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Data from: Social interactions elicit rapid shifts in functional connectivity in the social decision-making network of zebrafish

Magda C. Teles, Olinda Almeida, João S. Lopes & Rui F. Oliveira
According to the social decision-making (SDM) network hypothesis, SDM is encoded in a network of forebrain and midbrain structures in a distributed and dynamic fashion, such that the expression of a given social behaviour is better reflected by the overall profile of activation across the different loci rather than by the activity of a single node. This proposal has the implicit assumption that SDM relies on integration across brain regions, rather than on regional specialization....

Data from: Birth date predicts alternative life-history pathways in a fish with sequential reproductive tactics

Teresa Fagundes, Mariana G. Simões, João L. Saraiva, Albert F. H. Ros, David Gonçalves & Rui F. Oliveira
In species with plastic expression of alternative reproductive tactics (ARTs), individuals of the same sex, usually males, can adopt different reproductive tactics depending on factors such as body size. The ‘birth date hypothesis’ proposes that condition-dependent expression of ARTs may ultimately depend on birth date, because individuals born at different times of the year may achieve different sizes and express different reproductive tactics accordingly. However, this has rarely been tested. Here, we tested this hypothesis...

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  • 2015

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  • Instituto Universitário de Ciências Psicológicas, Sociais e da Vida
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