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Data from: AFLP genome scans suggest divergent selection on colour patterning in allopatric colour morphs of a cichlid fish

Karin Mattersdorfer, Stephan Koblmüller & Kristina M. Sefc
Genome scan-based tests for selection are directly applicable to natural populations to study the genetic and evolutionary mechanisms behind phenotypic differentiation. We conducted AFLP genome scans in three distinct geographic colour morphs of the cichlid fish Tropheus moorii to assess whether the extant, allopatric colour pattern differentiation can be explained by drift and to identify markers mapping to genomic regions possibly involved in colour patterning. The tested morphs occupy adjacent shore sections in southern Lake...

Data from: Brood-tending males in a biparental fish suffer high paternity losses but rarely cuckold

Aneesh P. H. Bose, Holger Zimmermann, Jonathan M. Henshaw, Karoline Fritzsche & Kristina M. Sefc
Extra-pair paternity within socially monogamous mating systems is well-studied in birds and mammals but rather neglected in other animal taxa. In fishes, social monogamy has evolved several times but few studies have investigated the extent to which pair-bonded male fish lose fertilizations to cuckolders and gain extra-pair fertilizations themselves. We address this gap and present genetic paternity data collected from a wild population of Variabilichromis moorii, a socially monogamous African cichlid with biparental care of...

Data from: Taking the discovery approach in integrative taxonomy: decrypting a complex of narrow-endemic Alpine harvestmen (Opiliones: Phalangiidae: Megabunus)

Gregor A. Wachter, Christoph Muster, Wolfgang Arthofer, Günther Raspotnig, Petra Föttinger, Christian Komposch, Florian M. Steiner & Birgit C. Schlick-Steiner
Species delimitation is fundamental for biological studies, yet precise delimitation is not an easy task, and every involved approach has an inherent failure rate. Integrative taxonomy, a method that merges multiple lines of evidence, can profoundly contribute to reliable alpha taxonomy and shed light on the processes behind speciation. In this study, we explored and validated species limits in a group of closely related Megabunus harvestmen (Eupnoi, Phalangiidae) endemic to the European Alps. Without a...

Data from: Brood mixing and reduced polyandry in a maternally mouthbrooding cichlid with elevated among-breeder relatedness

Kristina M. Sefc, Caroline M. Hermann, Barbara Taborsky & Stephan Koblmüller
Uniparental maternal brood care often coincides with multiple paternity and single maternity of broods, possibly reflecting benefits of polyandry and costs of uniparental care. Genetic data from the maternally mouthbrooding cichlid fish Simochromis pleurospilus revealed the opposite pattern – low polyandry and allomaternal care. More than 70% of the investigated females had mated with a single male, and 14% of the females had unrelated fry in their broods. Broods with foreign fry were in the...

Data from: Visuo-spatial cueing in children with differential reading and spelling profiles

Chiara Banfi, Ferenc Kemény, Melanie Gangl, Gerd Schulte-Körne, Kristina Moll & Karin Landerl
Dyslexia has been claimed to be causally related to deficits in visuo-spatial attention. In particular, inefficient shifting of visual attention during spatial cueing paradigms is assumed to be associated with problems in graphemic parsing during sublexical reading. The current study investigated visuo-spatial attention performance in an exogenous cueing paradigm in a large sample (N = 191) of third and fourth graders with different reading and spelling profiles (controls, isolated reading deficit, isolated spelling deficit, combined...

Data from: Late Triassic (Julian) conodont biostratigraphy of a transition from reefal limestones to deep-water environments on the Cimmerian terranes (Taurus mountains, southern Turkey)

Yanlong Chen & Alexander Lukeneder
Sections at Aşağiyaylabel and Yukariyaylabel, Taurus Mountains, southern Turkey, provide a rare opportunity to investigate conodont faunas in detail across a reef to slope transition. Intensive sampling of limestone beds (wackestones to packstones) through approximately 3 m at these locations has led to the recognition of a new lower Carnian (Julian 1/2) conodont fauna within the Kartoz and Kasimlar formations. Members of the subfamilies Paragondolellinae and Pseudofurnishiinae are recognized. The genus Kraussodontus is reported for...

