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Mental Contrasting (MC) and COVID-19

Sun Kim

Figure e-1.- Effect of APOE alleles on cognitive domain-specific composite measures.

Alberto Serrano-Pozo, Jing Qian, Rebecca Betensky & Bradley Hyman
Supplemental Figure of our original article "Association of APOE Genotype with Heterogeneity of Cognitive Decline Rate in Alzheimer's Disease" published in Neurology showing model 1-based trajectories of cognitive domain-specific composite measures by APOE genotype, as well as the difference of the APOEe2 and APOEe4 groups with respect to the APOEe3/e3 reference group.

Variability of V1, V2, and V3 in a Large Sample of Human Observers

Noah Benson, Jennifer Yoon, Dylan Forenzo, Kendrick Kay, Stephen Engel & Jonathan Winawer
This repository contains data files and code/scripts used in the paper "Variability of V1, V2, and V3 in a large sample of human observers" by Benson, Yoon, Forenzo, Kay, Engel, and Winawer (2020). See the Wiki for information on how to use the dataset.

NYU Retinotopy Dataset

Marc Himmelberg, Jan Kurzawski, Noah Benson, Denis Pelli, Marisa Carrasco & Jonathan Winawer
Open access retinotopy dataset collected at NYU

Structure Here, Bias There: Hierarchical Generalization by Jointly Learning Syntactic Transformations

Karl Mulligan, Robert Frank & Tal Linzen

The expression of care: alloparental care frequency predicts neural control of facial muscles in primates

Paola Cerrito & Alex DeCasien
The adaptive value of facial expressions has been debated in evolutionary biology ever since Darwin’s seminal work. Amongst mammals, primates, including humans, exhibit the most intricate facial displays. Although previous work has focused on the role of sociality in the evolution of primate facial expressions, this relationship has not been verified in a wide sample of species. Here, we examine the relationship between allomaternal care (paternal or alloparental) and the morphology of three orofacial brainstem...

The relationship between having children and being fulfilled

Alexandra Suppes
We use data from the World Values Survey to explore the relationship between having children and being satisfied with your life. We expect our findings will be moderated by gender inequality in the country that a person lives

The development of normative conceptual representations

Emily Foster-Hanson & Marjorie Rhodes

Empirical Study of Visual Factors in Rule Interpretation

Jun Yuan & Enrico Bertini
Systematically test the effects of feature alignment and predicate encoding.

Keyword Mapping/Vizualizations

James Malin
The crosswalked-corpus was was also imported into bibliometric visualization software (Visualization Of Similarity Viewer, or VOSViewer for short).

Korean and English verb learning in transitive syntactic frames

Sudha Arunachalam

Minority identity and affirmative action attitudes

Riana Brown
The project's goal is to explore the relation between self identification as a minority member and attitudes toward affirmative action policies and their beneficiaries.

Discovering the dynamic correlation between personality determinants and risk preferences in the field

Zih-Yun Yan
A variety of personality determinants and emotional states have been linked to individual differences in risk preferences. However, most variables reported in the literature were investigated independently and tested without repeated longitudinal measurements. To understand the interaction between personality traits, personality states and risk preferences, we will perform a longitudinal examination of emotional states, a variety of personality traits, and risk preferences on two separate discovery and confirmatory cohorts. We will use the preliminary findings...

The \"Food Studies\" Corpus

James Malin
This dataset is part of a study that used scoping review methodology to collect and verify the applicability of the phrase "Food Studies" in bibliographic records across five databases. Five large bibliographic databases were identified for size, relevance to food studies, and subject metadata standards. These were ProQuest Central (PQC), EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), Web Of Science (WOS), PubMed (PM), and PubAg. The phrase “food studies” was then searched within each database, using a scholarly...

