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Data from: Predicted input of uncultured fungal symbionts to a lichen symbiosis from metagenome-assembled genomes

Gulnara Tagirdzhanova, Paul Saary, Jeffrey P. Tingley, David Dıaz-Escandon, D. Wade Abbott, Robert D. Finn & Toby Spribille
Basidiomycete yeasts have recently been reported as stably associated secondary fungal symbionts (SFSs) of many lichens, but their role in the symbiosis remains unknown. Attempts to sequence their genomes have been hampered both by the inability to culture them and their low abundance in the lichen thallus alongside two dominant eukaryotes (an ascomycete fungus and chlorophyte alga). Using the lichen Alectoria sarmentosa, we selectively dissolved the cortex layer in which SFSs are embedded to enrich...

Tree diversity reduces risk of bark beetle infestation for preferred conifer species, but increases risk for less preferred hosts

Sylvie Berthelot, Tobias Frühbrodt, Peter Hajek, Charles Nock, Carsten Dormann, Jürgen Bauhus & Jochen Fründ
1. In recent decades, European temperate forests have repeatedly suffered from severe droughts. Drought-weakened forests have often become more susceptible to pest outbreaks such as bark-beetle infestations. Tree-species diversity is expected to increase resistance to drought and pests, but evidence for a positive tree diversity effect on insect pest reduction is largely circumstantial. 2. Here we tested the effects of tree diversity and biogeographic origin of tree species on bark-beetle infestation in a large, young...

Implementing Cross-Border Interbank Lending in BoC-GEM-FIN

Malik Shukayev & Argyn Toktamyssov
BIS interbank lending data show that the Great Recession generated large and persistent changes in the international interbank lending positions of various countries. The main objective of this study is to understand the role of changes in international interbank credit flows in transmitting shocks across borders. To accomplish this task, we needed a global structural model with an international interbank market. Our search for a suitable structural model revealed that the Bank of Canada version...

Data from: Lichen fungi do not depend on the alga for ATP production

Gulnara Tagirdzhanova
Lichen fungi live in a symbiotic association with unicellular phototrophs and have no known aposymbiotic stage. A recent study postulated that some of them have lost mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and rely on their algal partners for ATP. This claim originated from an apparent lack of ATP9, a gene encoding one subunit of ATP synthase, from a few mitochondrial genomes. Here we show that while these fungi indeed have lost the mitochondrial ATP9, each retain a...

Data from: Morphology and distribution of scales, dermal ossifications, and other non-feather integumentary structures in non-avialan theropod dinosaurs

Christophe Hendrickx, Phil R. Bell, Michael Pittman, Andrew R. C. Milner, Elena Cuesta, Jingmai O'Connor, Mark Loewen, Philip J. Currie, Octávio Mateus, Thomas G. Kaye & Rafael Delcourt
Modern birds are typified by the presence of feathers, complex evolutionary innovations that were already widespread in the group of theropod dinosaurs (Maniraptoriformes) that include crown Aves. Squamous or scaly reptilian-like skin is, however, considered the plesiomorphic condition for theropods and dinosaurs more broadly. Here, we review the morphology and distribution of non-feathered integumentary structures in non-avialan theropods covering squamous skin and naked skin as well as dermal ossifications. The integumentary record of non-averostran theropods...

Sequential stressor mesocosm experiment - fish x warming

Megan MacLennan & Rolf Vinebrooke
Cumulative impacts of multiple extreme and novel environmental changes on communities are often the result of asynchronous rather than simultaneous exposures to such stressors. Yet, the importance of temporal dynamics remains a major knowledge gap in multiple stressor ecology, lacking theory or evidence. We provide a conceptual template for predicting the ecological importance of the order in which consecutive stressors occur (i.e. an exposure order effect) based on correlated species responses. Negative correlation of species...

