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Data from: Population size and major valleys explain microsatellite variation better than taxonomic units for caribou in western Canada

Robert Serrouya, David Paetkau, Bruce N. McLellan, Stan Boutin, Deborah A. Jenkins & Mitch Campbell
Identifying conservation units below the species level is becoming increasingly important, particularly when limited resources necessitate prioritization for conservation among such units. This problem is exemplified with caribou, a mammal with a circum-Arctic distribution that is exposed to a broad spectrum of ecological conditions, but is also declining in many parts of its range. We used microsatellite markers to evaluate the suitability of existing intra-specific taxonomic designations to act as population units for conservation, and...

Data from: Oxidative damage increases with reproductive energy expenditure and is reduced by food-supplementation

Quinn E. Fletcher, Colin Selman, Stan Boutin, Andrew G. McAdam, Sarah B. Woods, Arnold Y. Seo, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, John R. Speakman & Murray M. Humphries
A central principle in life-history theory is that reproductive effort negatively affects survival. Costs of reproduction are thought to be physiologically-based, but the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. Using female North American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus), we test the hypothesis that energetic investment in reproduction overwhelms investment in antioxidant protection, leading to oxidative damage. In support of this hypothesis we found that the highest levels of plasma protein oxidative damage in squirrels occurred during the...

Data from: Characterizing the physical and genetic structure of the lodgepole pine × jack pine hybrid zone: mosaic structure and differential introgression

Catherine I. Cullingham, Patrick M. A. James, Janice E. K. Cooke & David W. Coltman
Understanding the physical and genetic structure of hybrid zones can illuminate factors affecting their formation and stability. In north central Alberta, lodgepole pine (P. contorta Dougl. ex Loud. var. latifolia) and jack pine (P. banksiana Lamb) form a complex and poorly defined hybrid zone. Better knowledge of this zone is relevant, given the recent host expansion of mountain pine beetle into jack pine. We characterized the zone by genotyping 1998 lodgepole, jack pine and hybrids...

Data from: Low heritabilities, but genetic and maternal correlations between red squirrel behaviours.

Ryan W. Taylor, Adrienne K. Boon, Ben Dantzer, Denis Réale, Murray M. Humphries, Stan Boutin, Jamieson C. Gorrell, David W. Coltman & Andrew G. McAdam
Consistent individual differences in behaviour, and behavioural correlations within and across contexts, are referred to as animal personalities. These patterns of variation have been identified in many animal taxa and are likely to have important ecological and evolutionary consequences. Despite their importance, genetic and environmental sources of variation in personalities have rarely been characterized in wild populations. We used a Bayesian animal model approach to estimate genetic parameters for aggression, activity and docility in North...

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