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Maximizing Acetyl-CoA Output by Genetically Engineering E. coli for the Overall Output of the Bioplastic PHB; Social Media: How Proponents of Digital Media Maximize Content Consumption

Sang-Hoon Park
In system optimization, a system is typically modified to improve its productivity, which can be defined as the ratio of outputs to inputs and the ratio of desired to undesired outputs. Yet not everyone shares in the management of a system, and when the those who are affected by the outputs are not the system managers, system optimization may subject others to ever-worsening outputs. For example, in the plastics industries, optimization of manufacturing systems increased...

Testing BLUESAPWN and Advocating for Privacy

William Mayes
BLUESPAWN is an open-source active defense and EDR tool. I add integration tests to BLUESPAWN as the start of a complete testing suite for the software. I also research and provide a framework for understanding how privacy advocacy groups advance their agendas.

Structural Analysis of Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Horologium I

Madeline Gyllenhoff
We use Hubble Space Telescope (HST) photometry to study the morphology of the low luminosity Milky Way (MW) satellite Horologium I (Hor I). Previous literature values of Hor I are further refined through the fitting of galactic models using a Maximum Likelihood algorithm applied to HST data to fit two density profiles: exponential and Plummer. This ultra-faint dwarf (UFD) galaxy has structural parameters of elliptical half-light radius $a_{h, exp}= 1.99'^{+0.24}_{-0.20}$ for the exponential model and...

Satori: A Course Management System; A Student-Centered Analysis of the Design of Virtual Learning Tools

Ramya Bhaskara
Remote learning tools have revolutionized modern education systems, enabling almost anyone to learn from the comfort of their own home. The last two years have seen a steep increase in the use of these tools, with over 74% of US households with children transitioning to some form of online education due to the COVID-19 pandemic (McElrath, 2021). Even as courses return to in person instruction, instructors have integrated the convenient aspects of online learning into...

Novel EMG-IMU Sensor Array for a 5-DOF Wearable Robotic Upper-Limb Exoskeleton; A Sociotechnical Analysis of Prosthesis Abandonment

Bay Gates
Medical devices are becoming more common in everyday life. Wearable technology and prosthesis are just two applications of medical devices. The medical field is continuously expanding as technology improves, and as a result, the need for individualized device design and care become more evident for the best quality healthcare. The portfolio examines two independent projects regarding the mechanical engineering field relating to technology and biology. The technical project focuses on designing a wearable robotic upper-limb...

Active Control of Wind Turbine Blades to Increase Efficiency; The Tortoise and the Hare: American and Chinese National and Technological Cultural Values Influence on Sustainability Transition Mechanisms

Isaiah Woo
For the technical portion of my thesis, my group and I focused on increasing the efficiency wind turbines gathered energy from oncoming wind, increasing electric energy output and decreasing the cost of energy, furthering the economic viability of wind turbines as a renewable energy source. The first stage of our project was to 3D model and print a wind turbine with a modular trailing edge. For the second stage of our project, we created a...

Carbon-Neutral Production Of Methanol Via Direct Air Carbon Capture; The Integration of Direct Air Capture in Modern Society and Industry

Lillian Huynh
Climate change has been a growing concern over the last few years due to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and these theses seek to propose a solution to this problem. These emissions are largely the result of industrialization with little technologies implemented to mitigate these emissions. Recently, there are major developments in direct air capture, DAC, technology to help capture the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and convert those gases into more useful...

Development of a Dynamic Tensioning Ankle Brace for Chronic Ankle Instability; Impact of Additive Manufacturing Techniques on Underrepresented Patient Demographics in the Bracing Industry

Evan Wendell
My STS thesis portfolio consists of a technical paper and a research paper that address the impact that additive manufacturing could have on the bracing industry. The capstone project that the technical paper focuses on is the full product development of a personalized dynamic tensioning ankle brace through additive manufacturing techniques. Similarly, the research paper identifies the impacts that the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing could have on combating the inherent biases within the current...