Data for the Big Boom Theory: the Common Nighthawk wing-boom display delineates exclusive nesting territories

Elly Knight, R. Mark Brigham & Erin Bayne
Understanding the functional significance of bird sounds can provide valuable insight into behavior and how birds use habitat. We show that the Common Nighthawk wing-boom display is a territorial signal associated with the nest location that can be used to identify territorial habitat use. In other words, the Common Nighthawk wing-boom display can be considered analogous to song due to its potential function in territoriality. We captured, tagged, and tracked 21 male Common Nighthawks in...

Data from: Vertebrate scavenging dynamics differ between carnivore and herbivore carcasses in the northern boreal forest

Michael Peers, Sean Konkolics, Yasmine Majchrzak, Allyson Menzies, Emily Studd, Rudy Boonstra, Stan Boutin & Clayton Lamb
Vertebrate scavenging can impact food web dynamics, but our understanding of this process stems predominantly from monitoring herbivore carrion and extrapolating results across carcass types. Recent evidence suggests carnivores may avoid intraguild scavenging to reduce parasite transmission. If this behavior is widespread across diverse ecosystems, estimation of nutrient cycling and community scavenging rates are likely biased to a currently unknown degree. We examined whether the time to initiate scavenging, carcass persistence, or the richness of...

Assisted colonization of a regionally native predator impacts benthic invertebrates in fishless mountain lakes

Allison L. K. Banting, Mark K. Taylor, Rolf D. Vinebrooke, Chris M. Carli, Mark S. Poesch & Rolf D. Vinebrooke
The intentional introduction of native cold-water trout into high-elevation fishless lakes has been considered a tool to build resilience to climate change (i.e. assisted colonization); however, ecological impacts on recipient communities are understudied. The purpose of this study was to inform native cold-water trout recovery managers by assessing potential consequences of translocating a regionally native trout (westslope cutthroat trout; Oncorhynchus clarkii) into fishless mountain lakes. This study compared littoral benthic invertebrate richness, diversity, community structure,...

Traditional land use, management and biodiversity of European semi-natural grasslands – Editorial to the 15th EDGG Special Feature

Steffen Boch, Thomas Becker, Balázs Deák, Jürgen Dengler & Viktoria Wagner
Seit 15 Jahren geben Mitglieder der Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) und deren Vorgänger-organisationen Grasland-Sonderausgaben (Special Features) in Tuexeniaheraus. Das diesjährige Special Feature mit dem Titel Traditionelle Landnutzung, Management und Biodiversität von halb-natürlichem Grasland in Europa umfasst acht Artikel, die viele Aspekte der Graslandforschung beleuchten und verschiedene Organismengruppen miteinbeziehen: JANIŠOVÁ et al. (2020a) untersuch-ten den Einfluss verschiedener traditioneller Landnutzungsformen auf den Artenreichtum des extensi-ven Graslands im Apuseni-Gebirge in Westrumänien. LABADESSA et al.(2020) verglichen die Arten-zusammensetzung...

Monetary Policy Tradeoffs Between Financial Stability and Price Stability

Malik Shukayev & Alexander Ueberfeldt
We analyze the impact of interest rate policy on financial stability in an environment where banks can experience runs on their short-term liabilities, forcing them to sell assets at fire-sale prices. Price adjustment frictions and a state-dependent risk of financial crisis create the possibility of a policy tradeoff between price stability and financial stability. Focusing on Taylor rules with monetary policy possibly reacting to banks’ short-term liabilities, we find that the optimized policy uses the...

