Data from: The role of flow velocity combined with habitat complexity as a top–down regulator in seagrass meadows

Rocío Jiménez-Ramos, Luis G. Egea, Juan José Vergara, Tjeerd J. Bouma & Fernando G. Brun
Large‐scale losses of seagrass areas have been associated with eutrophication events, which have led to an overproduction of photosynthetic organisms including epiphytes. Grazers that feed on epiphytes can exert a significant top–down control in the system, but the effects of physical factors on grazing activity and feeding behaviour have been rarely examined. We addressed the combination of hydrodynamic regime and seagrass shoot density can alter the feeding and foraging behaviours of mesograzers. A full factorial...

Registration Year

  • 2018

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  • Dataset


  • Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
  • University of Cádiz