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Data from: Empirical relationships between tree fall and landscape-level amounts of logging and fire

David B. Lindenmayer, Wade Blanchard, David Blair, Lachlan McBurney, John Stein & Sam C. Banks
Large old trees are critically important keystone structures in forest ecosystems globally. Populations of these trees are also in rapid decline in many forest ecosystems, making it important to quantify the factors that influence their dynamics at different spatial scales. Large old trees often occur in forest landscapes also subject to fire and logging. However, the effects on the risk of collapse of large old trees of the amount of logging and fire in the...

Data from: Are females in good condition better able to cope with costly males?

Maider Iglesias-Carrasco, Michael D. Jennions, Susanne R.K. Zajitschek & Megan L. Head
The costs of mating for a female might depend on both her phenotype and that of her mate. Sexually antagonistic male traits that negatively affect females are often condition-dependent, so a male’s rearing environment can affect the costs he imposes on his mate. Likewise, a female’s ability to resist male-imposed costs might be condition-dependent. We experimentally manipulated female and male body condition in the seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus by rearing larvae on a good or...

Data from: Does the winner-loser effect determine male mating success?

Lauren M. Harrison, Michael D. Jennions & Megan L. Head
Winning or losing a fight can have lasting effects on competitors. Controlling for inherent fighting ability and other factors, a history of winning often makes individuals more likely to win future contests, while the opposite is true for losers (the ‘winner-loser effect’). But does the winner-loser effect also influence a male’s mating success? We experimentally staged contests between male mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki) such that focal males either won or lost three successive encounters with...

Data from: Inbreeding, inbreeding depression and infidelity in a cooperatively-breeding bird

Gabriela Karolina Hajduk, Andrew Cockburn, Nicolas Margraf, Helen L. Osmond, Craig A. Walling, Loeske E.B. Kruuk & Loeske E. B. Kruuk
Inbreeding depression plays a major role in shaping mating systems: in particular, inbreeding avoidance is often proposed as a mechanism explaining extra-pair reproduction in socially-monogamous species. This suggestion relies on assumptions which are rarely comprehensively tested: that inbreeding depression is present, that higher kinship between social partners increases infidelity, and that infidelity reduces the frequency of inbreeding. Here, we test these assumptions using 26 years of data for a cooperatively-breeding, socially-monogamous bird with high female...

Data from: What happens to offspring when parents are inbred, old or had a poor start in life? : Interactions between multiple causes of parental effects

Regina Vega-Trejo, Loeske E.B. Kruuk, Michael D. Jennions, Megan L. Head & Loeske E. B. Kruuk
Parental effects on offspring performance have been attributed to many factors such as parental age, size, and condition. However, we know little about how these different parental characteristics interact to determine parental effects, or the extent to which their effect on offspring depends on either the sex of the parent or that of the offspring. Here we experimentally tested for main effects of variation in parents' early diet and inbreeding levels, as well as effects...

Data from: Implications of dimeric activation of PDE6 for rod phototransduction

Trevor D. Lamb, Martin Heck & Timothy W. Kraft
We examine the implications of a recent report providing evidence that two transducins must bind to the rod phosphodiesterase to elicit significant hydrolytic activity. To predict the rod photoreceptor's electrical response, we use numerical simulation of the two-dimensional diffusional contact of interacting molecules at the surface of the disc membrane, and then we use the simulated PDE activity as the driving function for the downstream reaction cascade. The results account for a number of aspects...

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