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Can arts change political perceptions?

Elisabeth King, Sorana Acris, Amanda Blewitt, Laura Cabochan, Keith Huff & Joe Salvatore
Our study seeks to examine if an arts-based Verbatim Performance Lab (VPL) intervention, in which viewers watch a verbatim performance of a political debate where candidates are portrayed by actors of a different gender, has an effect on viewers’ attitudes towards political leaders and broader political polarization.

Coming Out in China I: Coming Out to Parents

Gu Li & Xiaohan Lin
This study examines the factors influencing the experiences of coming out to parents among Chinese sexual minority people.

Training Ambassadors for Peace: A Field Experiment on an Intergroup Contact Program in Israel

Ruth Ditlmann, Nejla Asimovic & Cyrus Samii

Sex & Love Study 2.0

Gu Li, Jiaxuan Li, Jingyi Feng, Will Wai Lun Sham & Wong Ivy
This study aims to replicate the findings in Li et al. (2021) on the associations between romantic orientation and sexual orientation at the explicit and implicit levels, in two Western (U.K. and U.S.) samples from the online crowdsourcing platform Prolific. Li, G., Sham, W. W. L., & Wong, W. I. (2021). Romantic orientation and sexual orientation: Similar at the explicit level but different at the implicit level. [Manuscript submitted for publication]. Faculty of Arts and...

Construct Validity in the Development of a Presumptuous Romantic Intentions

Timothy Valshtein
Engaging in effective strategies to garner the interest of a romantic partner presents requires thoughtful regulation of one’s behavior. When unsuccessful, pursuers can run the risk of being too persistent in their courtship endeavors. In the present research, we developed a measure capturing the degree to which a romantic pursuer intends to take a presumptuous course of action when attracting a romantic interest. Across five studies, we validated a 13-item self-report measure: the presumptuous romantic...

Social and Ideological Determinants of Legislative Bargaining Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Experimental Investigation

Nicholas Haas & Andrzej Baranski
We investigate the role of culture, gender, cognitive sophistication, and political views on legislative bargaining behavior in a laboratory experiment. We conduct our study in three countries.

Occupational Complexity and Novelty as Protective Factors to Cognitive Health: A Scoping Review

ERNEST GONZALES, Timothy Whetung & Rachel Kruchten
The objectives of this study are to conduct a scoping review of the literature on occupational complexity and novelty within the workplace and their association with cognitive health in mid- and later-life.

Predict-Observe 4yo follow-up

Rosie Aboody, Holly Huey & Julian Jara-Ettinger

Vaccine Hesitancy in Conflict Areas

Laurits Aarslew, Nicholas Haas & Prabin Khadka
This project examines hesitancy toward COVID-19 vaccination in Somalia. Understanding the drivers of vaccine acceptance (or, alternatively, hesitancy) is a global concern, as low vaccination rates in any one country may result in the emergence of new virus variants that can spread quickly and overcome immunity conferred by existing vaccines and prior disease elsewhere. Previous research has yet to examine the drivers of vaccine acceptance in conflict areas, an increasingly important question given evidence of...

Predicting Election Outcome by a Human Face

Davit Jintcharadze & Olivia Cheung
The aim of this experiment is to investigate potential relationship between perceived competence in politician faces and perceived election success. We aim to predict the outcome of the real-world elections based on competence judgement in politician faces, and examine the effects of changes in facial features, such as masculine/feminine features, on these decisions.

Extremist Militant Groups and the Provision of Justice: Experimental Evidence from South Central Somalia

Nicholas Haas & Prabin Khadka
This research is an extension of a pre-registered study by the two co-authors (Haas and Khadka, 2019) which investigates forum shopping in an Islamic conflict setting. In this study, we aim to answer why certain hypothetical dispute and individual characteristics lead Somali citizens to choose one forum for justice over the other. In particular, we evaluate whether our suppositions – that institutional features of militant courts, or of customary authorities or formal courts, can explain...

Socioeconomic Class and Conscientiousness: Adults Values in Romantic Relationships

Janine Veronique

Confirmation Bias in Simulated CSA Interviews

Yikang Zhang, Pekka Santtila, Shumpei Haginoya, Aleksandr Segal & Francesco Pompedda

From mass shootings to policy-making: a complex systems approach

Roni Ventura & Maurizio Porfiri
This study aims to steer firearm research away from the conventional correlational analysis and perform a causal analysis to understand how firearm-related policies influence the American firearm ecosystem. We will employ the information-theoretic notion of transfer entropy to infer causal links between mass shootings, gun ownership, and media output. We hypothesize that causal links will be created or disrupted following the implementation, modification, or repeal or certain types of policies. These effects will vary among...

Stage 2: Virome Sniff

Jose Vargas-Asencio, Roy Nunez, Rajeeva Musunuri, Michael McCormack, Patrick Hagerty, Raehash Shah & Martina Bradic

GeoBlacklight Metadata Scoring Project

Karen Majewicz & Andrew Battista
This OSF project contains all materials related to a provisional geospatial metadata scoring process.

Workshop Use Case 2: ReproZip

Vicky Rampin, Remi Rampin, Fernando Chirigati & Julie Vecchio
Use Case 2: ReproZip Breakout Session(s) held at Container Strategies for Data & Software Preservation Workshop convened by Data and Software Preservation for Open Science (DASPOS) at University of Notre Dame May 19-20, 2016.

A - Z Databases Management

Andrew Battista, Alex Ducett, Stephen Balogh & Nancy Lin
This project contains all documentation, communication, data, and metadata associated with the presentation and management of A-Z databases for NYU Libraries. Definitions of components are on the project page wiki

A non-invasive, quantitative study of broadband spectral responses in human visual cortex

Jonathan Winawer, Eline Kupers, Helena Wang, Kaoru Amano, Kendrick Kay & David Heeger
Code and data in support of the manuscript, "Broadband spectral responses in visual cortex revealed by a new MEG denoising algorithm," by Eline Kupers, Helena Wang, Kaoru Amano, Kendrick Kay, David Heeger, and Jonathan Winawer

What makes a digital steward?: A competency profile based on the National Digital Stewardship Residencies

Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Peggy Griesinger, Julia Kim, Shira Peltzman & Vicky Rampin

National School System and the Irish Language Heaney Lecture 2015

Nicholas Wolf
R scripts, codebook, data, and reproducibility file for plots used in the article "The National School System and the Irish Language in the Nineteenth Century," published as part of the 2015 Heaney Lecture Proceedings, Dublin City University/St. Patrick's College by Four Courts Press.

Reproducing & Archiving Scholarship with ReproZip

Vicky Rampin

Creating noisy 3D shapes - an implementation using free and open source tools

Zoltan Derzsi & Robert Volcic
Distorting the shape of a three-dimensional object in a randomised manner is a very difficult task. We present a script in this paper that programmatically generates spheres with added radius noise, utilising Meshlab’s software back-end. We successfully tested the script on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. We also have given instructions on how to set up the environment for each platform, and how to replicate what the script does manually.

Facebook network structure and loneliness

Riana Brown, Sam Roberts & Thomas Pollet
This is the OSF project page accompanying: Loneliness is negatively related to Facebook network size, but not related to Facebook network structure

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