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Individual trial data on path choice in response to risk in Linepithema humile

Peter Nonacs & Emily Lessig
Ant colonies are likely able to access food locations by multiple paths that can vary predictably in length or mortality risk. To favor one path over another requires ants to perceive, communicate and act upon important differences in length and risk between paths. Here we present replicate Linepithema humile colonies with four equal-length paths to a sugar source. The paths vary in probabilities of encountering a risk cue that range from 0 to 100%. The...

Gardener demographics, experience, and motivations drive differences in plant species richness and composition in urban gardens

Stacy Philpott, Monika Egerer, Peter Bichier, Hamutahl Cohen, Roseann Cohen, Heidi Liere, Shalene Jha & Brenda Lin
Urban agriculture has received considerable attention for its role in supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services, and health and well-being for growing urban populations. Urban gardens managed with agroecological practices and higher plant diversity support more biodiversity and may support higher crop production. Plant selection in gardens is a function of temperature and environmental conditions and also depends on gardener socio-demographic characteristics, motivations for gardening, and gardening experience. In this study, we examined how plant richness...

Supplement to: Global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on stroke care and intravenous thrombolysis

Raul Nogueira, Muhammed Qureshi, Mohamad Abdalkader, Sheila Martins, Hiroshi Yamagami, Zhongming Qiu, Ossama Mansour, Anvitha Sathya, Anna Czlonkowska, Georgios Tsivgoulis, Diana Aguiar De Sousa, Jelle Demeestere, Robert Mikulik, Peter Vanacker, James Siegler, Janika Korv, Jose Biller, Conrad Liang, Navdeep Sangha, Alicia Zha, Alexandra Czap, Christine Holmstedt, Tanya Turan, George Ntaios, Konark Malhotra … & Thanh Nguyen
Objective: The objectives of this study were to measure the global impact of the pandemic on the volumes for intravenous thrombolysis (IVT), IVT transfers, and stroke hospitalizations over 4 months at the height of the pandemic (March 1 to June 30, 2020) compared with two control 4-month periods. Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional, observational, retrospective study across 6 continents, 70 countries, and 457 stroke centers. Diagnoses were identified by their ICD-10 codes and/or classifications in...

Supplemental material for: Clinical and neuroimaging outcomes of direct endovascular thrombectomy vs. bridging therapy in large vessel occlusion patients: a secondary analysis of SELECT cohort study

Amrou Sarraj
Objective: To evaluate the comparative safety and efficacy of direct endovascular thrombectomy(dEVT) compared to bridging therapy(BT:IV-tPA+EVT) and assess if BT potential benefit relates to stroke severity, size and initial presentation to EVT vs. non-EVT center. Methods: In a prospective multicenter cohort-study of imaging selection for endovascular thrombectomy[SELECT], anterior-circulation large vessel occlusion (LVO) patients presenting to EVT-capable centers within 4.5hours from last-known-well were stratified into BT vs. dEVT. The primary outcome was 90-day functional independence[modified Rankin...

Multisensory integration facilitates perceptual restoration of an interrupted call in frog

Bicheng Zhu, Yue Yang, Ya Zhou, Ke Deng, Tongliang Wang, Jichao Wang, Yezhong Tang, Michael J. Ryan & Jianguo Cui
How to render an interrupted sound as a complete signal is a common challenge faced by human and non-human animals during vocal communication. Using video and audio playbacks, we showed that neither inserting white noise into the silent gap of an interrupted call nor displaying the dynamic inflating-deflating vocal sac in that same gap restored attraction of the call equivalent to that of a complete call. Simultaneously presenting a dynamic vocal sac along with white...

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