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How are Frontline Providers Managing Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis? A Systematic Literature Review

Trevor Young
This project is a systematic literature review to examine management of pediatric atopic dermatitis by pediatricians and general practitioners.

Variation in mouse pelvic morphology maps to locations enriched in Sox9 Class II and Pitx1 regulatory features

Charles Roseman, Terrence Capellini, Evelyn Jagoda, Scott Williams, Mark Grabowski, Christine O'Connor, John Polk & James Cheverud
Variation in pelvic morphology has a complex genetic basis and its patterning and specification is governed by conserved developmental pathways. Whether the mechanisms underlying the differentiation and specification of the pelvis also produce the morphological covariation on which natural selection may act is still an open question in evolutionary developmental biology. We use high-resolution Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) mapping in the F34 generation of an advanced intercross experiment (LG,SM-G34) to characterize the genetic architecture of...

Cue-dependent effects of VR experience on motion-in-depth sensitivity

Jacqueline Fulvio, Bas Rokers, Ari Rosenberg, Mohan Ji & Lowell Thompson
Data repository for Fulvio, Ji, et al. (in press) - PLOS One

Complex, dynamic behavioral interventions to reduce energy consumption: A randomized controlled trial

Claudia Nisa & Jocelyn Belanger

Boosting the impact of social norms to reduce energy consumption: A factorial randomized controlled trial

Claudia Nisa & Jocelyn Belanger
We conduct a factorial randomized controlled to reduce energy consumption in housing residences at NYU Abu Dhabi campus. The intervention follows 2X2 factorial design, testing between-subjects (units) the main effect of human attachment (1), the main effect of social norms (2), the interactive, combined effect of human attachment+social norms (3) and a control group (4) (i.e., basic energy saving tips). This trial involves a 4-week baseline period, 4-weeks intervention, and 4-weeks follow-up. The main outcome...

Dynamics of Temporal Summation in Human Visual Cortex

Jingyang Zhou, Jonathan Winawer, Noah Benson & Kendrick Kay

The \"Food Studies\" Corpus

James Malin
This dataset is part of a study that used scoping review methodology to collect and verify the applicability of the phrase "Food Studies" in bibliographic records across five databases. Five large bibliographic databases were identified for size, relevance to food studies, and subject metadata standards. These were ProQuest Central (PQC), EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Web Of Science (WOS), PubMed (PM), and PubAg. The phrase “food studies” was then searched within each database, using a scholarly...


Dora Hermes, Jonathan Winawer & Kendrick Kay
This project describes the project related to: "An image-computable model for the stimulus selectivity of gamma oscillations" Dora Hermes, Natalia Petridou, Kendrick Kay, Jonathan Winawer ELife, 8:e47035 doi:10.7554/eLife.47035

Identification of the ventral occipital visual field maps in the human brain

Jonathan Winawer & Nathan Witthoft
Data and code supplement to manuscript, 'Identification of the ventral occipital visual field maps in the human brain'

Data from: Development of visual cortical function in infant macaques: a BOLD fMRI study

Tom Van Grootel, Alan Meeson, Matthias H.J. Munk, Zoe Kourtzi, J. Anthony Movshon, Nikos K. Logothetis, Lynne Kiorpes & Tom J. Van Grootel
Functional brain development is not well understood. In the visual system, neurophysiological studies in nonhuman primates show quite mature neuronal properties near birth although visual function is itself quite immature and continues to develop over many months or years after birth. Our goal was to assess the relative development of two main visual processing streams, dorsal and ventral, using BOLD fMRI in an attempt to understand the global mechanisms that support the maturation of visual...

Container Strategies for Data and Software Preservation Workshop

Michael Hildreth, Natalie Meyers, Sandra Gesing, Richard Johnson, Elisabeth Long, Jaroslaw Nabrzyski, Douglas Thain, Mark Suhovecky, Vicky Rampin, Ian Taylor, Charles Vardeman, Alexander Vyushkov, Reid Boehm, daniel brake, Donald Brower, Lincoln Bryant, Ryan Chamberlain, Euan Cochrane, Anita de Waard, Mandy Havert, Lukas Heinrich, Kolin Hodgson, Cole Hudson, Greg Janée, Maciej Malawski … & Charles Williams
A workshop organized by the DASPOS project, to be held 19-20 May 2016.

