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Beyond graduation rates: Conceptualizing liberatory educational outcomes for colleges and universities

Gina Ann Garcia
Colleges and universities in the United States are expected to deliver “normative academic outcomes” which are those that are acceptable and desirable to the general public. This includes accessibility, affordability, and degree attainment. They are also accountable for delivering “neoliberal outcomes” such as upward mobility, life-long learning, and workforce development. Yet postsecondary institutions have historically delivered these normative and neoliberal outcomes inequitably for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Pacific Islander students. While colleges and universities must...

Causal Moderation and Mediation Analyses in Multisite Randomized Trials

Xu Qin
An intervention may generate heterogeneous impacts due to natural variations in participant characteristics, context, and local implementation. Important research questions include whether the impact of an intervention is generalizable across individuals and contexts, for whom and under what contexts the intervention is effective, and why. To answer such questions, it is necessary to unpack the mediation mechanism underlying the intervention impact and assess how it varies by individual and contextual characteristics. However, with the existing...

T-box transcriptional control of Drosophila wing development

Deborah Chapman & Gerard Campbell
How do T-box transcription factors regulate target gene expression to control the formation and maintenance of our body parts? T-box family members are related through a similar DNA binding domain, which determines how these proteins interact with specific DNA sequences; the shared DNA binding domain means that these proteins can bind to the same DNA sequences in the regulatory regions of target genes leading to a potential competition. T-box proteins can have different activities: activation...

Understanding PFAS Interactions with Kidney Function in Health and Disease

Carla Ng
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a class of thousands of chemicals widely used in personal, household, commercial, and industrial applications. Their broad use and high stability has led to their being detected throughout the environment and within humans on a global scale. Previous studies have revealed associations between exposure to specific PFAS and health effects including reduced immune function, liver disease, kidney disease, and adverse reproductive and developmental outcomes. Elimination through urine is critical...

Adaptive stochastic optimization via trajectory cues

oliver hinder
Training machine learning models requires users to select many tuning parameters. For example, a popular training method, stochastic gradient descent, requires users to select a value for the learning rate. These tuning parameters are hard to select and users often resort to time consuming trial-and-error process to find a good set of parameters. This project aims to automate the selection of these tuning parameters by using information inferred from training algorithm trajectories. This will reduce the time spent...

Pittsburgh Transformations Project: Race, Migration, Education, and Healthcare

Michele Reid-Vazquez, Alaina Roberts, Abimbola Fapohunda, Arif Jamal, Gina Ann Garcia, Patricia Documet & Martha Mantilla
The Pittsburgh Transformations Project: Race, Migration, Education, and Healthcare is a multidisciplinary, collaborative study that addresses the historical and contemporary struggles of Black and Brown communities in Pittsburgh. The aim of the project is to gather, analyze, and share data to enhance the visibility and knowledge of Western Pennsylvania’s ethnic communities of color (ECCs)-African Americans/Black diaspora, Asian Americans, Latinxs, and Native Americans. This project will also generate digital resources offering positive interventions and a transformative...

Nanocrystalline Diamond

Abhijeet Gujrati, Subarna R. Khanal, Lars Pastewka & Tevis D. B. Jacobs
NCD surface topography measured using TEM, AFM, and Stylus Profilometry

Microcrystalline Diamond

Luke A. Thimons, Abhijeet Gujrati, Antoine Sanner, Lars Pastewka & Tevis D. B. Jacobs
Microcrystalline diamond film deposited on silicon wafer Substrate Manufacturer : Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

Nanocrystalline Diamond

Luke A. Thimons, Abhijeet Gujrati, Antoine Sanner, Lars Pastewka & Tevis D. B. Jacobs
Nanocrystalline diamond film deposited on silicon wafer Substrate Manufacturer : Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

Spherical Ruby tip (500 micron)

Luke A. Thimons, Abhijeet Gujrati, Antoine Sanner, Lars Pastewka & Tevis D. B. Jacobs
polished ruby tips used in adhesion testing material: Ruby manufacturer: Swissjewel

Supplementary data, code, and information for ‘Interhemispheric antiphasing of neotropical precipitation during the past millennium’ (PNAS, Steinman et al. 2022)

B.A. Steinman, N. Stansall, M.E. Mann, C.A. Cooke, M.B. Abbott, M. Vuille, B.W. Bird, M.S. Lachniet & A. Fernandez
Uncertainty about the influence of anthropogenic radiative forcing on the position and strength of convective rainfall in the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) inhibits our ability to project future tropical hydroclimate change in a warmer world. Paleoclimatic and modeling data inform on the timescales and mechanisms of ITCZ variability; yet a comprehensive, long-term perspective remains elusive. Here, we quantify the evolution of neotropical hydroclimate over the pre-industrial past millennium (850 to 1850 CE) using a synthesis...