The Effects of Expertise and Word Valence on Holistic Word Processing (online)

Beiyin Zhang, Olivia Cheung, Haiyang Jin & Anna Erdi
The main question is whether holistic processing of words, as measured in a complete composite task, is influenced by the meanings of words. Specifically, we examine whether the processing of words with positive vs. negative meanings would show different magnitudes of holistic processing in experts and novices. Holistic processing is revealed by an interaction between alignment and congruency, with a stronger congruency effect for aligned than misaligned words.

Diversity-based reasoning about biological kinds

Kelsey Moty, Emily Foster-Hanson, Marjorie Rhodes, Amanda Cardarelli & John Ocampo

Training Ambassadors for Peace: A Field Experiment on an Intergroup Contact Program in Israel

Ruth Ditlmann, Nejla Asimovic & Cyrus Samii

Joint effects of genes underlying a temperature specialization tradeoff in yeast

Faisal AlZaben, Rachel Brem, Julie Chuong & Melanie Abrams
A central goal of evolutionary genetics is to understand, at the molecular level, how organisms adapt to their environments. For a given trait, the answer often involves the acquisition of variants at unlinked sites across the genome. Genomic methods have achieved landmark successes in pinpointing adaptive loci. To figure out how a suite of adaptive alleles work together, and to what extent they can reconstitute the phenotype of interest, requires their transfer into an exogenous...

Improving Supportiveness of Interviewer using the Simulated Child Sexual Abuse Interviews

Shumpei Haginoya

Sex & Love Study 2.0

Gu Li, Jiaxuan Li, Jingyi Feng, Will Wai Lun Sham & Wong Ivy
This study aims to replicate the findings in Li et al. (2021) on the associations between romantic orientation and sexual orientation at the explicit and implicit levels, in two Western (U.K. and U.S.) samples from the online crowdsourcing platform Prolific. Li, G., Sham, W. W. L., & Wong, W. I. (2021). Romantic orientation and sexual orientation: Similar at the explicit level but different at the implicit level. [Manuscript submitted for publication]. Faculty of Arts and...

Doing-undoing in human planning

Dongjae Kim, Wei Ji Ma & Sherry Bao
We will study human planning using a spatial task that requires thinking multiple steps ahead. In the task, people earn money by connecting cities on a map with a limited “length budget”. The task will have two conditions: one in which participants cannot undo their previous moves, and one in which they can. We will investigate the factors that affect human performance. We will develop computational models to predict an individual’s decisions, and in particular...

Extremist Militant Groups and the Provision of Justice: Experimental Evidence from South Central Somalia

Nicholas Haas & Prabin Khadka
This research is an extension of a pre-registered study by the two co-authors (Haas and Khadka, 2019) which investigates forum shopping in an Islamic conflict setting. In this study, we aim to answer why certain hypothetical dispute and individual characteristics lead Somali citizens to choose one forum for justice over the other. In particular, we evaluate whether our suppositions – that institutional features of militant courts, or of customary authorities or formal courts, can explain...

Coming Out in China I: Coming Out to Parents

Gu Li & Xiaohan Lin
This study examines the factors influencing the experiences of coming out to parents among Chinese sexual minority people.

Worldwide savanna monkey (Chlorocebus spp.) body measures

Christopher A. Schmitt, Trudy R. Turner, Jennifer Danzy Cramer, Joseph Lorenz, J. Paul Grobler, Clifford J. Jolly & Nelson B. Freimer
Objectives: Direct comparative work in morphology and growth on widely dispersed wild primate taxa is rarely accomplished, yet critical to understanding ecogeographic variation, plastic local varia- tion in response to human impacts, and variation in patterns of growth and sexual dimorphism. We investigated population variation in morphology and growth in response to geographic variables (i.e., latitude, altitude), climatic variables (i.e., temperature and rainfall), and human impacts in the vervet monkey (Chlorocebus spp.). Methods: We trapped...

Confirmation Bias in Simulated CSA Interviews

Yikang Zhang, Pekka Santtila, Shumpei Haginoya, Aleksandr Segal & Francesco Pompedda

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