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Sentinel: A Novel Device to Alert Cyclists of Vehicles Approaching from the Rear;An Exploration of the Current Internet Architecture and the Need for Decentralization

Brandon Brnich
It can be seen that there is a very loose coupling between my STS research and the technical project I did for my capstone requirement. The technical project was developing a solar powered car detection system that is to be mounted on the front of the user’s bike and inform them of any oncoming vehicles from the rear. Whereas my STS research focuses on the faults in the centralized internet architecture and explores the other...

Soft Robotic Exoskeleton for Elbow Assistance; The Societal Impact on the Development of Wearable Technology

Anna Lewis
Wearable electronics is a quickly developing technology that has made many recent advancements in both the medical and entertainment fields. While commercialized wearables are easily evolved and introduced into the market, the design and development of medical wearables are more complicated and require a more complex process to enter the public. Through my research this year, I learned a lot about the process of designing a wearable and the societal impact that influences this process....

Engineer Primary Cilium via Pharmacological Inhibition of CILK-1 to Modulate Signaling; Investigating Hurdles with the Extensive Duration of FDA Approval Process for New Oncogenic Therapeutics

Elena Wang
For decades, cancer has been a significant issue concerning the entire human race. Being the leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases, it has impacted billions of families and the society in general in the U.S. and worldwide. It is predicted that in the year of 2022, there will be an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,360 cancer deaths.1 Extensive amount of time and money is put into research and development of...

Decelerating Hypersonic Flight Experiment Using a CubeSat Platform; The Role of AI in the United States Legal System

Yulie Cheng
The technical work addresses testing a hypersonic flight experiment on a 3U CubeSat platform. Motivations behind conducting hypersonic experiments are to provide affordable and accurate flight data for military and commercial applications. The STS research paper discusses the role that artificial intelligence contributes to the United States legal system in how it mitigates or worsens bias. The topic of the STS research paper is loosely connected to the capstone assignment; the technical component of the...

Visual Assistant Hat; The Promotion of Independence Among Visually Impaired Communities: Examining the Causes of Limited Electronic Travel Aid Acceptance

Hafsah Shamsie
Globally, 43 million people struggle with blindness, while an additional 295 million people have a form of visual impairment. A common technical mobility aid solution for visually impaired people is electronic travel aids (ETAs), which are devices that analyze a user’s environment and then relay this information via some feedback form. Despite their presence, no ETA has been widely adopted by the visually impaired community, leaving them to continue needlessly struggling. My portfolio focused on...

Designing an Admin Dashboard for an Anti-Money Laundering Platform, A Broken System: Exploring the Failure of Technical Interviews in the Software Engineering Industry Using Technological Momentum

Quentin Bishop
Preventing Cybercrime By Designing Secure Applications and Hiring Qualified Applicants With the meteoric rise of the internet over the past few decades, cybercrime has become an increasingly prevalent issue that continues to plague our society. As technology continues to outpace governmental regulation and the internet continues to offer unprecedented anonymity, many criminals have taken advantage of this new digital era to exploit others for their own gain. Both of my projects explore ways in which...

Analysis of Shortcut Learning Features in Natural Language Processing; Machine Translation Technology: The Advantages and Limitations of Machine Translators in the Academic Community

Wan Li
The two projects identified in this research proposal consist of the technical paper, which focuses on shortcut identification in machine learning models, and the STS research, which explores the effect of machine translation (MT) in education. These are connected through machine learning - both projects have a central focus around machine learning and its application in society. The technical portion aims to improve these machine learning models by proposing a systematic approach to identify shortcuts,...

Automated Dog Ball Launcher: For Post-Covid Dogs; Changes in the Music Industry Monetary Flow with Streaming Services

Ji Sun Hong
Two distinct projects are involved in this undergraduate thesis portfolio exploring the dimensions of society and technologies’ interactions: an automated dog ball launcher for post-Covid times and the economic changes in the music industry with the widespread usage of streaming services. The technical aspect of the launcher addresses a response to a societal change, whereas the research paper addresses a deeper understanding of societal change and its corresponding music technologies. Both topics have relevance to...

Agile Maturity Assessment: Automating a Manual Process; Actor-Network Theory as a Method for Understanding Power Shifts That Lead to Successful Algorithmic Accountability Measures

Thomas Callen
Algorithms are widely used in decision-making contexts, from music playlists to advertising, credit, and public safety. Both my technical project and my STS research deal with the process of developing useful software projects. For my technical project, I developed an internal web application to administer agile maturity assessments to software development teams at Capital One. My STS research utilized Actor-Network Theory (ANT) to reveal that algorithmic accountability methods, such as transparency and participatory design, transfer...

