Bioinspired adhesive polymer coatings for efficient and versatile corrosion resistance

Debabrata Payra, Masanobu Naito, Yoshihisa Fujii, Norifumi L. Yamada, Sachiko Hiromoto & Alok Singh
The anticorrosion ability of ultrathin coatings with bio-inspired organic polymers is demonstrated. We prepared a series of catechol-containing poly(alkyl methacrylate)s by free radical polymerization. These copolymers were spin-coated on various corrosion susceptible metal/alloy substrates of magnesium, aluminum, copper and iron without any harsh pretreatment. Several key factors like molecular structure, composition ratio and processing conditions were wisely tailored to afford a transparent, firm and sub- micron polymer coating on those substrates. Corrosion resistance of the...

Registration Year

  • 2021

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  • Preprint


  • High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
  • National Institute for Materials Science