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Data from: Deep mitochondrial divergence in Baja California populations of an aquilopelagic elasmobranch: the golden cownose ray

Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo & Axayácatl Rocha-Olivares
Assessing the realized effect of dispersal in the genetic makeup of a species has significant evolutionary, ecological, and economical consequences. Here, we investigate the genetic diversity and population differentiation in the aquilopelagic golden cownose ray Rhinoptera steindachneri from the Gulf of California (GC) and the Pacific coast of Baja California (PCBC) using the mitochondrial NADH2 gene. Low levels of genetic diversity were found with only 4 polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism haplotypes among 76...

Data from: Rise of the machines – recommendations for ecologists when using next generation sequencing for microsatellite development.

Michael G Gardner, Alison J Fitch, Terry Bertozzi & Andrew J Lowe
Next generation sequencing (NGS) is revolutionizing molecular ecology by simplifying the development of molecular genetic markers, including microsatellites. Here we summarize the results of the large scale development of microsatellites for 54 non-model species using NGS and show there are clear differences amongst plants, invertebrates and vertebrates for the number and proportion of motif types recovered that are able to be utilised as markers. We highlight that the heterogeneity within each group is very large....

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  • 2011

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  • Flinders University
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