Recommendations for User-Centered Design of Intelligent Systems in Healthcare; Perception is Reality: Significant and Novel Events Alter Patients' Attitudes Toward Electronic Health Records

Noor Rafiq
Health-focused artificial intelligence is extremely beneficial to medicine, such as a Japanese AI system that analyzes endoscopic images for cancerous growths and is 94% effective. However, some AI models unintentionally misrepresent patient experiences, either through a lack of data or incorrect logic, which can seriously risk patient wellbeing. For example, many mobile applications that use image analysis to identify melanoma skin care are prone to false negatives, which delays diagnosis. Both projects examine factors that...

Success: Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Cloud Support Associate (CSA) Internship; Technology in Fashion: How Computer Software (Bots) Have Shaped the Sneakerhead Community and Culture

Cristian Chicas
Although being loosely connected, this portfolio addresses two important topics in the field of technology. The technical paper analyzes my experience as a support engineer intern at Amazon Web Services (AWS) while the STS research paper addresses how the sociotechnical relationship between automated computer programs, bots, in purchasing sneakers impacts the sneakerhead community and culture. There are many motivations behind the technical paper. First, the paper provides a critique of my experience as an intern...

Economic Analysis for In-Situ Resource Utilization on Mars in Support of the Generation of Rocket Fuel and Potable Water; Implementation of Water Purification Technologies in Rural Areas of Developing Countries

Hannah Alexander
While recent decades have been marked by improved access to potable water in many parts of the world, there is still a significant portion of the global populace that does not enjoy this privilege. In order to obtain safe drinking water, such communities require filtration devices that are suitable for the requirements and limitations of their specific locality. Outside of the earthly context, manned missions in space serve as another scenario in which there is...

Hydroponic Crop Cultivation as a Strategy for Reducing Food Insecurity; Sustainability Depends on Stability: Why Sustainable Civilizations Depend on Stable and Food Secure Populations

Jeffrey Justice
Moderate to severe food insecurity has been increasing for the past six years, due in part to changing climate and sea level rise, and nearly one in three people did not have access to adequate food in 2020. My thesis prospectus examined food insecurity indicators which affect how aid is distributed, but many indicators do not capture the risk of future insecurity, which is crucial for long-term stability and sustainability. The prospectus facilitated my sociotechnical...

Redesigning the Medical Examination Table; The Disparity of Patient Care and Lack of Accessibility for Patients With Obesity

Lauren Louw
Both my technical and STS research projects are centered around promoting accessible healthcare for all patient demographics. The goal of my technical project is to produce a new design for the medical examination table found in most general practitioners’ offices. As is, the design is mostly only inclusive of able-bodied individuals and threatens the ideal of accessibility in healthcare. The main goal of this redesign is to promote ease of access, as a lack of...

Point of Use Water Treatment Advancement Using Silver and Copper; Austerity and Water Quality in Puerto Rico

Lorin Bruno
Introduction Access to clean drinking water is a worldwide problem. This water crisis is exacerbated by climate change, pollution, and increasing water consumption. Poor quality drinking water leads to the spread of disease, including cholera and typhoid, and to thousands of deaths across the globe. The World Health Organization estimated 829,000 people die each year from diseases related to poor drinking water. My technical and STS research both explore the issues of drinking water and...

The Relationship Between Timers and Student Performance on Online Exams; Applying Mindfulness Resources: How Giving Mindfulness Resources to Minority College Students Could Relieve Anxiety in a More Private and Helpful Manner

Campbell Brothers
Imagine having a huge exam that is a big portion of your grade. Obviously, you want to do your best on the exam so you don’t ruin your grade; but with such high stakes for one grade. You study extra hard and push yourself so you can score the best grade. As the pressure to get the perfect grade grows, so does your nervousness and wariness for the exam. This scenario is what many students...

Blockchain Technology Paradigm: Proposed Functionality and Design Parameters for the Underlying Technology of a Copyright Registration System; Government Agencies and Digital Service Providers: Challenges in Working with a Blockchain-Based System to Enforce Copyright Laws

Nicolas Meneses
In the U.S., laws related to copyright infringement have been in constant evolution due to new human inventions and the expansion of technology; throughout history, copyright regulations have been introduced to meet the needs of the time. In 1998, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was introduced to regulate copyright on the web. However, due to the appearance of new internet platforms that allow digital content monetization, copyright laws related to digital assets must be updated...