Ancient horse genomes reveal the timing and extent of dispersals across the Bering Land Bridge

Alisa Vershinina, Peter Heintzman, Duane Froese, Grant Zazula, Molly Cassatt-Johnstone, Love Dalén, Clio Der Sarkissian, Shelby Dunn, Luca Ermini, Cristina Gamba, Pamela Groves, Joshua Kapp, Daniel Mann, Andaine Seguin-Orlando, John Southon, Mathias Stiller, Matthew Wooller, Gennady Baryshnikov, Dmitry Gimranov, Eric Scott, Elizabeth Hall, Susan Hewitson, Irina Kirillova, Pavel Kosintsev, Fedor Shidlovsky … & Beth Shapiro
The Bering Land Bridge (BLB) last connected Eurasia and North America during the Pleistocene. Although the BLB would have enabled transfers of terrestrial biota in both directions, it also acted as an ecological filter whose permeability varied considerably over time. Here we explore the possible impacts of this ecological corridor on genetic diversity within, and connectivity among, populations of a once wide-ranging group, the caballine horses (Equus spp.). Using a panel of 187 mitochondrial and...

Supplemental data from: Intraspecific facial bite marks in tyrannosaurids provide insight into sexual maturity and evolution of bird-like intersexual display

Caleb Brown, Philip Currie & François Therrien
Intraspecific aggression, or agonism, is a widespread intrasexual selective behavior important to understanding animal behavioral ecology and reproductive systems. Such behavior can be studied either by direct observation or inferred from wound/scar frequency in extant species, but is difficult to document in extinct taxa, limiting understanding of its evolution. Among extant archosaurs, crocodylians display extensive intrasexual aggression, whereas birds show extreme visual/vocal intersexual display. The evolutionary origin of this behavioral divergence, and pattern in non-avian...

Medial amygdala ERα expression influences monogamous behavior of male prairie voles in the field

Connor Lambert
Formation of long-term pair-bonds is a complex process, involving multiple neural circuits, and is context- and experience-dependent. While laboratory studies using prairie voles have identified the involvement of several neural mechanisms, efforts to translate these findings into predictable field outcomes have been ambiguous at best. Here we test the hypothesis that inhibition of estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) in the medial amygdala of male prairie voles would significantly increase the expression of social monogamy in the...

Plant composition of northern temperate pastures and their disturbance history in Alberta, Canada

Lysandra Pyle & Edward Bork
This data set includes the plant composition of 102 pastures sampled in north-central Alberta, Canada. Sampled pastures were located in the Central Parkland and Dry Mixed-Wood natural subregions, and were largely comprised of introduced species. In this study, we examined the influence of pasture disturbance history on vegetation, soil properties, and rangeland health. Disturbance history includes estimates of pasture age, cultivation history, fire history, grazing history (including stocking rates), and other pasture management activities/inputs (manure,...

When Deleuze and Lacan {finally} Meet :The Singularity (Life) of Art in [Art] Education

Jan Jagodzinski

Data from: Determinants and long-term costs of early reproduction in males of a long-lived polygynous mammal

Yanny Ritchot, Fanie Pelletier, Marco Festa-Bianchet & David Coltman
In long-lived polygynous species, male reproductive success is often monopolized by a few mature dominant individuals. Young males are generally too small to be dominant and may employ alternative tactics, however, little is known about the determinants of reproductive success for young males. Understanding the causes and consequences of variability in early reproductive success may be crucial to assess the strength of sexual selection and possible long-term trade-offs among life-history traits. Selective pressures driven by...

Managing Risk Taking with Interest Rate Policy and Macroprudential Regulations

Simona E. Cociuba, Malik Shukayev & Alexander Ueberfeldt
We develop a model in which a financial intermediary’s investment in risky assets—risk taking—is excessive due to limited liability and deposit insurance and characterize the policy tools that implement efficient risk taking. In the calibrated model, coordinating interest rate policy with state-contingent macroprudential regulations, either capital or leverage regulation, and a tax on profits achieves efficiency. Interest rate policy mitigates excessive risk taking by altering both the return and the supply of collateralizable safe assets....

Data from: The patterns of vascular plant discoveries in China

Muyang Lu, Lianming Gao, Hongtao Li & Fangliang He
Aim 1. To understand geographic patterns of species discovery by examining the effect of growth form, range size, and geographic distribution on discovery probability of vascular plant species in China. 2. To find out which taxa harbor the largest number of undiscovered species and where those species locate. 3. To find out the determinants of province-level mean discovery time and inventory completeness. Location: China Methods We compiled the discovery time and province-level geographic distributions of...

