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Data from: Successional status, seed dispersal mode and overstorey species influence tree regeneration in tropical rain-forest fragments in Western Ghats, India

Anand M. Osuri, Dayani Chakravarthy, Divya Mudappa, T. R. Shankar Raman, N. Ayyappan, S. Muthuramkumar & N. Parthasarathy
The effects of fragmentation and overstorey tree diversity on tree regeneration were assessed in tropical rain forests of the Western Ghats, India. Ninety plots were sampled for saplings (1–5 cm diameter at breast height (dbh); 5×5-m plots) and overstorey trees (>9.55 cm dbh; 20×20-m plots) within two fragments (32 ha and 18 ha) and two continuous forests. We tested the hypotheses that fragmentation and expected seed-dispersal declines (1) reduce sapling densities and species richness of...

Data from: Genetic diversity and population structure of wild/weedy eggplant (Solanum insanum L., Solanaceae) in southern India: implications for conservation

Evans Mutegi, Allison A. Snow, Rajkumar Mathu, Remy Pasquest, Hopeland Ponniah, Marie-Christine Daunay, Priya Davidar & Muthu Rajkumar
Mutegi et al eggplant SSR dataAn excel file with microsatellite data for the 10 natural populations of wild/weedy eggplant (S. insanum) and the 3 cultivar populations studied. A sheet with metadata to describe the fields is included.Mutegi et al Eggplant data1.xlsx

Data from: Critical analysis of forest degradation in the southern Eastern Ghats of India: comparison of satellite imagery and soil quality index

Andimuthu Ramachandran, Parthasarathy Radhapriya, Shanmuganathan Jayakumar, Praveen Dhanya & Rajadurai Geetha
India has one of the largest assemblages of tropical biodiversity, with its unique floristic composition of endemic species. However, current forest cover assessment is performed via satellite-based forest surveys, which have many limitations. The present study, which was performed in the Eastern Ghats, analysed the satellite-based inventory provided by forest surveys and inferred from the results that this process no longer provides adequate information for quantifying forest degradation in an empirical manner. The study analysed...

Obtainment active carbon from solid waste and its multiple uses in the control of emerging pollutants

Robson Da Silva Rocha
The study of H2O2 electrochemical generation must address aspects of the synthesis of electrodic materials, understanding of the composition/crystallographic structures and activity of these materials for different environmental applications, not being able to stick to only one application. In this sense, this project intends to study these two aspects, firstly, the obtainment of active carbon from solid waste, being the object of study the pyrolysis and carbon activation for different applications. Next, the best materials...

Data from: Species-area relationships in the Andaman and Nicobar islands emerge because rarer species are disproportionately favored on larger islands

Leana Gooriah, Priya Davidar & Jonathan Chase
The Island Species-Area relationship (ISAR) describes how the number of species increases with increasing size of an island (or island-like habitat), and is of fundamental importance in island biogeography and conservation. Here, we use a framework based on individual-based rarefaction to infer whether ISARs result from passive sampling, or whether some processes are acting beyond sampling (e.g., disproportionate effects and/or habitat heterogeneity). Using data on total and relative abundances of four taxa (birds, butterflies, amphibians...

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