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Quantitative Assessment of Sun Louver Design Performance

Alexis Severson, Khaled Mansy, Tom Spector, John Phillips & Jeanne Homer
Conventional wisdom holds that carefully designed exterior louver systems tuned to a building’s earth latitude and its glass wall’s compass orientations do a better job of regulating sunlight than interior louver systems due to the intuition-friendly observation that exterior systems reflect or shade the sunlight before it ever enters the building. A multi-criteria, multi-variable analysis performed on a 3600 SF multipurpose space came to different conclusions. The results showed that when accounting for such design...

Phenotype data for: Pleiotropic and non-redundant effects of an auxin importer in Setaria and maize

Chuanmei Zhu, Mathew Box, Dhineshkumar Thiruppathi, Hao Hu, Yunqing Yu, Callista Martin, Andrew Doust, Paula McSteen & Elizabeth Kellogg
Directional transport of auxin is critical for inflorescence and floral development in flowering plants, but the role of auxin influx carriers (AUX1 proteins) has been largely overlooked. Taking advantage of available AUX1 mutants in Setaria viridis and maize, we uncover previously unreported aspects of plant development that are affected by auxin influx, including higher order branches in the inflorescence, stigma branch number, and glume (floral bract) development, and plant fertility. However, disruption of auxin flux...

CAR-T Therapy

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Kyle Fitzgerald & Rohaan Muhammad


Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Haley Howard & Payton Clark


Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Ryan Newhardt & Kaylin Ray

Hip Arthroscopy

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Matthew Chancellor & Caleb Peters

Combined OCPs

Audrey Wise, Morgan Garrett, Holly Flores, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Blanca Rodriguez-Guerrero & Kimberly Magana

Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Holly Flores, Brayden Rucker, Morgan Garrett, Asaad Chaudhry & Skylarr Beerman


Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Katherine Cox & Merhawit Ghebrehiwet

Auditory brainstem development of Naked Mole-Rats (Heterocephalus glaber)

Elizabeth McCullagh, John Peacock, Alexandra Lucas, Shani Poleg, Nathaniel Greene, Addison Gaut, Samantha Lagestee, Yalan Zhang, Leonard Kaczmarek, Thomas Park, Daniel Tollin & Achim Klug
Life underground often leads to animals having specialized auditory systems to accommodate the constraints of acoustic transmission in tunnels. Despite living underground, naked mole-rats use a highly vocal communication system, implying that they rely on central auditory processing. However, little is known about these animals’ central auditory system, and whether it follows a similar developmental time course as other rodents. Naked mole-rats show slowed development in the hippocampus suggesting they have altered brain development compared...

Using weather radar to help minimize wind energy impacts on nocturnally migrating birds

Emily B. Cohen, Jeffrey Buler, Kyle G. Horton, Scott R. Loss, Sergio A. Cabrera‐Cruz, Jaclyn A. Smolinsky & Peter P. Marra
As wind energy rapidly expands worldwide, information to minimize impacts of this development on biodiversity is urgently needed. Here we demonstrate how data collected by weather radar networks can inform placement and operation of wind facilities to reduce collisions and minimize habitat-related impacts for nocturnally migrating birds. We found over a third of nocturnal migrants flew through altitudes within the rotor-swept zone surrounding the North American Great Lakes, a continentally important migration corridor. Migrating birds...

Human-mediated trophic mismatch between fire, plants, and herbivores

Marcus Lashley, Michael Chitwood, Jacob Dykes, Christopher DePerno & Christopher Moorman
Trophic mismatches are commonly reported across a wide array of taxa and can have important implications for species participating in the interaction. However, to date, examples of trophic mismatch have centrally focused on those induced by shifts in climate. Here we report on the potential for humans to induce trophic mismatch by shifting the phenology of fire. Globally, anthropogenic fire ignitions are phenologically mismatched to that of historic lightning ignitions but the effects of this...

Understanding how diel and seasonal rhythms affect the movements of a small non-migratory bird

Landon Neumann, Landon Neumann, Craig Davis, Samuel Fuhlendorf, Kent Andersson, R. Dwayne Elmore & Laura Goodman
Diel and seasonal rhythms affect an animal’s environment and life history. Understanding how these rhythms influence movement increases our knowledge on how animals adjust to changing resources, environmental conditions, and risk to their survival. To better understand how diel and seasonal rhythms affect animals, we evaluated movements of Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus); hereafter, bobwhite. Because bobwhite are a small non-migratory species that must cope with daily and seasonal changes in their environment year-around, they are...

