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Décentralisation au Cameroun : quelle place pour la gouvernance urbaine ?

Francis Joël Tchenkeu & Michel Max Raynaud

Data from: Examining the dynamics of Epstein-Barr virus shedding in the tonsils and the impact of HIV-1 coinfection on daily saliva viral loads

Catherine Byrne, Christine Johnston, Jackson Orem, Fred Okuku, Meei-Li Huang, Habibur Rahman, Anna Wald, Lawrence Corey, Joshua Schiffer, Corey Casper, Daniel Coombs & Soren Gantt
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is transmitted by saliva and is a major cause of cancer, particularly in people living with HIV/AIDS. Here, we describe the frequency and quantity of EBV detection in the saliva of Ugandan adults with and without HIV-1 infection and use these data to develop a novel mathematical model of EBV infection in the tonsils. Eligible cohort participants were not taking antiviral medications, and those with HIV-1 infection had a CD4 count >200...

Data from: A shift from phenol to silica-based leaf defenses during long-term soil and ecosystem development

Félix De Tombeur, Etienne Laliberté, Hans Lambers, Michel-Pierre Faucon, Graham Zemunik, Benjamin Turner, Jean-Thomas Cornélis & Grégory Mahy
The resource availability hypothesis predicts that plants adapted to infertile soils have high levels of anti-herbivore leaf defenses. This hypothesis has been mostly explored for secondary metabolites such as phenolics, while it remains underexplored for silica-based defenses. We determined leaf concentrations of total phenols and silicon (Si) in plants growing along the 2-million-year Jurien Bay chronosequence, exhibiting an extreme gradient of soil fertility. We found that nitrogen (N) limitation on young soils led to a...

Trends in Publishing Academic Grey Literature: Examples from Economics

Fethy Mili
What impact might electronic publishing have on grey literature? This work tries to give some answers based on changes in the publishing of economics research preprints or working-paper series. Institutions and some members of the economics community have created archives to facilitate access to working papers. In this document, we evaluate the prospects for electronic publishing of economics preprints using an inventory of material available from institutions' web sites. Also the paper contains an overview...

Habit Formation and the Persistence of Monetary Shocks

Hafedh Bouakez, Emanuela Cardia & Francisco J. Ruge-Murcia
This paper studies the persistent effects of monetary shocks on output. Previous empirical literature documents this persistence, but standard general-equilibrium models with sticky prices fail to generate output responses beyond the duration of nominal contracts. The paper constructs and estimates a general-equilibrium model with price rigidities, habit formation, and costly capital adjustment. The model is estimated by the maximum-likelihood method using U.S. data on output, the real money stock, and the nominal interest rate. Econometric...

Ground temperature in natural conditions along the Alaska Highway at the Beaver Creek Road Experimental Site, Yukon, Canada

Daniel Fortier, Michel Sliger, Samuel Gagnon & Karine Rioux
This dataset comes from a borehole located along the Alaska Highway at the Beaver Creek Road Experimental Site (BC-RES), Yukon, Canada. Measurements were made every 4h (thermistor sensors) from 0.3 to 8.0 m depth from 2 October 2008 to 27 October 2020. The site is composed of peaty silt and silty sediments down to 10 m (bottom of borehole) with facies of ice-rich permafrost (~1-3 m and ~6-10 m) separated by an ice-poor layer (~3-6...

Programa de educação da Wikipédia como metodologia ativa de ensino e ferramenta de colaboração coletiva em saúde auditiva

Lilian Jacob
As tecnologias de informação e comunicação visam facilitar o processo de ensino e de aprendizagem, enquanto abrem possibilidades a novas formas de ação, de interação e de aquisição de conhecimentos. O acesso à informação livre é compreendido como uma etapa necessária para a promoção da saúde em geral. O objetivo principal será analisar a utilização da Wikipédia enquanto instrumento de Metodologia Ativa de Ensino, bem como ferramenta de Educação em Saúde. Parte-se da hipótese de...

Bioenergetic consequences of sex-specific mitochondrial DNA evolution

Stefano Bettinazzi
Doubly uniparental inheritance (DUI) represents a notable exception to the general rule of strict maternal inheritance (SMI) of mitochondria in metazoans. This system entails the coexistence of two mitochondrial lineages (F- and M-type) transmitted separately through oocytes and sperm, thence providing an unprecedented opportunity for the mitochondrial genome to evolve adaptively for male functions. In this study, we explored the impact of a sex-specific mitochondrial evolution upon gamete bioenergetics of DUI and SMI bivalve species,...

