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Data from: Water level fluctuations and metapopulation dynamics as drivers of genetic diversity in populations of three Tanganyikan cichlid fish species

Bruno Nevado, Selma Mautner, Christian Sturmbauer & Erik Verheyen
Understanding how genetic variation is generated and maintained in natural populations, and how this process unfolds in a changing environment, remains a central issue in biological research. In this work, we analyzed patterns of genetic diversity from several populations of three cichlid species from Lake Tanganyika in parallel, using the mitochondrial DNA control region. We sampled populations inhabiting the littoral rocky habitats in both very deep, and very shallow areas of the lake. We hypothesized...

Data from: Evolution of body shape in sympatric versus non-sympatric Tropheus populations of Lake Tanganyika

Michaela Kerschbaumer, Philipp Mitteroecker & Christian Sturmbauer
Allopatric speciation often yields ecologically equivalent sister species, so that their secondary admixis enforces competition. The shores of Lake Tanganyika harbor about 120 distinct populations of the cichlid genus Tropheus, but only some are sympatric. When alone, Tropheus occupies a relatively broad depth zone, but in sympatry, fish segregate by depth. To assess the effects of competition, we studied the partial co-occurrence of Tropheus moorii ‘Kaiser’ and ‘Kirschfleck’ with Tropheus polli. A previous study demonstrated...

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  • 2013

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  • University of Graz
  • Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • University of Vienna