Associated data for: Disease and weather induce rapid shifts in a rangeland ecosystem mediated by a keystone species (Cynomys ludovicianus)

Courtney Duchardt
Habitat loss and changing climate have direct impacts on native species but can also interact with disease pathogens to influence wildlife communities. In the North American Great Plains, black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus) are a keystone species that create important grassland habitat for numerous species and serve as prey for predators, but lethal control driven by agricultural conflict has severely reduced their abundance. Novel disease dynamics caused by epizootic plague (Yersinia pestis) within prairie dog...

Building Structure in the Context of Architectural Theory: A History/Theory Course on Technology in Architecture

Christina McCoy
Building technology is intertwined with the history of architecture. Through any cultural movement, architects chose an approach to the technical aspect of how a piece of architecture is constructed. Sometimes, this is simply an aesthetic approach to conceal or express. Often, it is more complex. Other times building technology is a key aspect in the development of architectural style. Engineers may not often consider this, as they are preoccupied with making technology work, not seeing...

Soil Moisture Data for the Red River and Rio Grande Basins from 2015-2019

Tyson Ochsner, Matthew Levi & Grant Snitker
Modeled soil moisture raster maps (4km-pixels) displaying volumetric water content (VWC) and fraction of available water (FAW) in 10-cm depth increments for the 2015-2019 period for the Red River and Rio Grande basins.

A Dataset on the influence of air voids and fluid absorption on salt-induced calcium oxychloride damage

Rita M. Ghantous, Keegan Zetterberg, Hope Hall Becker, Amir Behravan, M. Tyler Ley, O. Burkan Isgor & W. Jason Weiss
This dataset aims to display damage induced by calcium oxychloride formation with respect to concrete air void content, and boundary conditions. The purpose of this data set is to complete the data in the paper submitted to Cement and Concrete Composites Journal. The citation for this journal paper is : [1] Rita M. Ghantous, K. Zetterberg, H. H. Becker, A. Behravan, M. T. Ley, O. B. Isgor, W. J. Weiss (2022). “The influence of air...

The roles of recombination and selection in shaping genomic divergence in an incipient ecological species complex

Matthew Wersebe, Ryan Sherman, Punidan Jeyasingh & Lawrence Weider
Speciation genomic studies have revealed that genomes of diverging lineages are shaped jointly by the actions of gene flow and selection. These evolutionary forces acting in concert with processes such as recombination and genome features such as gene density shape a mosaic landscape of divergence. We investigated the roles of recombination and gene density in shaping the patterns of differentiation and divergence between the cyclically parthenogenetic ecological sister-taxa, Daphnia pulicaria and Daphnia pulex. First, we...

Review and synthesis of the global literature on domestic cat impacts on wildlife

Scott Loss, Scott Loss, Brooke Boughton, Samantha Cady, David Londe, Caleb McKinney, Tim O'Connell, Georgia Riggs & Ellen Robertson
A vast global literature documents that free-roaming domestic cats (Felis catus) have substantial negative effects on wildlife, including through predation, fear, disease, and competition-related impacts that have contributed to numerous wildlife extinctions and population declines worldwide. However, no study has synthesized this literature on cat impacts on wildlife to evaluate its overarching biases and major gaps. To direct future research and conservation related to cat impacts on wildlife, we conducted a global literature review that...

Data from: Changes in waterfowl migration phenologies in central North America: implications for future waterfowl conservation

Kent Andersson, Craig Davis, Grant Harris & David Haukos
Globally, migration phenologies of numerous avian species have shifted over the past half-century. Despite North American waterfowl being well researched, published data on shifts in waterfowl migration phenologies remain scarce. Understanding shifts in waterfowl migration phenologies along with potential drivers is critical for guiding future conservation efforts. Therefore, we utilized historical (1955–2008) nonbreeding waterfowl survey data collected at 21 National Wildlife Refuges in the mid- to lower portion of the Central Flyway to summarize changes...

MIGs hysterectomy

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Andee Fitts & Josh Autaubo

Free Flap

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Zachary Ernst & Andrew Wilson

Factor Xa Inhibitors

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Holly Flores, Morgan Garrett, Chase Lee & Jack Rea

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Brayden Rucker, Morgan Garrett, Holly Flores, Garrett Jones & Christian Hemmerich


Audrey Wise, Micah Kee, Holly Flores, Brayden Rucker, Morgan Garrett, Shaelyn Ward & Andriana Pena

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