A linear time solution to the Labeled Robinson-Foulds Distance problem

Samuel Briand, Christophe Dessimoz, Nadia El Mabrouk & Yannis Nevers
Motivation: Comparing trees is a basic task for many purposes, and especially in phylogeny where different tree reconstruction tools may lead to different trees, likely representing contradictory evolutionary information. While a large variety of pairwise measures of similarity or dissimilarity have been developed for comparing trees with no information on internal nodes, very few address the case of inner node-labeled trees. Yet such trees are common; for instance reconciled gene trees have inner nodes labeled...

Unveiling the Patterns of Reticulated Evolutionary Processes with Phylogenomics: Hybridization and Polyploidy in the genus Rosa

Fabrice Foucher, Debray Kevin, Marie-Christine Lepaslier, Aurélie Bérard, Tatiana Thouroude, Gilles Michel, Jordan Marie-Magdeleine, Anne Bruneau & Valéry Malécot
Reticulation, caused by hybridization and allopolyploidization, is considered an important and frequent phenomenon in the evolution of numerous plant lineages. Although both processes represent important driving forces of evolution, they are mostly ignored in phylogenetic studies involving a large number of species. Indeed only a scattering of methods exists to recover a comprehensive reticulated evolutionary history for a broad taxon sampling. Plastid markers, sometimes combined with a few nuclear sequences, are therefore favored, even though...

AID overexpression leads to aggressive murine CLL and non-Ig mutations that mirror human neoplasms

Pablo Elías Morande, Xiao-Jie Yan, Julieta Haydee Sepulveda-Yanez, Noé Seija, Maria Elena Marquez, Natalia Soledad Sotelo, Cecilia Abreu, Martina Crispo, Gabriel Fernández-Graña, Natalia Rego, Therence Bois, Stephen Patrick Methot, Florencia Palacios, Victoria Remedi, Kanti R Rai, Alejandro Buschiazzo, Javier Marcelo Di Noia, Marcelo Alejandro Navarrete, Nicholas Chiorazzi & Pablo Oppezzo
Most cancers become more dangerous by the outgrowth of malignant subclones with additional DNA mutations that favor proliferation or survival. Using chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), a disease exemplary of this process, and a model for neoplasms in general, we created transgenic mice overexpressing the enzyme, activation-induced deaminase (AID), whose normal function is to induce DNA mutations in B lymphocytes. AID allows normal B lymphocytes to develop more effective immunoglobulin (Ig)-mediated immunity, but also is able...

Modelling Risk Premiums in Equity and Foreign Exchange Markets

René Garcia & Maral Kichian
The observed predictability of excess returns in equity and foreign exchange markets has largely been attributed to the presence of time-varying risk premiums in these markets. For example, excess equity returns were found to be explained by various financial and economic variables. Similarly, in the foreign exchange market, the forward rate was found not to be an unbiased predictor of the future spot rate, and excess foreign exchange returns were shown to be partially explained...

Gesellschaftsanalyse mit Weber. Über Bodenständigkeit und Nonkonformismus

Barbara Thériault
Menschen beschreiben sich selbst, ohne groß darüber nachzudenken, als "bodenständig". Es ist ihr Lieblingswort! Es ist ein Alltagsbegriff, ein „Wort von der Straße“, aber es erwies sich auch als eine Art Chiffre. Das Wort verweist auf etwas Eigenartiges, auf eine bestimmte Lebensführung.

Écrire les SHS en environnement numérique. L’éditeur de texte Stylo

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Large-scale multi-trophic co-response models and environmental control of pelagic food webs in Québec lakes

Zofia Taranu, Bernadette Pinel-Alloul & Pierre Legendre
Environmental heterogeneity plays a fundamental role in driving species distributions by, for one, fostering niche dimensionality. Within lake ecosystems, species distributions and concordance patterns are driven by both local and regional heterogeneity, though their relative importance across trophic levels has rarely been explored. We developed a statistical framework to compare responses of taxa from different trophic levels to abiotic factors and determine how thisaffected multi-trophic network structures.In particular, we used multi-species concordance modelling (Concordance Analysis...

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