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Designing Machine Learning Methods for RNA-Sequencing Analysis of Atherosclerosis; Adapting to the Age of Data-Driven Medicine: Analysis of Healthcare Systems on the Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Jainam Modh
The global artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) market is growing by 40-50% each year and is projected to exceed $300 billion by 2025. Amongst all major industries however, medicine and healthcare are the most difficult yet important domains of application for AI. Modeling the complexity of individual patient’s health patterns, tailoring medical decisions and care, and providing accurate predictions of a patient’s clinical outcomes is a difficult yet necessary path towards reaching the...

Qwerty Notes Internship: Facets of Computer Science; The growth in misinformation over social media networks and the change in content moderation over time

Vraj Desai
This thesis sets out the answer to the question, “How can we overcome the new hurdles coupled with the pandemic?” The proposed STS and technical papers both explain methods on how we can improve the technologies available. The issue of misinformation only increased with the start of the pandemic and finding ways of resolving it became much more complicated. At the same time, online learning became much more difficult, and students had a hard time...

E-Skin Resistive Strain Sensor: Optimum Sensor Placement; Applying Homomorphic Encryption as a Solution to Privacy Concerns in Artificial Intelligence-Based Medical Diagnostic Algorithms

Zachary Holden
Essentially, my science, technology, and society (STS) and technical projects seek to effectively support innovation in the healthcare industry by evaluating the sociotechnical implications of cutting-edge clinical data collection and analysis procedures. Driven primarily by heightened consumer interest in health and wellness tracking from the COVID-19 pandemic, global spending on wearable devices is projected to total $93.9 billion in 2022 [1]. Interestingly, this widespread public adoption is occurring even though current wearable devices like the...

Expanding Cybersecurity: The Ever-Evolving Information War; Autonomous Vehicles: The Next Step in Transportation?

Kalman Buterbaugh
It is no secret that technology is growing at an astonishingly fast rate, and technological developments can have significant impact on areas of society that are seemingly unrelated to the field of technology. Such rapidly developing technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), have implications that are both profound and impossible to predict with confidence. Their potential applications are therefore matters of disagreement. AI-guided systems can augment or displace humans, relieving them of tedious tasks, accelerating...

Hypersonic Atmospheric Reentry Deceleration Experiment (HARD-E); Social Construction of Spaceflight Technology

Carsten Connolly
Space has always been a fascination of mankind. Wondering about what lies beyond our terrestrial atmosphere, and feeling insignificant against the scope of the universe is almost a universal experience of human beings. In efforts to satiate this hunger for the unknown, space exploration technology –– whether it be as simple as a telescope or as robust as the International Space Station –– has been a central part of human history for many years. Nowadays,...

Manufacture and Validation of Advanced Cell Culture Inserts; Identification and Analysis of Causes and Effects of the United States Veteran Mental Health Epidemic

Eric Donohue
The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) spend billions of federal dollars on veteran healthcare and medical research each year. Thousands of healthcare facilities and research labs are funded with this budget to aid veterans in achieving and maintaining good health. Biomedical Engineering, specifically tissue engineering, is a rapidly advancing field and has made impactful progress in treating certain physical conditions that veterans are predisposed to, including Volumetric Muscle Loss...

Computational Flow Dynamics Analysis of Pelvic and Abdominal Veins Using CT, Venography, and Duplex Imaging; Animation in Media: How technological context constructs cultural meaning

Katherine Dunn
Technologies often have intersectional usages, a trend which holds true for modeling. While very broad in scope, modeling refers to the creation of a representative volume in some 3D space. Through our capstone team’s technical project, we were able to use modeling techniques to reconstruct portions of patient venous anatomy. To further methodologies for investigating Deep Vein Thrombosis, we used our models to run fluid dynamics simulations. Modeling is used in a number of other...

A Children’s Game to Improve Spelling- SpellCheck; How can technology best serve teachers?

Shymbolat Tnaliyev
Ever since the pandemic started, I have been questioning the areas it may have the biggest impact on. As an engineering student at the University of Virginia, the foremost sector I came up with was the educational sector. Particularly, I was interested in how emerging digital tools and e-platforms, which have been widely used during the COVID-19 epidemic, could impact teachers, students, and institutions, and whether implementation of such digital technologies will result in positive...

