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Data from: Biomimicry of iridescent, patterned insect cuticles: comparison of biological and synthetic, cholesteric microcells using hyperspectral imaging

Aurelie Jullien, Maxim Neradovskiy, Adriana Scarangella, Michel Mitov & Aurélie Jullien
Biological systems inspire the design of multifunctional materials and devices. However, current syynthetic replicas rarelyy capture the range of structural complexityy observed in natural materials. Prior to the definition of a biomimetic design, a dual investigation with a common set of criteria for comparing the biological material and the replica is required. Here, we deal with this issue by addressing the non-trivial case of insect cuticles tessellated with polygonal microcells with iridescent colors due to...

Data from: Extending full protection inside existing marine protected areas or reducing fishing effort outside can reconcile conservation and fisheries goals

Mokrane Belharet, Antonio Di Franco, Antonio Calò, Lorenzo Mari, Joachim Claudet, Renato Casagrandi, Marino Gatto, Josep Lloret, Charlotte Sève, Paolo Guidetti & Paco Melià
1. Most fish stocks worldwide are fished at maximum sustainable yield (MSY) or overfished, as many fisheries management strategies have failed to achieve sustainable fishing. Identifying effective fisheries management strategies has now become urgent. 2. Here, we developed a spatially-explicit metapopulation model accounting for population connectivity in the north-western Mediterranean Sea, and parameterized it for three ecologically and economically important coastal fish species: the white seabream Diplodus sargus, the two-banded seabream Diplodus vulgaris and the...

Horizontal acquisition of Symbiodiniaceae in the Anemonia viridis genetic data

Barbara Porro, Thamilla Zamoum, Cédric Mallien, Benjamin C.C. Hume, Christian R. Voolstra, Eric Röttinger, Paola Furla & Didier Forcioli
All metazoans are in fact holobionts, resulting from the association of several organisms, and organismal adaptation is then due to the composite response of this association to the environment. Deciphering the mechanisms of symbiont acquisition in a holobiont is therefore essential to understanding the extent of its adaptive capacities. In cnidarians, some species acquire their photosynthetic symbionts directly from their parents (vertical transmission) but may also acquire symbionts from the environment (horizontal acquisition) at the...

Children’s experiences with cyberhate

Hana MacHackova, Catherine Blaya, Marie Bedrosova, David Smahel & Elisabeth Staksrud

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  • 2020

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  • Université Côte d'Azur
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