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Data from: Molecular variability and genetic structure of Chrysodeixis includens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), an important soybean defoliator in Brazil

Janine Palma, Kevin Maebe, Jerson Vanderlei Carús Guedes & Guy Smagghe
This study provides the first genetic characterization of the soybean looper, Chrysodeixis includens (Walker, 1857), an important defoliating pest species of soybean crops in Brazil. Population genetic variability and the genetic structure of C. includens populations were evaluated by using ISSR markers with samples from the major soybean producing regions in Brazil in the growing seasons 2011/2012. Seven different primers were applied for population characterization of the molecular variability and genetic structure of 8 soybean...

Data from: Chewing on the trees: constraints and adaptation in the evolution of the primate mandible

Carlo Meloro, Nilton Carlos Cáceres, Francesco Carotenuto, Jonas Sponchiado, Geruza Leal Melo, Federico Passaro & Pasquale Raia
Chewing on different food types is a demanding biological function. The classic assumption in studying the shape of feeding apparatuses is that animals are what they eat, meaning that adaptation to different food items accounts for most of their interspecific variation. Yet, a growing body of evidence points against this concept. We use the primate mandible as a model structure to investigate the complex interplay between shape, size, diet and phylogeny. We find a weak...

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