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Do horror tecnocrático ao encanto da máquina: imagens e mitos do fascínio tecnológico

André Fonseca

Data from: Tree seedling responses to leaf-cutting ants herbivory in Atlantic Forest restoration sites

Jose Marcelo Domingues Torezan, Jessica Magon Garcia, Alexandre De Mello Bordignon & Gessi De Sousa Gonzaga
Leaf-cutting ants (LCA) are generalist herbivores capable of causing severe plant damage. Negative impacts of ant herbivory vary according to the density of nests and availability of palatable plants; however, it is not yet clear how these herbivores affect tropical forest restoration sites. To investigate how LCA preference affects plant species performance, we evaluated the herbivory of Atta sexdens rubropilosa on native tree species seedlings in Atlantic Forest restoration sites. We expected pioneer species to...

Data from: Beta diversity patterns of bats in the Atlantic Forest: how does the scale of analysis affect the importance of spatial and environmental factors?

Carolina Batista, Isaac De Lima & Marcos Lima
Aim: Environmental and spatial factors are broadly recognized as important predictors of beta diversity patterns. However, the scale at which beta diversity patterns are evaluated will affect the outcoming results. For example, studies at larger scales will usually find spatial processes as the main predictor of beta diversity patterns. In this study we evaluate how beta diversity patterns change when analyses are conducted at different scales by reducing the scale of analysis in a hierarchical...

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