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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: um Presidente da República que reconfigurou o cargo com a colaboração dos média noticiosos

Felisbela Lopes, Paula Espírito Santo, Leonete Botelho & Sandra Couto

Optimising bat bioacoustic surveys in human-modified neotropical landscapes

Adrià López-Baucells, Natalie Yoh, Ricardo Rocha, Paulo Bobrowiec, Jorge Palmeirim & Christoph Meyer
During the last decades, the use of bioacoustics as a non-invasive and cost-effective sampling method has greatly increased worldwide. For bats, acoustic surveys have long been known to complement traditional mist-netting, however, appropriate protocol guidelines are still lacking for tropical regions. Establishing the minimum sampling effort needed to detect ecological changes in bat assemblages (e.g., activity, composition and richness) is crucial in view of workload and project cost constraints, and because detecting such changes must...

Participação, colaboração, confrontação e criação: a viragem educacional em contextos socioeducativos não formais

Mariana Oliveira Wemans
A escrita desta reflexão tem como propósito abordar um posicionamento teórico-prático que se tornou visível no mundo da arte contemporânea ao longo dos últimos anos, e que diz respeito à entrada da educação em ‘projetos artísticos’. Dito de outro modo, trata-se de um posicionamento através do qual a educação e a pedagogia se tornam, elas mesmas, objetos estéticos e artísticos produzidos a partir (ou no interior) dos discursos da arte contemporânea. Esta mudança de paradigma...

A diversidade de resoluções e as discussões coletivas como promotoras do desenvolvimento da estruturação espacial, no 1.º ano de escolaridade

Joana Conceição & Margarida Rodrigues
Ao longo das últimas décadas, sobretudo desde a massificação do ensino, que o currículo de matemática e a forma como é ensinado têm vindo a ser alvo de constantes reflexões e consequentes reformulações no que respeita a práticas de ensino, conteúdos e competências a desenvolver nos alunos. A área da matemática constitui uma importante porta de acesso a muitas profissões, sobretudo na área das STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), sendo este grupo constituído por muitas...

Plant-soil feedback and crop rotation

Akihiro Koyama, Pedro Antunes & Teresa Dias
Plant-soil feedback (PSF) can be a major driver of plant performance in communities, and this concept can be used in selecting crop rotation sequences to maximize agricultural yields. Potential benefits of using PSF in this context include nutrient use optimization, pathogen reduction and enhancement of mutualisms between crops and microbes. Yet, the contributions of these combined mechanisms are poorly understood. Here we investigated the relative contributions of these mechanisms using five major crops commonly cultivated...

O Cinema de Pedro Almodóvar: uma Estética do Pós-Modernismo

Rui Vau

Mesocarnivore community structuring in the presence of Africa’s apex predator

Gonçalo Curveira-Santos, Chris Sutherland, Simone Tenan, Albert Fernández-Chacón, Gareth Mann, Ross Pitman & Lourens Swanepoel
Apex predator reintroductions have proliferated across southern Africa, yet their ecological effects and proposed umbrella benefits of associated management lack empirical evaluations. Despite a rich theory on top-down ecosystem regulation via mesopredator (<20kg) suppression, a knowledge gap exists relating to the influence of lions (Panthera leo) over Africa’s diverse mesocarnivore communities. We investigate how geographical variation in mesocarnivore community richness and occupancy across South African reserves is associated with the presence of lions. An interesting...

DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D8.1 \"Communication and Dissemination Strategy\"

Ana Casino, Céline Cassarino, Marie-Laure Kamatali, Karsten Gödderz, Eva Alonso, Maria Judite Alves, François DUSOULIER & Hilary Goodson
The Communication and Dissemination (C&D) Strategy for DiSSCo Prepare is a supporting instrument to facilitate efficient communication among project partners, strengthen coherence and enlighten the shared vision for external outreach whilst procures and empowers engagement of third parties. The C&D Strategy collates the tools, channels and mechanisms necessary to develop cross-cutting activities throughout the project’s duration and beyond. This document will aim to ensure the most effective information exchange both internally and externally towards external...