Design Proposal for Responsive Aerial Firefighting Aircraft; Sustainability Transitions of Additive Manufacturing in an Aerospace Context

Christopher Kwon
The innovation of manufacturing methodologies has created significant and lasting impacts in engineering and society. For example, the introduction of a moving assembly line from Ford Motors has rapidly evolved to become a major mechanism in the global manufacturing ecosystem. Within the past several decades, the development of advanced composite materials – such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics and ceramic matrix composites – and additive manufacturing, more commonly referred to as 3D printing, have introduced...

Golf and GameForge: Innovative Analytics for Recommender Systems; The Woods Effect: The Use of Data Analytics in Golf Training

Samuel Roberts
The STS thesis and technical project can be centered around a fairly specialized topic: data analytics in golf. Over the last twenty years, there has been a growing interest within the sports world in developing advanced metrics for use in better identifying the best players and where specific individuals/teams could improve. Sports such as the MLB and NBA have openly embraced the sabermetric revolution, unlike golf, which is particularly resistant to change. Historically, the only...

Up in Frames: AgroFlight; Social Implications of Drone Technology on Migrant Farm Workers

Gabriel Mallari
Introduction In the agricultural industry, farmers need to collect soil nutrition data in order to manage fertilization and predict crop yield. The sampling process involves penetrating the soil with a 12-inch soil sampler, sending the samples to a laboratory for analysis, and receiving the results within a couple of weeks. For large farms, this is an extremely arduous and time-consuming task. With the evolution of smart farming technologies, there’s greater pressure for farmers to adopt...

Automating the Clustering and Classification Process for Text-Based Documents; An Investigation Into Removing Inherent Biases from Machine Learning Algorithms

Alexander Kim
Machine learning techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) are becoming essential to manipulating the large-scale datasets that we are reliant on. One of the most promising uses for NLP algorithms is identifying potentially hostile or dangerous online users. Detecting these individuals based on their message history may help prevent future crimes from occurring if identification occurs early enough. My technical project focused on designing a system to detect malicious messages using natural language processing...

Developing a Multimodal Entertainment Tool with Intuitive Navigation, Hands-Free Control, and Avatar Features, to Increase User Interactivity; Power without Bounds: How Entertainment Companies Are Addicting Users

Saimanga Sreya Palnati
The general research problem of this paper is “How has online entertainment proliferated beyond the business models inherited from television and cinema?” With over 4.5 million internet users worldwide, the online digital entertainment industry is valued at $183.1 billion as of 2019 and continues to grow. This growth was facilitated by online entertainment companies adopting the attention-economy business model, where users’ attention is sold to advertisers to create revenue. This model contrasts to most businesses...

The AgroFlight Soil Sensing Drone; Undoing Environmental Damage with Digital Agriculture

Anthony Zaitsev
The sphere of agricultural technology is beginning to shift to include digital electronics to sense, track, and predict crop yields. Following this wave, our team’s technical project was a soil sensing drone. The Soil Sensing Drone is a quadcopter fixed with a soil sensor that reads nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels. Digital technology for farming can mitigate environmental damage – this movement has been coined the Digital Agricultural Revolution. The Soil Sensing Drone built for...

The Danger in the Acceptance of Manufactured Food; Engineering A Resilient Healthcare System

Sophie Fossett
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Each year, 805,000 people die from a heart attack in America, with 12% of those cases being fatal (Benjamin, 2019). A major contributor to heart attacks is obesity. People who suffer from obesity tend to have higher blood pressure, which is a common cause of a heart attack (Penn Medicine, 2021). Processed foods tend to cause an increase in blood pressure and thus obesity (VeryWell,...

Automation: Streamlining Development Operations; STS 4600 Thesis: Impact of Automation and Machines on employment

Ayoub Nur
During the Summer of 2021, I took part in an 8-week virtual internship opportunity at Deloitte within their Global Technology Services (GTS) business unit. I worked specifically in the Global Technology Infrastructure (GTI) business line alongside the Platforms Automation team whereas as an intern on this team, I became involved with three projects dealing with Application Programming Interface (API) Development, Server Compliance Automation, and Promoting Sustainability. The API development project involved delivering an API that...

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