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Data from: A new cynodont from the Santa Maria Formation, south Brazil, improves Late Triassic probainognathian diversity

Agustín G. Martinelli, Estevam Eltink, Átila A. S. Da-Rosa & Max C. Langer
The fossil record of non-mammaliaform probainognathian cynodonts is outstanding in the Late Triassic rocks of Brazil and Argentina. Approximately 15 genera are known, providing unique insights in the study of the major skeletal transformations prior to the mammalian condition. Globally, the diversity of probainognathians is possibly under-represented, as the discovery of small- to very small-sized taxa based on relatively well-preserved specimens is rare. Several species, for example much of the Laurasian record, are based on...

Data from: How does environment influence fighting? The effects of tidal flow on resource value and fighting costs in sea anemones

Alexandre V. Palaoro, Mariana Velasque, Sandro Santos & Mark Briffa
An animal's decision to enter into a fight depends on the interaction between perceived resource value (V) and fighting costs (C). Both could be altered by predictable environmental fluctuations. For intertidal marine animals, such as the sea anemone Actinia equina, exposure to high flow during the tidal cycle may increase V by bringing more food. It may also increase C via energy expenditure needed to attach to the substrate. We asked whether simulated tidal cycles...

Data from: Comment on ‘A dinosaur missing-link? Chilesaurus and the early evolution of ornithischian dinosaurs'

Rodrigo Temp Müller, Flávio Augusto Pretto, Leonardo Kerber, Eduardo Silva-Neves & Sérgio Dias-Da-Silva
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATIONDataset taken from Baron et al. (2017) with properly ordered characters.

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  • 2017

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