Quality Assurance in Individual Monitoring for External Radiation – Results of EURADOS Survey 2012

P. J. Gilvin, J. G. Alves, C. Chesteres, J. W. E. van Dijk, M. Lehtinen, F. Rossi, B. Vekic & M. A. Chevallier
Abstract: EURADOS Working Group 2 (WG2) on Harmonization of Individual Monitoring is a network of institutions and individual monitoring services (IMSs), built up over the last 20 years, that aims to promote quality, technical excellence and good practice in Europe. In pursuit of these aims, in 2012 WG2 carried out a survey of IMSs in Europe. The survey was sent to about 170 IMS and included questions on: the use of formal quality assurance (QA)...

Um olhar sobre a grande prematuridade: a investigação com bebés nascidos com menos de 32 semanas de gestação

Sandra Antunes, Marina Fuertes & João Moreira
Os bebés de pré-termo (com menos de 32 semanas) ou com muito baixo peso ao nascer (abaixo dos 1500g) apresentam um risco agravado de problemas de saúde e constitucionais, capazes de afetar o seu desenvolvimento. A taxa de sobrevivência de bebés com grande e extrema prematuridade aumentou na última década, com a melhoria dos cuidados peri e neonatais. Contudo, estes bebés enfrentam um significativo conjunto de problemas durante a fase perinatal, que podem fazer perigar...

Stable leaders pave the way for cooperation under time-dependent exploration rates

Flávio L. Pinheiro, Jorge M. Pacheco & Francisco C. Santos
The exploration of different behaviors is part of the adaptation repertoire of individuals to new environments. Here, we explore how the evolution of cooperative behavior is affected by the interplay between exploration dynamics and social learning, in particular when individuals engage on the Prisoner's Dilemma along the edges of a social network. We show that when the population undergoes a transition from strong to weak exploration rates a decline in the overall levels of cooperation...

Food talk: 40-Hz fin whale calls are associated with prey biomass

Miriam Romagosa, Sergi Pérez-Jorge, Irma Cascão, Helena Mouriño, Patrick Lehodey, Andreia Pereira, Tiago A. Marques, Luís Matias & Mónica A. Silva
Animals use varied acoustic signals that play critical roles in their lives. Understanding the function of these signals may inform about key life-history processes relevant for conservation. In the case of fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus), that produce different call types associated with different behaviours, several hypotheses have emerged regarding call function, but the topic still remains in its infancy. Here, we investigate the potential function of two fin whale vocalizations, the song-forming 20-Hz call and...

Ant taxonomic and functional beta-diversity

Clara Frasconi Wendt, Ana Ceia-Hasse, Alice Nunes, Robin Verble, Giacomo Santini, Mário Boieiro & Cristina Branquinho
The decomposition of beta-diversity (β-diversity) into its replacement (βrepl) and richness (βrich) components in combination with a taxonomic and functional approach, may help to identify processes driving community composition along environmental gradients. We aimed to understand which abiotic and spatial variables influence ant β-diversity and identify which processes may drive ant β-diversity patterns in Mediterranean drylands by measuring the percentage of variation in ant taxonomic and functional β-diversity explained by local environmental, regional climatic and...

Estratégias de intervenção para a redução do comportamento sedentário diário nos idosos: uma revisão rápida de literatura

André Ramalho, António Rosado, João Serrano, Rui Paulo, Pedro Duarte-Mendes & João Petrica
Olhares sobre o envelhecimento. Estudos interdisciplinares, 37-50. Volume I

87Sr/86Sr dating of the Alcácer do Sal Formation (upper Miocene, mainland Portugal)

Ricardo Ressurreição, Paulo Legoinha, Ruben Pereira Dias, José Francisco Santos, Sara Ribeiro, Carla Patinha & Rui Gonçalves Miranda

Data from: Genomic data and multi-species demographic modelling uncover past hybridization between currently allopatric freshwater species

Sofia L. Mendes, Miguel P. Machado, Maria M. Coelho & Vitor C. Sousa
Evidence for ancient interspecific gene flow through hybridization has been reported in many animal and plant taxa based on genetic markers. The study of genomic patterns of closely related species with allopatric distributions allows the assessment of the relative importance of vicariant isolating events and past gene flow. Here, we investigated the role of gene flow in the evolutionary history of four closely related freshwater fish species with currently allopatric distributions in western Iberian rivers...

Data from: Community-level responses of African carnivores to prescribed burning

Laura Gigliotti, Goncalo Curveira-Santos, Rob Slotow, Craig Sholto-Douglas, Lourens Swanepoel & David Jachowski
Fires are common in many ecosystems worldwide, and are frequently used as a management tool. Although the responses of herbivores to fire have been well-studied, the responses of carnivores to fire remain unclear. In particular, post-fire habitat changes, and the associated changes in prey availability, might affect the coexistence or competition of carnivore species within the larger carnivore community, but few studies have focused on how fires influence multiple carnivore species simultaneously. Using South African...