Design of an Alternative Method to Create Custom Ocular Prosthetics; Ocular Prosthetics: The Socioeconomic Properties of Medical Technology

Jaden Stanford
There are over 2 million medical devices available globally; some of them are complex and life-sustaining, while others are small and more common items. The ocular prosthetic is an example of such a device; it is a small apparatus that patients who have lost an eye wear in their socket to restore their normal appearance. Although its main function is aesthetic, it also protects the socket from foreign bodies and infection. Around 5 million people...

Synthesis of Software Development and Database Systems; Explainability in AI for the Purpose of Contestability

John Taylor
A common problem with many Artificial Intelligence systems is a lack of transparency about their internal models which makes it hard to explain the results of these systems. This lack of explainability is a significant issue since these systems’ decisions can have significant impacts on real people. These systems are not infallible, and it is important that measures are in place for humans to step in and correct mistakes made by AI. These systems cannot...

Developing a Dynamic Control Algorithm to Improve Ventilation Efficiency in a University Conference Room; Impacts attributed to the Adversarial Manipulation of Smart HVAC Systems on Building Occupants

Jason Jabbour
HVAC systems are needed to ventilate buildings to maintain healthy indoor environments. Such HVAC systems foster healthy and comfortable indoor environments by maintaining a constant temperature and increasing indoor air quality (IAQ). Current HVAC systems in commercial buildings successfully achieve constant indoor temperature and healthy IAQ levels. Still, this objective is reached at the cost of high energy usage, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. With the call for the creation of more advanced...

Is A Sustainable Energy Future Possible? An Analysis of Renewable Storage Technology

Rex Serpe
With climate change rapidly spiraling out of control, balancing out our effect on the Earth and stabilizing the climate is more important than ever. In the midst of this growing problem, the overarching focus of this thesis and technical project is an exploration of renewable energy technology and how it can be used to develop a more sustainable relationship with the planet. Currently, the world is heavily reliant on a non-renewable energy system which contributes...

Advancing Hyku: End of Project Update at Open Repositories

Ellen Ramsey & Ilkay Holt
This presentation at the 2022 Open Repositories meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA summarized the structural improvements and new features contributed by the end of the project to the Samvera Community’s Hyku platform. The project's aim was to support the growth of green open access through institutional repositories. The project partners were University of Virginia Library, Ubiquity Press and the British Library, with funding from Arcadia, a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin....

SCC-CIVIC-PG Track B Journal of Civic Technology

Lane Rasberry
There exist multiple networks of civic technology (civic tech) community organizations in the United States which organize local people to identify barriers to accessing government or public resources and to increase accessibility with technical solutions. As an example, consider Code for America, which is a national organization supporting 80 regional chapters or "brigades" each convening frequent meetings for technically skilled volunteers, nonprofit or government representatives, and community stakeholders to discuss problems and design solutions to...

Andrea test Research Data Section

Sherry H Lake

Data from: Climate affects the outbreaks of a forest defoliator indirectly through its tree hosts

Kyle Haynes, Andrew Liebhold, Jonathan Lefcheck, Randall Morin & Guiming Wang
Spatial variation in climate is known to affect the survival and reproduction of herbivorous forest insects and tree-species compositions, but the importance of indirect effects of climate on outbreaks of forest insects through its effects on forest composition is unclear. This data was compiled to examine the direct and indirect effects of climate, water capacity of the soil, host tree density, and non-host density on the spatial extent of Lymantria dispar outbreaks in the Eastern...

The history of the education of blacks in the Portsmouth city public schools 1871-1973 : a case study

Charles Henry Edward Smith
A survey of the literature revealed that a few statewide (Virginia) histories on black education have been done and some local studies also. However, there is still need for many more local investigations, especially in certain areas not covered by previous research. Thus, the Portsmouth investigation has proved an additional local study to help fill the void. The problem in the investigation was to to an historical case study of the education of blacks in...

