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Data from: Beech roots are simultaneously colonized by multiple genets of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria amethystina clustered in two genetic groups

Sara Hortal, Lidia K. Trocha, Claude Murat, Igor J. Chybicki, Marc Buée, Magdalena Trojankiewicz, Jaroslaw Burczyk & Francis Martin
In this study we characterize and compare the genetic structure of aboveground and belowground populations of the ectomycorrhizal fungus Laccaria amethystina in an unmanaged mixed beech forest. Fruiting bodies and mycorrhizas of L. amethystina were mapped and collected in four plots in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Poland). A total of 563 fruiting bodies and 394 mycorrhizas were successfully genotyped using the rDNA IGS1 (intergenic spacer) and seven SSR (simple sequence repeat) markers. We identified two different...

Skrótowce w Wielkim słowniku sportowym rosyjsko-polskim Z. Fedusa (uwagi o przekładzie i strukturze)

Michal Sobczak
Summary: The article presents an analysis of lexicographic description and structure of abbreviations registered in the Russian-Polish Great Sports Dictionary by Zbigniew Fedus. The introductory part defines the purpose of the research and characterizes the source of language material. Each of the analytical parts was preceded by a theoretical outline of the issues discussed - the translation of acronyms and their construction. In the course of work, four models of lexicographic description and two basic...

Gertrude Stein plays video games

Paweł Schreiber
The article juxtaposes the problems of spatiality and repetition in video game narrative with Gertrude Stein’s notion of the landscape play, in which the linear plot dissolves in favour of a complex network of connections between different elements of the work. Several examples are discussed, from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the Dark Souls series, showing the possible links between video games and Stein’s writing techniques, especially in the field of...

Autonarracyjna (re)konstrukcja historii życia poprzez \"odkrywanie siebie z powrotem\"

Amelia Krawczyk-Bocian

Stereotyp Polaka w kontekście badań etnolingwistycznych w ujęciu studentów państw sąsiadujących z Polską

Marta Hartenberger
The aim of this work is to reconstruct the linguisitic and cultural view of a Pole from our neighbours’ perspective, including Russians, Lithuanians, Belorussians, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Czechs, and Germans. The primary research method used in this work was the linquistic world’s view method by Jerzy Bartmiński, and the concept of a stereotype as a stabilised view of someone or somethingAn important goal of my study was to compare my survey results with the results of...

Identification of determinants of pollen donor fecundity using the hierarchical neighborhood model

Igor Chybicki, Andrzej Oleksa & Monika Dering
Individual differences in male reproductive success drive genetic drift and natural selection, altering genetic variation and phenotypic trait distributions in future generations. Therefore, identifying the determinants of reproductive success is important for understanding the ecology and evolution of plants. Here, based on the spatially-explicit mating model (the neighborhood model), we develop a hierarchical probability model that links co-dominant genotypes of offspring and candidate parents with the phenotypic determinants of male reproductive success. The model accounts...

Gertrude Stein gra na komputerze

Pawel Schreiber
The article juxtaposes the problems of spatiality and repetition in video game narrative with Gertrude Stein’s notion of the landscape play, in which the linear plot dissolves in favour of a complex network of connections between different elements of the work. Several examples are discussed, from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the Dark Souls series, showing the possible links between video games and Stein’s writing techniques, especially in the field of...

Skrótowce z dziedziny wojskowości i przemysłu w Słowniku rosyjsko-niemieckim A.F. Nesslera

Michał Sobczak

Czasopismo dla rodzin „Opiekun Domowy” (1865-1876) - o rodzinie i wychowaniu

Krzysztof Jakubiak & Monika Nawrot-Borowska
Celem niniejszego opracowania jest zwrócenie uwagi na nasilone w drugiej połowie XIX w. w Królestwie Polskim zainteresowanie publicystów pism rodzinnych – rodziną jako środowiskiem wychowawczym. Dokonana zostanie historyczna rekonstrukcja wzorca rodziny i idei wychowania w niej, wypracowywanych i propagowanych na łamach warszawskiego czasopisma rodzinnego „Opiekun Domowy” z lat 1865–1876.

Niedoceniony potencjał środowiska uczącego

Jolanta Nowak

Что на уме, то и на языке? Или о специфике языковых зооморфных картин мира дальневосточно-азиатского культурного ареала

Tamara Goncharova
The article compares three linguistic zoomorphic pictures of the world – Chinese, Japanese and Indian. It deals with zoometaphors, which are inconsistent with the principle of ascending from the abstract to the concrete, but realize the prototypical effect, presenting some characteristics by concrete notions. These metaphors are of great importance in the process of human thinking as they perform the evaluative-expressive and aesthetic functions of language. They express some social types and standards of human...

Learned Helplessness During a High School English Lesson

Magdalena Kolber

Plant cover and plant-pollinator interactions in Central European grasslands (Poland/Czech Republic)

Demetra Rakosy, Elena Motivans, Valentin Ştefan, Arkadiusz Nowak, Sebastian Świerszcz, Reinart Feldmann, Elisabeth Kühn, Costanza Geppert, Neeraja Venkataraman, Anna Sobieraj-Betlińska, Anita Grossmann, Wiktoria Rojek, Katarzyna Pochrząst, Magdalena Cielniak, Anika Kirstin Gathof, Kevin Baumann & Tiffany Marie Knight
Complex socio-economic, political and demographic factors have driven the increased conversion of Europe’s semi-natural grasslands to intensive pastures. This trend is particularly strong in some of the most biodiverse regions of the continent, such as Central and Eastern Europe. Intensive grazing is known to decrease species diversity and alter the composition of plant and insect communities. Comparatively little is known, however, about how intensive grazing influences plant functional traits related to pollination and the structure...

