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Plant composition of northern temperate pastures and their disturbance history in Alberta, Canada

Lysandra Pyle & Edward Bork
This data set includes the plant composition of 102 pastures sampled in north-central Alberta, Canada. Sampled pastures were located in the Central Parkland and Dry Mixed-Wood natural subregions, and were largely comprised of introduced species. In this study, we examined the influence of pasture disturbance history on vegetation, soil properties, and rangeland health. Disturbance history includes estimates of pasture age, cultivation history, fire history, grazing history (including stocking rates), and other pasture management activities/inputs (manure,...

Snaps of a tiny amphipod push the boundary of ultrafast, repeatable movement

Sarah Longo, William Ray, Grace Farley, Jacob Harrison, Justin Jorge, Tomonari Kaji, A. Richard Palmer & Sheila Patek
Surprisingly, the fastest motions are not produced by large animals or robots. Rather, small organisms or structures, including cnidarian stinging cells, fungal shooting spores, and mandible strikes of ants, termites, and spiders hold the world acceleration records. These diverse systems share common features: they rapidly convert potential energy - stored in deformed material or fluid - into kinetic energy when a latch is released. However, the fastest and smallest known movements often cannot be used...

Uniform stress field inside a non-parabolic open inhomogeneity interacting with a mode III crack

X. Wang & P. Schiavone
Using conformal mapping techniques, analytic continuation and the theory of Cauchy singular integral equations, we prove that a non-parabolic open inhomogeneity embedded in an elastic matrix subjected to a uniform remote anti-plane stress nevertheless admits an internal uniform stress field despite the presence of a finite mode III crack in its vicinity. Our analysis indicates that: (i) the internal uniform stress field is independent of the specific shape of the inhomogeneity and the presence of...

Assisted colonization of a regionally native predator impacts benthic invertebrates in fishless mountain lakes

Allison L. K. Banting, Mark K. Taylor, Rolf D. Vinebrooke, Chris M. Carli, Mark S. Poesch & Rolf D. Vinebrooke
The intentional introduction of native cold-water trout into high-elevation fishless lakes has been considered a tool to build resilience to climate change (i.e. assisted colonization); however, ecological impacts on recipient communities are understudied. The purpose of this study was to inform native cold-water trout recovery managers by assessing potential consequences of translocating a regionally native trout (westslope cutthroat trout; Oncorhynchus clarkii) into fishless mountain lakes. This study compared littoral benthic invertebrate richness, diversity, community structure,...

Traditional land use, management and biodiversity of European semi-natural grasslands – Editorial to the 15th EDGG Special Feature

Steffen Boch, Thomas Becker, Balázs Deák, Jürgen Dengler & Viktoria Wagner
Seit 15 Jahren geben Mitglieder der Eurasian Dry Grassland Group (EDGG) und deren Vorgänger-organisationen Grasland-Sonderausgaben (Special Features) in Tuexeniaheraus. Das diesjährige Special Feature mit dem Titel Traditionelle Landnutzung, Management und Biodiversität von halb-natürlichem Grasland in Europa umfasst acht Artikel, die viele Aspekte der Graslandforschung beleuchten und verschiedene Organismengruppen miteinbeziehen: JANIŠOVÁ et al. (2020a) untersuch-ten den Einfluss verschiedener traditioneller Landnutzungsformen auf den Artenreichtum des extensi-ven Graslands im Apuseni-Gebirge in Westrumänien. LABADESSA et al.(2020) verglichen die Arten-zusammensetzung...

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