Data from: Increasing cognitive load attenuates right arm swing in healthy human walking

Tim Killeen, Christopher S. Easthope, Linard Filli, Lilla Lőrincz, Miriam Schrafl-Altermatt, Peter Brugger, Michael Linnebank, Armin Curt, Björn Zörner & Marc Bolliger
Human arm swing looks and feels highly automated, yet it is increasingly apparent that higher centres, including the cortex, are involved in many aspects of locomotor control. The addition of a cognitive task increases arm swing asymmetry during walking, but the characteristics and mechanism of this asymmetry are unclear. We hypothesized that this effect is lateralized and a Stroop word-colour naming task—primarily involving left hemisphere structures—would reduce right arm swing only. We recorded gait in...

Registration Year

  • 2016

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  • Dataset


  • University Hospital of Zurich
  • Helios Klinik Hagen Ambrock