Standard Cortical Observer Model for Human fMRI of V1-V3

Jonathan Winawer, Noah Benson, William Broderick & Heiko Müller

Data from: A novel locus on chromosome 1 underlies the evolution of a melanic plumage polymorphism in a wild songbird

Yann X.C. Bourgeois, Boris Delahaie, Mathieu Gautier, Emeline Lhuillier, Pierre-Jean G. Malé, Joris A.M. Bertrand, Josselin Cornuault, Kazumasa Wakamatsu, Olivier Bouchez, Claire Mould, Jade Bruxaux, Hélène Holota, Borja Mila, Christophe Thébaud, Joris A. M. Bertrand & Yann X. C. Bourgeois
Understanding the mechanisms responsible for phenotypic diversification within and among species ultimately rests with linking naturally occurring mutations to functionally and ecologically significant traits. Colour polymorphisms are of great interest in this context because discrete colour patterns within a population are often controlled by just a few genes in a common environment. We investigated how and why phenotypic diversity arose and persists in the Zosterops borbonicus white-eye of Reunion (Mascarene archipelago), a colour polymorphic songbird...

Data from: From pristine forests to high-altitude pastures: an ecological approach to prehistoric human impact on vegetation and landscapes in the western Italian Alps

Roberta Pini, Cesare Ravazzi, Luca Raiteri, Antonio Guerreschi, Lorenzo Castellano & Roberto Comolli
1. This paper addresses the origin and development of the oldest prehistoric pasture in the timberline ecotone known so far in the Alps and its relation to anthropogenic pressure and natural climate change. 2. Paleoecological and geochemical techniques were applied on the Crotte Basse mire stratigraphy (2365 m asl, western Italy) to describe changes in vegetation composition, forest biomass, land use and fertilization between ca. 6400 - 1800 yrs cal BP. 3. Subalpine forests dominated...

Research Data Management Hands on Workshop

Kevin Read, Nicole Contaxis & Alisa Surkis
This project includes material designed for teaching a 1.5 hour research data management workshop. It involves a case study that requires workshop participants to navigate messy data to identify the data that corresponds with the data represented in a figure from an article. Workshop attendees are then required to modify the messy data to follow research data management best practices.

Data from: Root architecture shaping by the environment is orchestrated by dynamic gene expression in space and time

Liam Walker, Claire Boddington, Dafyd J. Jenkins, Ying Wang, Jesper T. Grønlund, Jo Hulsmans, Sanjeev Kumar, Dhaval Patel, Jonathan D. Moore, Anthony Carter, Siva Samavedam, Giovanni Bonomo, David S. Hersh, Gloria D. Coruzzi, Nigel J. Burroughs & Miriam L. Gifford
Shaping of root architecture is a quintessential developmental response that involves the concerted action of many different cell types, is highly dynamic and underpins root plasticity. To determine to what extent the environmental regulation of lateral root development is a product of cell type preferential activities, we tracked transcriptomic responses to two different treatments that both change root development in Arabidopsis thaliana, at an unprecedented level of temporal detail. We found that individual transcripts are...

Data from: Etiology of respiratory tract infections in the community and clinic in Ilorin, Nigeria

Olatunji Kolawole, Michael Oguntoye, Tina Dam & Rumi Chunara
Objective: Recognizing increasing interest in community disease surveillance globally, the goal of this study was to investigate whether respiratory viruses circulating in the community may be represented through clinical (hospital) surveillance in Nigeria. Results: Children were selected via convenience sampling from communities and a tertiary care center (n = 91) during spring 2017 in Ilorin, Nigeria. Nasal swabs were collected and tested using polymerase chain reaction. The majority (79.1%) of subjects were under 6 years...

Data from: Evolutionary rate covariation analysis of E-cadherin identifies Raskol as a regulator of cell adhesion and actin dynamics in Drosophila

Qanber Raza, Jae Young Choi, Yang Li, Roisin M. O'Dowd, Simon C. Watkins, Yang Hong, Maria Chikina, Nathan L. Clark & Adam V. Kwiatkowski
The adherens junction couples the actin cytoskeletons of neighboring cells to provide the foundation for multicellular organization. The core of the adherens junction is the cadherin-catenin complex that arose early in the evolution of multicellularity to link actin to intercellular adhesions. Over time, evolutionary pressures have shaped the signaling and mechanical functions of the adherens junction to meet specific developmental and physiological demands. Evolutionary rate covariation (ERC) identifies proteins with correlated fluctuations in evolutionary rate...