A graphical null model for scaling biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships

Kathryn Barry, Gabriella Pinter, Joseph Strini, Karrisa Yang, Istvan Lauko, Stefan Schnizter, Adam Clark, Jane Cowles, Akira Mori, Laura Williams, Peter Reich & Alexandra Wright
1. Global biodiversity is declining at rates faster than at any other point in human history. Experimental manipulations at small spatial scales have demonstrated that communities with fewer species consistently produce less biomass than higher diversity communities. Understanding how the global extinction crisis is likely to impact global ecosystem functioning requires applying these local experimental results at substantially larger spatial and temporal scales. 2. Here we propose a null model for scaling biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships...

The Digital Avatar on a Blockchain: E-Identity, Anonymity and Human Dignity

Nora Schreier, Robin Renwick & Tina Ehrke-Rabel
In order to comply with specific regulations (eIDAS, Payment Services Directive, Anti-Money Laundering Directive) and reduce risk profiles, financial service providers increasingly collect large amounts of information from their customers. The increasing opportunities and technical means for data collection afforded from digitalisation raise legal concerns related to proportionality, necessity, and data minimization. However, the concerns go beyond just GDPR compliance and legislative balance, as distinct architectures and technological deployments potentially impact rights, freedoms, and ethics....

Die Schöpfungserzählungen der Genesis

Irmtraud Fischer
Die Schöpfungstexte der Genesis beeinflussen bis heute überaus wirksam die Weltbeziehungen der Menschen in ihrem Verhältnis zur unbelebten Schöpfung, in ihrer Gemeinsamkeit mit den Tieren und vor allem im Verhältnis der Geschlechter zueinander: KreationistInnen und Gen-deristInnen beziehen sich auf diese Texte, wenn sie gegen Evolution und Gleichbehandlung aller Geschlechter ankämpfen. Der Beitrag lotet die Sinndimensionen des hebräischen Texts von Gen 1–3 aus und zeigt, dass er für westliche Geschlechterdemokratien noch immer an-schlussfähig ist – wenn...

Auswirkungen sowjetischer Außenpolitik auf die Konfliktentstehung am Beispiel Somalia

Thomas Lechner

Die Bibliothek nach dem Ende der Bibliothek: Wissenswelten im Digitalismus

Manfred Prisching
Digitalisierung wird alle wesentlichen Institutionen einer spätmodernen Gesellschaft grundlegend verändern; das gilt auch für die Bibliotheken. Über den Zeitraum der nächsten Jahrzehnte werden die elektronischen Möglichkeiten ausgebaut, vollständig neue Arrangements sind im Entstehen. Bibliotheken werden keine Sammlungen von Büchern und Zeitschriften mehr sein. Sie werden Orte des Wissensmanagements (in ihren jeweils unterschiedlichen Konstellationen), doch darüber, was das in der zweiten Hälfte des 21. Jahrhunderts bedeutet, können wir derzeit nur spekulieren.


Reinhold Esterbauer & Isabella Guanzini
Limina, 2(2), 7-16

Rezension zu: Reese-Schnitker, Annegret / Bertram, Daniel / Franzmann, Marcel (Hg.): Migration, Flucht und Vertreibung. Theologische Analyse und religionsunterrichtliche Praxis

Wolfgang Weirer
Österreichisches Religionspädagogisches Forum, 28(1), 309-312

WegenerNet climate station network Level 2 data

Juergen Fuchsberger, Gottfried Kirchengast, Christoph Bichler, Thomas Kabas & Armin Leuprecht
The WegenerNet weather and climate station network dataset provides highly space-time resolved measurements of meteorological parameters for two regions in the state of Styria, Austria. The WegenerNet Feldbach region is located in the southeast of Styria and has an extent of about 22 km x 16 km. It comprises 155 meteorological stations which are placed on a tightly spaced grid, with an average station density of 1 station per ~2 km². Data are available at...

Emotionen in der Repräsentation Südosteuropas in Zeitungen am Beginn des letzten Österreichischen Türkenkriegs (1788–1791). Die Kriegsberichterstattung in der Brünner Zeitung des Jahres 1788

Andreas Golob
The contribution deals with emotional attributions which characterised individuals and collectives in Southeast Europe in the last Austro-Turkish War (1788–1791). Brünner Zeitung (Brno News), an outstanding “war newspaper” which primarily relied on correspondents from the war zones and their hinterland, serves as a source. The focus on the year 1788 is justified due to the high emotionality which distinguished the outbreak of the war and the Ottoman invasion into the Banat in the second half...

Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Selected Elements of a Sustainable Development Model Law

Larissa Jane Houston
2020 was the beginning of the critical decade for Climate Change. Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Paris Agreement was an opportunity for countries to commit to temperature rises of no more than 2 degrees Celsius while aiming to keep rises in temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Countries were to revisit their National Determined Contributions in 2020, during the first Global Stocktake, and strengthen emissions reduction targets for 2030. In the...

KI – Künstler oder Werkzeug?

Eugen Dolezal & Moritz Windegger
Ziel des Beitrags ist es herauszufinden, inwieweit von Künstlichen Intelligenzen Hervorgebrachtes als Kunst gelten kann, ob es bei diesen Produkten einen Unterschied zu von Menschen produzierten Kunstwerken gibt und worin dieser Unterschied liegen kann. Dabei zieht der Beitrag die Überlegungen Walter Benjamins hinsichtlich der maschinellen Reproduktion von Kunstwerken heran, legt die grundsätzliche Funktionsweise Künstlicher Intelligenzen als Algorithmen und Künstliche Neuronale Netzwerke dar und formuliert auf Basis des Freiheitsbegriffs und des Person-Seins Edith Steins den Unterschied...

Rezension zu: UNSER, Alexander: Social inequality and interreligious learning. An empirical analysis of students agency to cope with interreligious learning tasks

Eva Wenig
ÖRF - Jg. 28 (2020), H. Heft: H. 2: Nachhaltiges Lernen, S. 247-249

Nonmanuals in sign languages: a research desideratum

Andrea Lackner
Hands do not play an exclusive role in sign languages. Rather they co- and interoperate with motions of parts of the face, head, shoulders and the (upper part of the) body – briefly defined as ‘nonmanuals’ – as sort of an ensemble. This introductory chapter aims to describe the desideratum of this special volume. To do so, the chapter summarizes the historical, analytical, descriptive as well as linguistic and/or gestural dimension of nonmanuals in sign...

Materialiensammlung zum Sammelband \"Publikationsberatung an Universitäten\"

Karin Lackner, Christian Kaier & Lisa Schilhan
Materialiensammlung zur Unterstützung beim Aufbau einer Publikationsberatung. Begleitend erschienen zum Sammelband: Lackner, Karin, Lisa Schilhan und Christian Kaier, Hrsg. Publikationsberatung an Universitäten: Ein Praxisleitfaden zum Aufbau publikationsunterstützender Services. 1. Auflage. Bielefeld; transcript Verlag, 2020.


Peter Ebenbauer, Rita Perintfalvi & Wolfgang Weirer
LIMINA Grazer theologische Perspektiven | 4:1, 2021, 12–15 | www.limina-graz.eu

Religiöser Fundamentalismus aus menschenrechtlicher Sicht

Wolfgang Benedek
Der religiöse Fundamentalismus steht mit den Menschenrechten seit jeher in einem Spannungsverhältnis. Dieser Beitrag behandelt das Thema in drei Schritten: Zuerst werden Begriff und Erscheinungsformen des Fundamentalismus aus der Sicht des Völkerrechts und der internationalen Beziehungen behandelt, sodann wird untersucht, auf welche Weise der religiöse Fundamentalismus eine Bedrohung der Menschenrechte, insbesondere der Religionsfreiheit, darstellt, um schließlich die Rolle der Menschenrechte in ihrem Verhältnis zum religiösen Fundamentalismus zu beleuchten. Einerseits ergeben sich daraus Bedrohungen für die...

Rezension zu: Ourghi, Abdel-Hakim: Einführung in die islamische Religionspädagogik, Ostfildern: Matthias Grünewald Verlag 2017.

Şenol Yağdı
Österreichisches Religionspädagogisches Forum 29 (2021) 1 • 307–310

Exhibition Review Home Alone Together, curated by Aaron Rosen and S. Billie Mandle

Ailie M. Posillico
www.jrfm.eu 2021, 7/1, 211–215

Materiality of Religious Books

Erich Renhart
Engagement with Christian manuscripts – Eastern and Western – and with ancient and rare printed books makes evident a growing interest in material and codicological aspects of our book heritage. In other words, it evinces an emerging curiosity about the non-textual realities of books – at least of ancient books. This shift is particularly true for manuscript studies. The question of materiality remains unavoidable, however, even today, when we decide to edit a book in...

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