their activist identity formation and political imagination. The study used narrative...

The Utilization of Sandboxing to Prevent SQL Injection Cyber-Attacks; An Actor Network Based Examination of the Healthcare Cybersecurity Crisis

Gabriel Edwards
Cybersecurity is a wildly complex issue that has evolved to become one of the most important of the 21st century. As computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become more and more ubiquitous since the 1990’s, cyber-attacks and information breaches have grown exponentially in both prevalence and severity. This is especially true for businesses and organizations, as many have adopted sprawling computer networks to manage mountains of data, creating lucrative targets for cyber-criminals. Between...

Evaluating Administered Differences of Brief Jail Mental Health Screener and Impacts of Diagnoses & Treatment of Linked Inmates with Severe Mental Illness; Context, Culture, and Power: How Systemic Discrimination Effects The Ability For Certain Incarcerated Groups To Be Eligible To Receive Mental Health Treatment

Nora Dale
Severe mental illness (SMI) is often debilitating to the person suffering from it. When those suffering from SMI are then entangled in the criminal justice world, their process of rehabilitation becomes much harder and more complicated. Because the presence of an SMI increases the cost of incarceration (to the person suffering and the institution housing them) identifying and diagnosing those suffering as soon as they enter the system is imperative to personal and systemic success....

Enhancing the Computer Science Curriculum with Web Accessibility in Web Development; An Analysis of the Actors of the Internet: The Push for a Coordinated System to Create a More Accessible Web

Ellie DiGiovine
An examination of the million most popular websites conducted by WebAIM found that over 97% had accessibility issues. This means that someone with a disability has an extremely high chance of encountering a website that is, at best, mildly frustrating to use or, at worst, impossible to use. Both projects are proposing changes in order to make the web more accessible. My technical report examines the existing computer science curriculum at the University of Virginia...

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Aerial Firefighting Aircraft Design Competition; Preventing the Utilization and Proliferation of Hypersonic Weapons

Spencer Barnes
My technical report presents an original design for an aerial firefighting aircraft to fill a hole in the U.S. Forest Service fleet. As a team, we were motivated by the rising number of wildfires around the world, caused in part by global warming. The conceptual design satisfies all three fundamental sizing relationships and includes extensive aerodynamic, structural, and propulsive analysis. My team submitted the design report to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics undergraduate...

Redesigning the Medical Examination Table; Implications of Digitizing Patient Medical Records: Balancing the Risks, Rewards, and Responsibilities of the Rapidly Evolving Healthcare Industry

Clara Bosworth
Healthcare has arguably benefitted from technological advancements more than any other industry. Discoveries of new medicines, the mapping of the human genome, and the invention of devices and machines that can accurately monitor and treat patients are all results of an increasingly technological society. However, there are still many facets of healthcare that have yet to fully reap the benefits of technological innovation. This portfolio explores the implications of healthcare technology that is outdated and...

Separating Greentech from Greenwashing: An Analysis of Industry-Scale Green Language Manipulation in Bioplastic Marketing

Hannah Towler
Bioplastics have been hailed as the solution to our global plastic pollution crisis by relying on renewable resources instead of finite petroleum reserves to sustainably generate plastics. Our capstone project aims to increase the yield efficiency of our company sponsor’s bioplastic-producing bacteria by selectively knocking out genes that divert resources away from bioplastic production. While the concept of bioplastics may seem technically sound, the technology raises a number of complex obstacles for both consumers and...

Democratizing Finance: Providing Widely Accessible Data on Stock Warrants; User Configuration and Access to Information in Investing

Theodore Rose
The proposed technical project demonstrates the market viability of an accessible platform providing data on stock warrants. Through using various web development tools and accessibility standards, I attracted a diverse set of actors outside of traditional financial norms. By interpreting the case study of Robinhood’s rise as a brokerage platform with a mission to “democratize” finance, the project emulated the successful design decisions made by the company while incorporating new considerations to maximize user agency....

HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Actor-Network Theory Analysis of Cancelled X-20 Dyna-Soar Hypersonic Spaceplane Program

Margaret Che
My STS and technical research areas are connected through their roles in investigating the futures of hypersonic flight in their eras and what implications they each have for furthering their respective societal agendas. Hypersonic flight, defined as flight above Mach 5, has been of particular interest to the military powers of the United States, Russia, and China in recent years, and each government has dedicated millions to hypersonic weaponry research. However, the U.S. was developing...

Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Advocacy and Opposition in Europe

Henry Goodman
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and a drive-by-wire car are the two unseemingly interrelated topics that have been chosen for my undergraduate thesis and technical capstone project, respectively. Examining each from a technical level and a socially conscious lens has enabled me to understand both their practical makeup and their relevance to society. Drive-by-wire is the ability to control motion subsystems automatically with a method other than human manipulation. For instance, some cars have drive-by-wire...

Encapsulation of Cells in Microporous Annealed Particle Hydrogel for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment; Building Transparency in the Scientific Community

Alessia Randazzo
Biomedical research has been progressing at an explosive rate in recent decades. Modern technology and knowledge let us conduct research on everything from cancer therapeutics to life-saving medical diagnostic tools, to muscle regeneration treatments, to genetic modifications and engineering, and so much more. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is caused by the autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing islet cells in the pancreas. T1D patients can administer exogenous insulin to regulate blood glucose fluctuations, however, insulin is...


Medhini Rachamallu
A common treatment for throat cancer is a laryngectomy, which is includes the removal of the voice box. The consequences of this surgery include the inability to produce vocal speech resulting in detriments to quality of life and patient-doctor relationships. To increase a patient’s ability to communicate with their loved ones, my technical project focuses on using machine learning algorithms to improve the clarity of the electrolarynx, which is a device used by these patients...

Wearable Technology: Developing a Skin-Like Temperature Sensor; Analogical Reasoning Applied to Skin-Like Sensors: Meaningful Comparisons with Implications for Manufacturing and Security

Noah Klipp
My technical and STS topics are closely related, each focused on a different aspect of skin-like sensors. My technical research produced a skin-like temperature sensor, while my STS research developed a framework for understanding such sensors. Skin-like sensors show promise for increasing the efficiency of current healthcare systems, which has become increasingly important due to recent population trends around the world. Despite the apparent benefits of skin-like sensors themselves, however, no benefits are guaranteed. This...

A Strive to Net-Zero: Insulation in Residential Housing; Adopting Sustainable Technology in Public Schools

Cathryn Palmer
The burning of fossil fuels that release carbon into the earth’s atmosphere is a major contributor to climate change in the United States (U.S.). Cleaner methods of energy generation, such as solar technology, were discovered decades ago, but significant changes have yet to be made in the utilities industry in the U.S., which still relies heavily on coal and natural gas. Net-zero house technology aims to reduce the large carbon footprint of residential energy generation...

HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Analyzing Influences and Barriers to Nutritional Health

Eva Paleo
How can hypersonic research be justifiably funded when many United States citizens do not even have their basic needs met? Hypersonic flight research and nutritional health are topics that do not have much in common, targeting vastly different subject groups. Nutrition research benefits those living in low-income areas battling food insecurity. Hypersonic research is a field that reaches people with the privilege of having their basic needs exceeded, who can expand their field of study...

Economic Analysis for In-Situ Resource Utilization on Mars in Support of the Generation of Rocket Fuel and Potable Water; A Discussion of the Socioeconomic and Political Obstructions to Water Purification Technologies in China

Lessanu Mequanint
For decades, engineers have looked to solve problems on Earth and in space. My work aims to improve technology utilization and efficiency both in space and on Earth. For the technical project, my team designed a process that would produce rocket fuel on Mars, inspired by the idea of a Martian “gas station” for long distance space exploration missions. For my STS project, I analyzed the obstacles that stand in the way of the adoption...

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Aerial Firefighting Aircraft Design Competition; Implementation of Autonomous Vehicles into Society in the United States

Haley Knowles
Wildfires are of environmental concern as they spread quickly over combustible vegetation and destroy large amounts of land. Controlling these wildfires is a global issue, the concern stemming from the increasing number of acres of land that are burned annually in the past 30 years, despite the slight decrease in the number of annual wildfires. In light of these issues, the technical project attempts to design a custom firefighting aircraft in response to the American...

Investigating the impact of bison grazing on native tallgrass prairie plant communities in northeastern South Dakota

Sophie Wong
Tallgrass prairies in the central United States have been fragmented and degraded due to conversion to managed rangeland and cropland. Bison, as historical grazers of tallgrass prairie, may serve as a means to restore native plant communities. This study sought to demonstrate the viability of bison grazing as a restoration method for tallgrass prairies through the investigation of plant community diversity and species abundance changes, as well as changes to soil C and N, under...

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