Bat phylogenetic responses to regenerating Amazonian forests

Fábio Z. Farneda, Ricardo Rocha, Sabhrina Gita Aninta, Adrià López-Baucells, Erica M. Sampaio, Jorge M. Palmeirim, Paulo E. D. Bobrowiec, Cristian S. Dambros & Christoph F. J. Meyer
1. Throughout the tropics, regenerating secondary forests occupy vast areas previously cleared for agriculture and cattle ranching. However, despite the importance of regenerating forests in mitigating the pervasive negative consequences of forest loss and fragmentation on forest-associated biodiversity, longitudinal studies on species’ phylogenetic responses to matrix regeneration are rare. 2. We surveyed bats in continuous primary forest, primary forest fragments and in the regenerating secondary forest matrix of a whole-ecosystem Amazonian fragmentation experiment, ~15 and...

The 2020 update of the European Seismic Hazard Model - ESHM20: Model Overview

Laurentiu Danciu, Shyam Nandan, Celso Reyes, Roberto Basili, Graeme Weatherill, Céline Beauval, Andrea Rovida, Susana Vilanova, Karin Sesetyan, Pierre-Yves Bard, Fabrice Cotton, Stefan Wiemer & Domenico Giardini

A Escola Normal de Lisboa e a formação de professores: percursos, identidade e afirmação sob o signo da pedagogia republicana da educação nova

Maria João Mogarro
A Escola Normal de Lisboa representa um símbolo maior da formação de professores, nomeadamente durante o período republicano (1910-1926), em que se registou um investimento significativo na formação de professores, tanto ao nível do discurso político e educativo, como no esforço reformista. O ensino normal conheceu então a sua fase de apogeu, pela importância que foi atribuída à formação de docentes, fundamental na conceção da educação como motor do desenvolvimento e progresso do país, assim...

D1.1 Report on life sciences use cases and user stories

Heli Fitzgerald, Aino Juslén, Sabine von Mering, Mareike Petersen, Niels Raes, Sharif Islam, Frederik Berger, Tea Katharina von Bonsdorff-Salminen, Rui Figueira, Elspeth Haston, Eva Häffner, Laurence Livermore, Veljo Runnel, Sofie De Smedt, Sarah Vincent & Claus Weiland

D1.2 Report on Earth sciences use cases and user stories

Sabine von Mering, Mareike Petersen, Heli Fitzgerald, Aino Juslén, Niels Raes, Sharif Islam, Frederik Berger, Tea Katharina von Bonsdorff-Salminen, Rui Figueira, Elspeth Haston, Eva Häffner, Laurence Livermore, Veljo Runnel, Sofie De Smedt, Sarah Vincent & Claus Weiland

eDNA in a bottleneck: obstacles to fish metabarcoding studies in megadiverse freshwater systems

Jake Jackman, Chiara Benvenuto, Ilaria Coscia, Cintia Carvalho, Jonathan Ready, Jean Boubli, William Magnusson, Allan McDevitt & Naiara Sales
The current capacity of environmental DNA (eDNA) to provide accurate insights into the biodiversity of megadiverse regions (e.g., the Neotropics) requires further evaluation to ensure its reliability for long-term monitoring. In this study, we first evaluated the taxonomic resolution capabilities of a short fragment from the 12S rRNA gene widely used in fish eDNA metabarcoding studies, and then compared eDNA metabarcoding data from water samples with traditional sampling using nets. For the taxonomic discriminatory power...

Paleodictyon maximum: forma típica da Icnofácies de Nereites em ambiente de rampa carbonatada do Jurássico Médio da Praia da Mareta (Bacia do Algarve, Portugal)

Carlos Carvalho, Paulo Fernandes, José Oliveira & José Anacleto

DiSSCo Prepare Milestone report MS3.4 \"Proposed Content for a DiSSCo Digital Maturity Tool\"

Helen Hardy, Laurence Livermore, Anne Koivunen, Quentin Groom, Patricia Mergen, Frederik Berger, Peter Giere, Sabine von Mering, Rui Figueira, Pedro Arsénio & Alexandra Cartaxana

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