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Data from: Simulated evolution of mating signal diversification in a primate radiation

Sandra Winters & James P. Higham
Divergence in allopatry and subsequent diversification of mating signals on secondary contact (reinforcement) is a major driver of phenotypic diversity. Observing this evolutionary process directly is often impossible, but simulated evolution can pinpoint key drivers of phenotypic variation. We developed evolutionary simulations in which mating signals, modelled as points in phenotype space, evolve across time under varying evolutionary scenarios. We model mate recognition signals in guenons, a primate radiation exhibiting colourful and diverse face patterns...

Predicting Election Outcome by a Human Face (Asian Participants)

Davit Jintcharadze & Olivia Cheung
This study is about perceived competence in facial features of real-world politicians and the effect of perceived competence on election judgments made by observers who do not know these politicians. We are investigating whether changing facial features result in changing perception of competence and election judgments.

ADDENDUM to Social and Ideological Determinants of Legislative Bargaining Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Experimental Investigation.

Nicholas Haas & Andrzej Baranski
ADDENDUM to published pre-registration: Social and Ideological Determinants of Legislative Bargaining Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Experimental Investigation. In this addendum to our original published pre-registration, "Social and Ideological Determinants of Legislative Bargaining Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Experimental Investigation," we propose a series of exploratory analyses. These entail: 1. Exploring possible between-country differences using additional measures; 2. Expanding our understanding of gender; 3. Including the bargaining process as an outcome variable, namely, retaliation towards failed proposers. 4. Including...

How do children develop the belief that only some people can be scientists?

Michelle Wang, Marjorie Rhodes & Amanda Cardarelli
This is to provide an update and modification to the previous preregistration.

Processing dynamics of subject-verb agreement

Ryan King & Brian McElree

R Script to Reproduce Tables Used in Publication

Nicholas Wolf

Investigating Ideology and Party in India

Nicholas Haas & Rajeshwari Majumdar
In recent years, a number of scholars have challenged the prevailing wisdom that political behavior in developing countries can be best understood through the lenses of clientelism and ethnic identity, and not through factors shown to matter in advanced industrial countries such as political parties or ideology. Can citizens in developing countries be placed along a common ideological scale, and does the issue domain or preference elicitation method affect one's location? Is ideological placement correlated...

IRB Documents

Balazs Aczel, Bence Bago, Christopher Chartier, John Protzko, Elif Burak, Alberto MIRISOLA, Christopher Castille, Stefan Czoschke, Annas Pratama, Danka Purić, Sean Mackinnon, Stefan Stieger, Andrew Thomas, Halil Emre Kocalar, Fatih Bayrak, Onurcan Yilmaz, Raluca Szekely-Copîndean, Erica Musser, Danielle Ochoa, Alexandra Fleischmann, Gabriela Marcu, Alasdair Gordon-Finlayson, Sangsuk Yoon, Marton Kovacs, Tripat Gill … & Andrej Findor

Neural networks allow simulation-based inference of evolutionary parameters from adaptation dynamics

Grace Avecilla, David Gresham & Yoav Ram
This holds all of the data (except fastq files) for "Neural networks allow simulation-based inference of evolutionary parameters from adaptation dynamics". Each individual inference procedure also has an associated pdf that shows the observation for which inference was performed, the joint and marginal posterior distributions, and the posterior predictive check.

Empirical Study of Visual Factors in Rule Interpretation

Jun Yuan & Enrico Bertini
Systematically test the effects of feature alignment and predicate encoding.

The development of normative conceptual representations

Emily Foster-Hanson & Marjorie Rhodes

How children sample evidence to learn about familiar and novel biological kinds

Emily Foster-Hanson, Kelsey Moty & Marjorie Rhodes

The Effects of Expertise and Word Valence on Holistic Word Processing (online)

Beiyin Zhang, Olivia Cheung, Haiyang Jin & Anna Erdi
The main question is whether holistic processing of words, as measured in a complete composite task, is influenced by the meanings of words. Specifically, we examine whether the processing of words with positive vs. negative meanings would show different magnitudes of holistic processing in experts and novices. Holistic processing is revealed by an interaction between alignment and congruency, with a stronger congruency effect for aligned than misaligned words.

Costly Punishment - Pilot

Rachel Leshin, Daniel Yudkin, Marjorie Rhodes & Jay Van Bavel

Improving Supportiveness of Interviewer using the Simulated Child Sexual Abuse Interviews

Shumpei Haginoya

Belief Superiority Preregistered Replication

Elizabeth Harris & Jay Van Bavel
There is currently a debate in political psychology about whether dogmatism and belief superiority are symmetric or asymmetric across the ideological spectrum. One study found that dogmatism was higher amongst conservatives than liberals, but both conservatives and liberals with extreme attitudes reported higher perceived belief superiority (Toner, Leary, Asher & Jongman-Sereno, 2013). Our goal was to conduct a pre-registered direct and conceptual replication of this previous research using a larger and more nationally representative sample....

How correcting generic statements shapes beliefs about gender categories

Emily Foster-Hanson, Sarah-Jane Leslie & Marjorie Rhodes
This is the initial preregistration for Study 2 in "Speaking of kinds: How correcting generic statements can shape children's concepts." Please note that the preregistered analysis code file embedded in the preregistration is NOT ANONYMIZED; an anonymized version of the document is available directly on OSF through the link for the Broaden-scope condition, https://osf.io/frua2/?view_only=c3fb818b9cec4703875d20ea65752588

The relationship between having children and being fulfilled

Alexandra Suppes
We use data from the World Values Survey to explore the relationship between having children and being satisfied with your life. We expect our findings will be moderated by gender inequality in the country that a person lives

Template Pre-registration Form

Jessica Gladstone, Andrei Cimpian & Molly Tallberg

Keyword Mapping/Vizualizations

James Malin
The crosswalked-corpus was was also imported into bibliometric visualization software (Visualization Of Similarity Viewer, or VOSViewer for short).

External Legitimacy in Collaborative Governance: An Experimental Study

& marc esteve

Idealized gender prototypes across development

Emily Foster-Hanson & Marjorie Rhodes

The Expertize in Question Formulation: Homogeneity and Discriminability of Questions in the Concealed Information Test

Shumpei Haginoya, Aiko Hanayama & Pekka Santtila
Factors related to questions that affect the accuracy (sensitivity and specificity) of CIT and the expertise in formulating a set of questions have become important topics. In CIT, it is essential for maintaining the specificity of CIT to choose the non-critical items so that the critical item is not made salient in question sets (i.e., homogeneity of items) because an outstanding critical item may bias an innocent examinee and increase their physiological response to the...

Idealized gender prototypes across development

Emily Foster-Hanson & Marjorie Rhodes
This preregistration has been replaced by a newer version of the preregistration for this project, due to changes in our data collection procedures made before we began collecting data.

Korean and English verb learning in transitive syntactic frames

Sudha Arunachalam

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