Context-Aware Recommendation Via Interactive Conversational Agents: A Case In Business Analytics; Evolution of Trust in Voice Assistant Systems

Omer Toker
Voice assistant technologies are vital tools to break the accessibility barrier in any technologies. Voice technologies have been around since 1990s, but they started becoming popular and widespread after the release of Siri. These technologies promise great opportunities for user experience in many systems; accessibility provided by voice technologies increase the ease of use. Although, there are many barriers to these technologies such as trust, cost and complexity, the solutions they are providing are promising....

Autonomous Driving Simulator for Self-Driving Vehicle Development & Familiarization; Process of Fostering Trust in Autonomous Vehicles

John Grant
Autonomous systems are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world today. They will likely be a significant part of daily life within the next few decades. These systems enable humans to carry out tasks with a greater degree of flexibility and ease, though there do exist pressing concerns regarding their implementation into society. Essentially, an autonomous system seeks to remove human oversight and action from the function of a technology, and consequently, dilemmas arise in how...

Generative Adversarial Networks in Cybersecurity: An Evolution of Malware Detection; Influence by Design: Big Tech’s Impact on Mental Health

Trevor Williams
The role of technology in society is pivotal and evergrowing. As technology becomes more advanced, we become more reliant on it. The relationship between human and technology has shifted with the development of powerful portable computers such as smartphones and laptops. Anyone with access to one of these devices and an internet connection has an endless stream of information available to them. They can choose to visit any website, download any software, and post any...

Suspended Algal Dynamics Across a Seagrass Meadow Landscape

Katharine Schlachter
Seagrasses are important foundation species in coastal ecosystems that facilitate primary production of themselves and macro-/microalgae and, through their water-baffling physical structure, encourage the accumulation of algal material in the system. However, the effect that seagrass meadows have on the vertical distribution of phytoplankton and suspended algal material and how that distribution changes seasonally and throughout the meadow landscape is largely unknown. To resolve this gap, I quantified suspended algal material in the water column...

Examining the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Accuracy with Hot Jupiter Candidates

AnnMarie Kelly
Hot Jupiter candidates have consistently been prone to be false positives. Using data from the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) catalog, we assemble a sample of Hot Jupiters to conduct follow-up observations on. Follow-up observations allow us to rule out objects as false positives or confirm them as planets, helping to better understand TESS' false positive rate for Hot Jupiters. We use ground observatories for follow-up observations from two locations: Apache Point Observatory in Sunspot,...

Robotic Police in the United States: A Divisive Innovation

Julia Rudy
The main problem that my thesis aimed to address is how can the U.S. integrate robotic autonomous systems to improve everyday life in the public sphere? In the technical portion of the thesis, the problem was narrowed down to: how can autonomous sensors be used to reduce bike collisions with cars? Bikes are used across the world for fitness, recreation, and sustainable transportation. However, this utility is hampered by the risk presented by motorists on...

Design and Verification of a Modified Ichip to Incorporate Coculturing of Soil Microbes; Examining the Process of Research to Grow Unculturable Microbes using Actor Network Theory

Gabrielle Costlow
There is a rise in antibiotic-resistance infections leading to poor efficacy of current treatments with antibiotics. Bacterial infections that may have been easily treated with antibiotics are now unable to be treated. This crisis has developed due to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics in addition to less and less new drug development. One of the reasons for the lack of antibiotic development is potentially from the inability to culture bacterial microbes within the environment....

Messianism and the Third Rome: Political Mythologies in Contemporary Russian Statecraft

Benjamin Francis
This thesis discusses how the contemporary Russian government uses deeply rooted nationalist political mythologies like Russian Messianism and the Third Rome to justify actions and decision-making in foreign affairs. Recent examples of this are Russia’s approach to events in South Ossetia and Abkhazia in 2008, the Ukraine Crisis and annexation of Crimea in 2014, the schism of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 2019, and the current war in Ukraine.

