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Data from: Body-size scaling of metabolic rate in the trilobite Eldredgeops rana

Douglas S. Glazier, Matthew G. Powell & Travis J. Deptola
We infer the body-size scaling slope of metabolic rate in a trilobite by applying a cell-size model that has been proposed to explain metabolic scaling in living organisms. This application is especially tractable in fossil arthropods with well-preserved compound eyes because the number and size of eye facets appear to be useful proxies for the relative number and size of cells in the body. As a case study, we examined the ontogenetic scaling of facet...

Data from: Comparative population genetic analysis of bocaccio rockfish Sebastes paucispinis using anonymous and gene-associated simple sequence repeat loci

Vincent P. Buonaccorsi, Carol A. Kimbrell, Eric A. Lynn & John R. Hyde
Comparative population genetic analyses of traditional and emergent molecular markers aid in determining appropriate use of new technologies. The bocaccio rockfish Sebastes paucispinis is a high-gene-flow marine species off the west coast of North America that experienced strong population decline over the past three decades. We used 18 anonymous and 13 gene associated simple sequence repeat loci (EST-SSRs) to characterize range-wide population structure with temporal replicates. No FST-outliers were detected using the LOSITAN program, suggesting...

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  • 2012

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  • Juniata College
  • Southwest Fisheries Science Center
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