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Data from: Occupancy models for data with false positive and false negative errors and heterogeneity across sites and surveys

Paige F. B. Ferguson, Michael J. Conroy, Jeffrey Hepinstall-Cymerman & Paige F.B. Ferguson
False positive detections, such as species misidentifications, occur in ecological data, although many models do not account for them. Consequently, these models are expected to generate biased inference. The main challenge in an analysis of data with false positives is to distinguish false positive and false negative processes while modeling realistic levels of heterogeneity in occupancy and detection probabilities without restrictive assumptions about parameter spaces. Building on previous attempts to account for false positive and...

Data from: Rodent reservoirs of future zoonotic diseases

Barbara A. Han, John Paul Schmidt, Sarah E. Bowden & John M. Drake
Forecasting reservoirs of zoonotic disease is a pressing public health priority. We apply machine learning to datasets describing the biological, ecological, and life history traits of rodents, which collectively carry a disproportionate number of zoonotic pathogens. We identify particular rodent species predicted to be novel zoonotic reservoirs and geographic regions from which new emerging pathogens are most likely to arise. We also describe trait profiles—complexes of biological features—that distinguish reservoirs from nonreservoirs. Generally, the most...

Data from: Fog as a source of nitrogen for redwood trees: evidence from fluxes and stable isotopes

Pamela H. Templer, Kathleen C. Weathers, Holly A. Ewing, Todd E. Dawson, Stefania Mambelli, Amanda M. Lindsey, Jeramy Webb, Vanessa K. Boukili & Mary K. Firestone
A defining feature of the redwood forest in coastal California is the presence of fog in the summer months, a time when there is typically little rainfall. Our goal was to determine the role of summer fog in canopy transformation of nitrogen, nitrogen uptake by trees and photosynthesis within a coastal redwood forest ecosystem. We measured horizontal and vertical inputs of nitrogen, the isotopic composition of nitrogen in a variety of atmospheric sources (summer fog,...

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