Ascertaining the role of magnetic fields in star formation through synthetic polarization observations

Hannah Woodward
Magnetic fields are important in star formation, but cannot be measured directly. Instead, since many asymmetrical dust grains are aligned with the local magnetic field, magnetic field structures can be estimated from linear polarization observations of dust emission. Using POLARIS, a radiative transfer code, we post-processed a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation snapshot that includes 289 stars of various masses and luminosities in a cubical box with side lengths of 4 pc. We compared polarization in the...

Evaluating The Efficacy of the Brief Jail Mental Health Screener and It’s Relationship with the Diagnoses & Treatment of Linked Inmates

Katherine Korngiebel
20 percent of Americans suffer from a mental illness (MHA, 2019). For those aged 10-34, suicide is the second leading cause of death (NAMI, 2021). The effects of poor mental healthare not isolated. Mental health disorders are associated with stress, deprivation, and addictive behaviors, hence certain people are at greater risk. The following sections of this paper will explore two of these subpopulations. The technical report will look at the connection of mental health to...

Interfaces and Web Applications for Military Systems; Conversations Surrounding Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Abigail Levine
As technology advances, one of the topics that is brought up most is autonomy. Autonomy is found in many different fields, most notably is self-driving vehicles. While self-driving vehicles are the most well-known implementation of autonomy, another large contributor is weapons. Lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) have been a major topic of conversation and controversy regarding the use of autonomous technology. Some weapons systems now apply artificial intelligence (AI) to “replicate the human decision-making process...

Privacy and Protection

Tristan White
The technical report consists of a review of literature on modern Wordle solving methods and seeks to extend computer science principles taught by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia in an effort to solve Wordle puzzles efficiently. This technical report is unrelated to the STS portion of this paper. In the STS portion, research is done to determine what modern literature says about the wicked problems that are bi-products of the...

Hypersonic Atmospheric Reentry Deceleration Experiment (HARDE); Misinformation, bias, and ideology: How Flat Earthers cultivate their beliefs

Andrew Metro
How do humans explain physical phenomena? How humans justify their beliefs is a central question in epistemology. Of particular importance is how we form and justify beliefs about the physical world. Our minds are not as they seem – and this can have a profound impact not only scientific inquiry and the development of new technologies, but also on society as a whole. How might a CubeSat in very low Earth orbit collect flight data...

Paradigm for Including Privacy: A Proposal for CS 4710; Mutual Benefit: How Communicating Privacy Risk of Healthcare Big Data Benefits All

Kelvin Peng
Machine learning privacy encompasses both technical and ethical concerns. Technical awareness and advancements in privacy protection affect the privacy policy environment, just as policy forms the permissible bounds for how – and what – technology can be used. This work investigates the relationship between specific aspects of privacy machine learning research education and the policy which researchers use to guide their work and relationship with patients. Education of students in the existence of privacy risk...

Patient Organization for a Kidney Transplantation Management and Decision Support System; Health Information Technologies’ Influence on Healthcare Professionals and Society

Natalie Zhang
It is important to examine how kidney transplant coordination systems, which is how transplant coordinators organize kidney donations, will affect the interactions in organ transplant services. The technical project’s goal is to implement the prototype for a kidney transplant management system to ease communications between different healthcare professionals as well as patients and to provide organized information. While working on the technical project, questions of how doctors communicate with their patients and other healthcare professionals....

Un-fantastic Plastics: An End-of-Life Analysis of the University of Virginia Solid Waste Management System; A Sociotechnical Analysis of German and American Waste Management Systems

Shannon Hepp
Waste disposal is a global issue. No matter how or where people live, humans will always generate waste. Single-use plastics (SUPs) are an especially problematic type of waste due to their abundance, inability to break down, and tendency to bioaccumulate. With billions of tons of waste produced year after year, the following question becomes ever more pressing: what to do with it all? Despite its popularity in large countries like the United States, landfilling is...

Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Space Debris: How Technology as a Self-Determining Entity in Space Impacts Social, Economic, Political and Other Forms of Developing Technology

Ryan Jansen
My capstone project focused on hypersonic orbital flight and technology. My STS research paper focused on the impacts of space debris on society as well as other forms of technology. Together, these topics relate to one another under the umbrella of space technology. Space debris and hypersonic orbital flight vehicles are the subjects of research due to personal interests in national defense and limited flexibility in department resources respectively. Research involving space debris required minimal...

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