Copy of A Grandparent community Health worker- led Intervention to promote child oral health care

Navneet Godwin
Plan Overview Grandparents often play a vital role in raising children. The rise of both single-parent families and maternal employment have contributed to increases in grandparent contributions to childcare. Previous literature describes those grandparents in caregiving roles can negatively influence the dietary intake of grandchildren. While there have been successful interventions with grandparents to improve child nutrition and physical activity, there have been no interventions with grandparents to prevent dental caries, which can begin early...

The History and Future of the “Neglected Tropical Diseases” – Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Research to Improve Public Health Outcomes

Mari Webel, Sarah Krier, Thuy Bui, Matiangai Sirleaf, Michael Dietrich & Willem Van Panhuis

Pittsburgh Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Medical Imaging

Shandong Wu, David Vorp, Ashok Panigrahy, John Gilbertson, Wendie Berg, Seong Je Hwang, , Nematollah Batmanghelich, Rivka Colen, Peter Lucas & Robert Nishikawa

Using Environmental Scans to Guide Campus Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Janine Talis

Epigenetic Aging and Cognitive Health: A Pilot Study

Rebecca Reed, Anna Marsland & Steve Manuck

Polished ultrananocrystalline diamond

Luke A. Thimons, Abhijeet Gujrati, Antoine Sanner, Lars Pastewka & Tevis D. B. Jacobs
polished UNCD on silicon wafer Substrate Manufacturer : Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

Spherical Ruby tip (500 micron)

Luke A. Thimons, Abhijeet Gujrati, Antoine Sanner, Lars Pastewka & Tevis D. B. Jacobs
polished ruby tips used in adhesion testing material: Ruby manufacturer: Swissjewel

Supporting Data: Laboratory Experiments Contrasting Growth of Uniformly and Nonuniformly-Spaced Hydraulic Fractures

Delal Gunaydin, Anthony Peirce & Andrew Bunger

What Code-Switching Strategies are Effective in Dialogue Systems?

Emily Ahn, Cecilia Jimenez, Yulia Tsvetkov & Alan Black

Pittsburgh is Our Home, Too: Refugee Arts and Education for Well-Being

Josue Lopez & Jenna Baron
Refugee and immigrants students and families have many skills and knowledges to contribute to our shared world. However, there are also many challenges that accompany living in a new place, such as navigating a new educational system. This project aims to partner with refugee youth and families to think about the kinds of educational experiences that would help to meet their needs and interests. We focus in particular on arts education because of its continually...

Exploring the cause and effect of ribosomal RNA hidden breaks in various plants

Laura Ritchey
Hidden breaks are a unique structural feature in rRNA found in plants' chloroplasts that have not been studied extensively. My goal is to eventually establish how hidden breaks may correspond to plant survival under environmentally stressful conditions. The goal of this particular seeding grant will be to develop an effective method to analyze and compare the extent of these hidden breaks in coffee, rice, and spinach leaves under heat, cold, and stress conditions.

Characterization of microplastics in sediments and surface waters of a headwater catchment

Mitzy Schaney
Microplastics are highly persistent small particles that have been recognized as a global threat to the environment. While plastic pollution in ocean environments has been widely reported, the need for study of microplastics in freshwater riverine environments has been more recently recognized. It is estimated that 80% of microplastics originate from land-based sources with rivers acting as an important transportation pathway, and microplastics themselves having the potential to act as vectors for chemical pollutants. More...

Freedom Dreaming: Black Communal and Familial Educational Practices in Pittsburgh’s Hill District before, during and after COVID-19

Lori Delale O'Connor, James Huguley, Kirk Holbrook & Elon Dancy
In this project, faculty, staff, and students from the Center for Urban Education (CUE), the Center on Race and Social Problems (CRSP), and the Hill District Community Engagement Center (Hill CEC) will work collaboratively on a research and practice project that focuses on learning how schools and other formal educational spaces can center Black families and communities as knowledge co-constructors. Through this work, we will also cultivate synergies across these three Centers to engage in...

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