Social effects on annual fitness in red squirrels

Andrew McAdam, Quinn Webber, Ben Dantzer, Jeff Lane & Stan Boutin
When resources are limited, mean fitness is constrained and competition can cause genes and phenotypes to enhance an individual’s own fitness while reducing the fitness of their competitors. Negative social effects on fitness have the potential to constrain adaptation, but the interplay between ecological opportunity and social constraints on adaptation remains poorly studied in nature. Here, we tested for evidence of phenotypic social effects on annual fitness (survival and reproductive success) in a long-term study...

Grey Literature is a Necessary Facet in a Critical Approach to Gambling Research

David Baxter, Fiona Nicoll & Murat Akçayir
Commercial gambling has seen massive global expansion in the past 25 years. It is a huge industry selling a risky form of entertainment: problem gambling is the only non- substance addiction recognized in the DSM-5, affecting an average of 2.3% of people in jurisdictions where prevalence data are available. Gambling also harms people who gamble below the clinical threshold of "problem gambling", as well as the friends, families and communities of people who gamble. Gambling...

Spatio-temporal dynamics of abiotic and biotic properties explain biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships

Felix Gottschall, Simone Cesarz, Harald Auge, Kyle Kovach, Akira Mori, Charles Nock & Nico Eisenhauer
There is increasing evidence that spatial and temporal dynamics of biodiversity and ecosystem functions play an essential role in biodiversity-ecosystem functioning (BEF) relationships. Despite the known importance of soil processes for forest ecosystems, belowground functions in response to tree diversity and spatio-temporal dynamics of ecological processes and conditions remain poorly described. We propose a novel conceptual framework integrating spatio-temporal dynamics in BEF relationships and hypothesized a positive tree species richness effect on soil ecosystem functions...

Data from Divergent, age-associated fungal communities of Pinus flexilis and Pinus longaeva

Joseph D. Birch, James Lutz, Benjamin Turner & Justine Karst
The long-lived five-needle pines, Pinus flexilis (limber pine) and Pinus longaeva (Great Basin bristlecone pine) can co-occur and may form symbiotic partnerships with the same species of ectomycorrhizal fungi. These shared symbiotic relationships may facilitate the persistence of these pine species. Throughout their lives, P. flexilis and P. longaeva may also assemble unique elowground fungal communities, adding to the conservation value of ancient trees. We used MiSeq sequencing of fungal rDNA to compare fungal community...

Data Matrices Nukukammophis

Michael Caldwell
Reassessment of the anatomy of a three-dimensionally preserved, partial braincase from the Lower Cretaceous (lower Valanginian; ~139 mya) Kirkwood Formation of the Kirkwood Cliffs Quarry, South Africa, reveals it to be that of a new fossil snake species. The braincase presents a number of squamate skull features but also specific braincase features shared with early snakes such as Najash, Dinilysia, Sanajeh, and Menarana (e.g., presence of a large fenestra ovalis; fenestra rotunda separated from fenestra...

Food availability and long-term predation risk interactively affect antipredator response

Shotaro Shiratsuru, Yasmine Majchrzak, Michael Peers, Emily Studd, Allyson Menzies, Rachael Derbyshire, Murray Humphries, Charles Krebs, Dennis Murray & Stan Boutin
Food availability and temporal variation in predation risk are both important determinants of the magnitude of antipredator responses, but their effects have rarely been examined simultaneously, particularly in wild prey. Here, we determine how food availability and long-term predation risk affect antipredator responses to acute predation risk by monitoring the foraging response of free-ranging snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus) to an encounter with a Canada lynx Lynx canadensis) in Yukon, Canada, over 4 winters (from 2015-2016...

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