„Bibliotekarz” 1919-1929-1939 – czasopismo fachowe nie tylko dla bibliotekarzy. Cz. II: Tematyka bibliotekarska

Zdzisław Gębołyś

Pochodzenie i degradacja form zmarzlinowych typu pingo w Mongolii

Zygmunt Babiński
Na tle charakterystyki i występowania wieloletniej zmarzliny w centralnej i zachodniej części Mongolii przedstawiono pochodzenie i degradację form typu pingo. Typologię form i ich pochodzenie omówiono na podstawie trzech głównych miejsc ich koncentracji, zaś degradację na przykładzie kotliny Bayan-Nuurin-Khotnor (Changaj). Analizę form pingo opracowano na podstawie wielokrotnych badań letnich w okresie od 1974 do 2005 roku.

Straty wojenne zbiorów bibliotecznych w Polsce widziane z państwowej perspektywy. Pomiędzy organizacją, polityką a etyką

Zdzisław Gębołyś
Summary: Estimated calculations of the war losses suffered by Poland in the area of cultural goods are about 13,000 paintings, about 1,400 sculptures, about 125,000 manuscripts, 22,000 old prints, 25,000 maps and about 15 million books. Loss of library collections is estimated at around 66%. Many of them were irretrievably destroyed as a result of unplanned and planned actions of destruction and plunder of Polish cultural goods by the German and Soviet invaders. To this...

Nazewnictwo szlachty w Krzyżakach Henryka Sienkiewicza na tle polskiego systemu antroponimicznego dawnych epok

Monika Kubiak
The article presents the procedure of altering Polish last names as it is pictured in examples of anthroponyms taken from the historical novel The Knights of the Cross written by Henryk Sienkiewicz. Characteristics of onomastics, as the one of many fields of the linguistic studies and the literary onomastics, which is a part of it, preludes the analysis performed in this paper. The emphasis has been put on one of the areas of this study...

Józef M. Bocheński’s Conception of Analytic Philosophy

Ryszard Mordarski
The article characterizes the main features Bocheński’s conception of Analytic Philosophy. In the first part, we present the difference between Analytic Philosophy and different world-views. Then we discuss the forth rules of analysis, and finally we refer to the practical and social role of Analytic Philosophy pointed out by Bocheński.

Invasive zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) threatens an exceptionally large population of the depressed river mussel (Pseudanodonta complanata) in a postglacial lake

Małgorzata Ożgo, Maria Urbańska, Philipp Hoos, Hannes Imhof, Malgorzata Kirschenstein, Julia Mayr, Florian Michl, Rafał Tobiasz, Marie Von Wesendonk, Stefan Zimmermann & Juergen Geist
Freshwater mussels are in decline worldwide, with the depressed river mussel Pseudanodonta complanata being one of the rarest and most endangered species in Europe. Invasive mussels are suspected to be an important factor of decline, but there is little information on their interaction with native species. This study analysed densities, depth distribution and individual sizes and weights in one of the largest known populations of P. complanata in Europe in relation to the co-occurring invasive...

Type of broadleaf forest matters most for ptyctimous mite communities (Acari, Oribatida) in Norway

Anna Seniczak, Wojciech Niedbała, J. Carlos Iturrondobeitia, Stanisław Seniczak, Steffen Roth & Bjarte H. Jordal
We studied ptyctimous moss mites, which are characteristic of forest habitats, in Norwegian broadleaf forests considered as biodiversity hotspot areas in Fennoscandia. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of different factors (regional locality, annual precipitation, mean annual temperature, forest type, forest wetness and microhabitat) on the ptyctimous mites and on discovering their richness in broadleaf forests. Samples were collected from nine broadleaf forests in western, southern and eastern Norway, in different climatic conditions, six...

Zagadnienia prawne zatrudnienia osób migrujących i ich ochrona zdrowia

Marcin Skinder

Przymiotnik covidowy jako klucz do rozumienia rzeczywistości w czasie pandemii

Jolanta Józwiak

Data from: Relative strength of fine-scale spatial genetic structure in paternally vs biparentally inherited DNA in a dioecious plant depends on both sex proportions and pollen-to-seed dispersal ratio

Igor J. Chybicki, Monika Dering, Grzegorz Iszkuło, Katarzyna Meyza & Jan Suszka
In plants, the spatial genetic structure (SGS) is shaped mainly by gene dispersal and effective population density. Among additional factors, the mode of DNA inheritance and dioecy influence SGS. However, their joint impact on SGS remains unclear, especially in the case of paternally inherited DNA. Using theoretical approximations and computer simulations, here we showed that the relative intensity of SGS measured in paternally and biparentally inherited DNA in a dioecious plant population depends on both...


Dominika Popielec
Celem artykułu jest przedstawienie stosunkowo nowego zjawiska whistleblowingu w Polsce, które doczekało się polskiego wariantu „sygnalista” na określenie działań osoby, która informuje o nieprawidłowościach w swoim miejscu pracy. Intencją artykułu była analiza czynników sprzyjających tej formie aktywności obywatelskiej na gruncie polskim. Podjęto się weryfikacji stopnia wykorzystania whistleblowingu przez żołnierzy do informowania mediów o patologicznych mechanizmach obecnych w Żandarmerii Wojskowej.

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