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Data from: Regulation of body reserves in a hunted wader: implications for cold-weather shooting restrictions

Carlos Sánchez-García, Owen Williams & Andrew Hoodless
1.Severe winter weather can reduce avian energetic reserves. At such times, reducing disturbance, and therefore energy expenditure, through science-based policy is crucial to mitigating negative impacts on survival. 2.We examined through allometric equations the energy reserves of Eurasian woodcock Scolopax rusticola, a popular quarry species across most of Europe, in relation to time of winter, location and temperature. We used data from 221 dissected birds, shot in Britain in two winters (2013/14, 2014/15), and 1689...

Data from: Vigilance and the functional response of granivorous foragers

David J. Baker, Richard A. Stillman, Barbara M. Smith, James M. Bullock & Ken J. Norris
1. Functional response models that predict the relationship between feeding rate and food density often include only two behavioural parameters, handling time and searching rate. However, vigilance can occupy a large proportion of foraging time and, consequently, may affect the functional response. Previous functional response models of granivorous birds showed no effect of vigilance on predicted feeding rates; these models assumed that all of handling time is compatible with vigilance and, therefore, overestimated the potential...

Data from: Resource-Area-Dependence Analysis: inferring animal resource needs from home-range and mapping data

Robert E. Kenward, Eduardo M. Arraut, Peter A. Robertson, Sean S Walls, Nicholas M Casey & Nicholas J Aebischer
An animal’s home-range can be expected to encompass the resources it requires for surviving or reproducing. Thus, animals inhabiting a heterogeneous landscape, where resource patches vary in size, shape and distribution, will naturally have home-ranges of varied sizes, so that each home-range encompasses a minimum required amount of a resource. Home-range size can be estimated from telemetry data, and often key resources, or proxies for them such as the areas of important habitat types, can...

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