Apocryphal prayers in medieval Slavia Orthodoxa

Yvonne Marie Brandon
Slavic medieval apocryphal prayers, also called false prayers or magical prayers, are often defined as prayers with a "magical purpose" or which rely on "magical means." Some of the most common are intended to counteract the bite of a snake or mad dog, to stop bleeding or to cure disease. Often, they combine pre-Christian and Christian elements, drawing a natural comparison to oral charms, although they are written texts found in Orthodox manuscripts. Scholarship has often presented apocryphal prayers as...

Piedmont Virginia Community College Site Design; Green Roofs: Understanding the Advancements of Green Technology Through the Human and Environment Relationship

Zoe Weatherford
Engineering is often seen as just manipulating equations and reviewing numbers. While this is an important aspect of engineering, it does not encompass all the complexities that must be addressed during designing. Engineers must be careful of how their work impacts society and the environment, and use their knowledge to create solutions. Engineers have the ability to make an impact on communicates and make a difference in the world with their mindful and creative decisions...

Un-fantastic Plastics: An end-of-life analysis of the University of Virginia’s Solid Waste Management System; The Challenges of Single-Use Plastic Bans on Historically Marginalized U.S. Communities

Geneva Lanzetta
The technical project was completed in collaboration with four other Civil Engineering students under the supervision of two advisors. Because of Virginia’s recent single-use plastic ban, our project focused on the waste streams at the University of Virginia and the efficacy of landfill alternatives. Alongside Facilities Management and UVA Sustainability, we developed a comparative analysis of these alternatives while adhering to the goals of the university. The first phase of the project focused on analyzing...

The Impact of Brine Generation on Marine Life through Seawater Desalination

Toni Ajala
My technical thesis is a design for a seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination in Chennai, India, using pretreatment, RO separation, and post-treatment methods to produce potable water. An inlet flow of 196 million liters daily (MLD) of saltwater results in 150 MLD of freshwater, which cuts half of Chennai's freshwater scarcity. Both physical and chemical impurities of seawater are eliminated using various filtration methods. Then, a two-stage RO process separates salt NaCl from the water....

2022 UVA Health Disparities Conference

Nadine Michel
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhumane.” This conference was organized by passionate medical students who care deeply about the future of the American healthcare system and who are committed to addressing healthcare disparities throughout their careers. Today you will be hearing from faculty, resident physicians, community members, and medical students about their exceptional work in the domains of clinical...

Moderate Men and Conservative Influences: Illinois and the Politics of Union, 1854-1861

Ian Iverson
“Moderate Men and ConservativeInfluences: Illinois and the Politics of Union, 1854-1861” reveals the significance of political moderation in an era of partisan extremes. Nearly all politicians throughout this period claimed to be “conservative” and opposed to radical “ultras” such as Southern “Fire Eaters” and Garrisonian abolitionists. By interpreting this “conservatism” as a disposition rather than an ideology, this dissertation explores how mainstream politicians in the Democratic, Know Nothing, and Republican Parties employed a shared interpretation of American liberty, history, and institutions to court voters whose political affiliations remained fluid throughout...

Pilot Study

N. Derek Brown, Juliana Schroeder, Peter Belmi & Drew Jacoby-Senghor
This is a pre-registration for a pilot study exploring how white Americans perceive privilege in U.S. society.

The European Union, the United States, and Trade: Metaphorical Climate Change, Not Bad Weather

Mark Schwartz
US and EU trade relations exhibit a set of chronic and secularly unsustainable imbalances, in which new Schumpeterian leading sectors and catch‐up growth create growing tension in the asymmetrical and somewhat hierarchical US–EU rela‐ tionship. These imbalances exhibit two distinct cycles interrupted by a clear structural break in the 1970s and an emerging cycle after the 2008–2010 crises. Each cycle has seen rising US current account or trade deficits with Europe provoke some financial or...

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