2014 Machine Learning Data Set for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - Atmospheric Imaging Assembly

David Fouhey, Meng Jin, Mark Cheung, Abndres Munoz-Jaramillo, Richard Galvez, Rajat Thomas, Paul Wright, Alexander Szenicer, Monica G. Bobra, Yang Liu & James Mason
We present a curated dataset from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission in a format suitable for machine learning research. Beginning from level 1 scientific products we have processed various instrumental corrections, downsampled to manageable spatial and temporal resolutions, and synchronized observations spatially and temporally. We anticipate this curated dataset will facilitate machine learning research in heliophysics and the physical sciences generally, increasing the scientific return of the SDO mission. This work is a...

Data from: Temporal transcriptional logic of dynamic regulatory networks underlying nitrogen signaling and use in plants

Kranthi Varala, Amy Marshall-Colón, Jacopo Cirrone, Matthew D. Brooks, Angelo V. Pasquino, Sophie Léran, Shipra Mittal, Tara M. Rock, Molly B. Edwards, Grace J. Kim, Sandrine Ruffel, W. Richard McCombie, Dennis Shasha & Gloria M. Coruzzi
This study exploits time, the relatively unexplored fourth dimension of gene regulatory networks (GRNs), to learn the temporal transcriptional logic underlying dynamic nitrogen (N) signaling in plants. Our “just-in-time” analysis of time-series transcriptome data uncovered a temporal cascade of cis elements underlying dynamic N signaling. To infer transcription factor (TF)-target edges in a GRN, we applied a time-based machine learning method to 2,174 dynamic N-responsive genes. We experimentally determined a network precision cutoff, using TF-regulated...

Humanities for STEM Symposium Program

Lindsay Anderberg
Program information for https://osf.io/view/HumforSTEM2018/

Data from: Human sound localization depends on sound intensity: implications for sensory coding

Antje Ihlefeld, Nima Alamatsaz & Robert M. Shapley
Human sound localization is an important computation performed by the brain. Models of sound localization commonly assume that sound lateralization from interaural time differences is level invariant. Here we observe that two prevalent theories of sound localization make opposing predictions. The labelled-line model encodes location through tuned representations of spatial location and predicts that perceived direction is level invariant. In contrast, the hemispheric-difference model encodes location through spike-rate and predicts that perceived direction becomes medially...

Ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) use olfaction to locate distant fruit

Elena Cunningham, Devin Edmonds, Laura Stalter & Malvin Janal
This study is the first to investigate the ability of strepsirrhine primates to detect the aroma of distant fruit and navigate odor plumes to the fruit. We hid containers in the underbrush of a semi-natural forest, some baited with real cantaloupe and some with sham cantaloupe, 4-17 m from a path routinely used by the lemurs. The lemurs found the real cantaloupe on days that the wind blew the scent of the fruit towards the...

PsyCorona Codebook

Solomiia Myroniuk, Maximilian Agostini, Jannis Kreienkamp, Pontus Leander, Winnifred Louis, Michelle vanDellen, Anton Martinez, Arobindu Dash, Daniel Lalande, Jérémie Verner-Filion, Claudia Zúñiga, Željka Kamenov, Mai Helmy, Adrian Lueders, Armelle NUGIER, Robin Wollast, Andreas Zick, Jonas Rees, Eleftheria Tseliou, Georgios Abakoumkin, Victoria Yeung, Anna Kende, Boglárka Nyúl, Nóra Lantos, Sara Csaba … & Tra Kieu
As part of the PsyCorona initiative (https://psycorona.org/) we provide here the survey codebook as well as translations into 30 languages. The Pdf folder contains Pdfs of each wave in English. The excel sheet contains the translations into 30 languages.

Relationship between essentialism and moral condemnation of intersectional LGB identities

Casey Lewry, Emily Foster-Hanson, Victor Kumar & Liane Young
In this study, we aim to understand the range of essentialist beliefs towards intersectional identities within the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) category and to determine whether there is a relationship between this range of essentialist beliefs and moral condemnation of individuals who are LGB

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