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Faire l'Europe par la culture

Herta-Luise OTT, Natacha Rimasson-Fertin & Thomas Nicklas
The European Union is a unique institutional construction in history. Built and enlarged slowly and peacefully, with the aim of reconciling sworn enemies after two terrible wars by means of an economic alliance designed to create a lasting human understanding, it is today much more than a simple free trade area. What about European culture? How does it relate to the continent's economic and political integration projects? Constantly under development, constantly questioned, even contested, European...

Les villes des Habsbourg du XVe au XIXe siècle

Ludolf Pelizaeus
What is 'typically' habsburgish about the network of cities that were under the rule of the imperial dynasty for several centuries? As a place of artistic and intellectual production, as an economic hub, as a decision-making centre, the limited space of the city interacted with the empire. The contributions brought together in this book study the influences and exchanges (economic relations, political culture, artistic productions) that shaped the territories governed by the Habsburgs in Spain,...

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