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Data from: Influence of genetic drift on patterns of genetic variation: the footprint of aquaculture practices in Sparus aurata (Teleostei: Sparidae)

Piero Cossu, Fabio Scarpa, Daria Sanna, Tiziana Lai, Gian Luca Dedola, Marco Curini-Galletti, Laura Mura, Nicola Fois & Marco Casu
Aquaculture finfish production based on floating cage technology has raised increasing concerns on the genetic integrity of natural populations. Accidental mass escapes can induce the loss of genetic diversity in wild populations by increasing genetic drift and inbreeding. Farm escapees likely represent an important issue in the gilthead sea bream, which accounted for 76.4% of total escapes recorded in Europe during a three-year survey. Here, we investigated patterns of genetic variation in farmed and wild...

Data from: Forecasting the response to global warming in a heat-sensitive species

Francesca Brivio, Milena Zurmühl, Stefano Grignolio, Jost Von Hardenberg, Marco Apollonio & Simone Ciuti
Avoiding hyperthermia entails considerable metabolic costs for endotherms. Such costs increase in warm conditions, when endotherms may trade food intake for cooler areas to avoid heat stress and maximize their energy balance. The need to reduce heat stress may involve the adoption of tactics affecting space use and foraging behaviour, which are important to understand and predict the effects of climate change and inform conservation. We used resource selection models to examine the behavioural response...

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  • 2019

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  • University of Sassari
  • Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate
  • University College Dublin